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  1. Official: Diego Costa Departs.

    charged by the FA with violent conduct, 3 match ban to follow
  2. John Terry

    Lampard went through last seasons tour without giving any interviews and we all know that he was considering leaving. These tours are not just about fitness they are about promoting the club, if the club captain takes no part in giving any interviews throughout the tour does he deserve to be captain?
  3. John Terry

    Agree with that 100% It's going to be interesting to see how they handle the press conferences in the states, as club captain you would expect to see him sat with the new manager at the earliest opportunity.
  4. John Terry

    Ballack just said on SSN That he has spoken to JT about it but didn't want to go into any details but he thought JT will be at Chelsea next season.
  5. John Terry

    On blues news earlier they showed a dancing competition organised by JT For the youngsters who signed their first contracts recently. He certainly looked the part of the team captain and looked far from a Player about to walk.