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  1. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Disappointing as a win would have opened things up nicely. That been said I was getting irritated losing to them playing counter attacking home and away and glad we are playing with a bit more nous against them. Setting aside Giroud’s wonder goal when was the last time someone produced that moment of magic to turn a draw into a win. Feels a long time ago.
  2. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    We really have to stop signing players who play well against us.
  3. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    The two previous clubs he played for probably helped. Darlings of their leagues and UEFA.
  4. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Exactly. The forum has been harmonious the whole match!!
  5. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Chelsea once again buying a player who plays well against us.
  6. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    I am sure their modus operandi is to defend at home and attack away.
  7. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    I don’t think Arsenal ever lost creativity. They were just easy to bully and probe to struggling against counter attacks.
  8. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    He has organised us that is pretty much what he has done. Up until today that has been fine but we needed a little more attacking impetus but had none.
  9. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    True but teams we have played recently have also shown us far to much respect.
  10. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    Trouble with teams on bad runs is they have to end some time. disappointing but are we really surprised. We just haven’t got the balance right all season
  11. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    Just take it as a given.
  12. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    I think if we hadn’t strolled to a fairly comfortable win much more would have been said.
  13. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    Funny I was going to mention that one as well. It is easy to be paranoid. It was a dive by Ramirez. Not in Erland’s league against Leicester in 97 mind!!!
  14. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    Tuchel has certainly got us organised. Interesting the players not getting a look in at the moment. Didn't see the game live. Seen the penalty incidents. Not so sure about Werner’s but thought Tammy was nailed on. Both on initial viewing and replays. I don’t have a huge issue about what goes on when we don’t get a decision it is when we do get a dodgy one it seems to be all that is talked about. The offside goal at Cardiff being a particular case in point.
  15. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    Some of the recent managers clearly never read this forum and still had us in the good side category and played like it was the Chelsea of yesteryear.