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  1. sky sports will no longer take my money while they continue to pay graeme souness to spew absolute diarrhoea out his mouth.
  2. on this day last year we were 7 points clear.
  3. I'm more worried about villa away tbh
  4. What's the stevie G chant?
  5. Ummmm link
  6. the team should start training right now and forget everything that has happened this season, nothing else matters now except those 90 mins next sunday
  7. dear God this seasons been bad for my health
  8. I've never been so s**t scared of seening michael owen coming on
  9. Portsmouth vs Chelsea
  10. Viva John Terry Captain of CHELSEA F*** Off Man City Viva John Terry
  11. Your existing username: WINdex The username you want it changed to: eezusjezus to match ClubCFCnet. Cheers mods!
  12. Indeed. that was 14.95 well spent. I highly doubt his next fight will be a box office event, back to ITV for Khan.
  13. And that was a great scene...if anyone gets a chance watch it at the IMax, Nolan Filmed many of the scenes using IMax technology, and it really makes a big difference. Ledger is definitely the joker. Rumors are Johnny Depp will be the next joker.