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  1. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Mainly in Tottenham’s net!
  2. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    Bet on an all London final!!!
  3. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    Spot on. I know our crowd is not what it was but those who go regularly say it is uninspiring.
  4. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    What we have done is ensure Arsenal have to win against Burnley and Spurs have to better our result. We would have taken that a month ago.
  5. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    With some of the money we have wasted, excellent value for money.
  6. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Hopefully they play like Bournemouth did second half yesterday against Spurs. Branna in his prime of course, we might even score from a corner!
  7. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Here here. I would like to see Ivanovic back as well for a massive thank you. I think we would all be a lot more confident today if Branislav was in the team.
  8. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    Dreading it to. Hopefully if we make it Champions League qualification doesn’t rest on it.
  9. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    How fit is Bale though.
  10. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Hopefully Burnley will time waste for 80 minutes and they do get a draw!
  11. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    But if the transfer ban is not imposed it will help in possibly attracting new players. Hopefully players who like attacking!
  12. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    We need the Champions League cash though.
  13. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    My Arsenal mates don't think they will get another point the way they are playing. If Utd had won today they would have been favourites to get 4th with their two remaining games
  14. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Judging by his fitness, pie and chips!