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  1. So am I right in thinking PSG at home could be our last ever CL game at the current Bridge? :/
  2. Kevs a anti Jose troll from the shed end.
  3. Madrid confirmed they turned down two bids for Bale from United for 100m plus. We were never going to go that high. Pogba too, moot point.
  4. Amazed but then not at the massive media coverage given to Rio telling stones he's a lunatic if he joins chelsea.... Presented as English CB veteran gives loving advise to youngling.... Then whispers...join manu ;)
  5. We have become Manu! Their fans for years (circa 2004 to 2012) complained about lack of transfers, others spending more, others with shiny new toys and sorting out long standing squad issues. They went on to win like 6 titles in 9 years and a CL. It is weird being here, with summer stability in management and a settled, very good squad. But I'll take it over the last few years of mad summers and disappointing winters. But also I hope we sign a LB, Stones, Pedro (just because FU van Gaal) and perhaps a MF.
  6. Reports suggest Remy is happy to stay (jose also wont let him go) and fight for his spot. Great news imo...good mix of strikers. The mainstay...the challenger...the high upside punt.
  7. I think iT shows the value of players like rambo mikel cahill etc...the ffp cost to replace would probably be around double...surely a factor when deciding transfers. Also lol
  8. Erm cue the suicides when people realise he is our additional AM.
  9. Hughes has said we are planning to keep moses in the squad this season. If moses is happy to I think this is good...adds usable numbers and is hg.
  10. 200k a week as well. Will be a great player but kind of glad we steared clear at that money
  11. This is a good point. But apparently they have reduced his clause from 150 to 30m euros so maybe a signal they are willing to let him go. Regardless I think it wont be sorted until after the elections so no quick fix here.
  12. Being linked to pedro again....would be a great addition at the prices quoted (20to 30m euros). Vfm.
  13. SkyscraperCity - View Single Post - LONDON - Stamford Bridge (41,798 -> 60,000) - The chap who did the initial renders has completed the task. Good job! Looks great!
  14. But what if you replace suarez and studge with hazard and costa? Would be as effective no? Dont get me wrong he hasnt got good representation however I can see why the smarmy twit rodgers would be reason enough to stay away from lfc.
  15. That third kit! Yes please.