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  1. Think it's a must that we push the club into making that 15000 single tier a safe standing area, would be incredible and am sure would be easier to fill than if it was seating.
  2. Josh Mc Eachran

  3. Cheers for the contact all sorted out, carefree

  4. I've found someone who wants the ticket. His name is Erik, he's Swedish but he lives in London and works at a pub near Stamford Bridge.

    His number is 07716394773. He wants you to contact him asap.

  5. yehh thats it mate

  6. I'll have a look mate. If someone would be interested, how would they get the ticket? Meet up at Villa Park?

  7. Mate, I MIGHT have a Villa away ticket spare, would you know anyone that wants one? cheers

  8. John Terry

    and if there is no contract talks you and some others will hang your head in shame for questioning a great chelsea legand, complete fools the lot of ya.
  9. John Terry

    My member pack has just come through and his name is mentioned 4 times and their are 13 pics of him in total, he wont leave I was one of the few on here who stuck by Frank after he was getting slaughtered and concerns me Terry is as well. He's not after more money and no one can yet prove that it's all bullshite hearsay. The club have used him as a major merchandise point in almost evrything chelsea this summer, the reprucussions for the club would be huge if he left.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    yeah its around a tenner from that area (50 mins)
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    just got back from the game and after being 1-0 down and looking for that inspiration and creativity, we got it from the man stoch. His entry was brilliant tearing stokes defence apart in less than 10 mins whilst keeping the width we needed. his performance was outstanding with great crosses and a decent shot well saved. I'm not going over the top because the last time I saw a game change like that due to a single player was when Robben came on against blackburn. He must start against ipswich.
  12. Didier Drogba

    leave leave leave his heart aint in it unlike previous seasons, GET DAVID VILLA
  13. Gianfranco Zola

    GIANFRANCO ZOLA HE'S TAKING WEST HAM DOWN GIANFRANCO ZOLA HE'S TAKING WEST HAM DOWN same as his old song but change lalal everone sing up
  14. John Terry

    legand for ever, his tribute match gunna be immence bigger than zolas I rekon