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  1. To sum up, it says before the Liverpool game that he "will not be involved tomorrow". Shows that the mail has jack all idea about the goings on at chelsea
  2. Sorry in advance for this as I know the stats have been posted in another topic but I cannot for the life of me think where. Basically, I think we all know that Rooney will win player of the year, but - given the probable arrogance of the United fans once he wins - whether the stats could be posted that compares Rooney and Drogba? The last I recall there was one goal between the two but Drogba had more assists etc. If whoever it was that posted the stats before could post them for me again that would be great! Cheers
  3. Hi Can you please update my name to Carefreeant Cheers
  4. IF and I mean IF we were to accept a bid I think he would leave. I do not for 1 second think he wants to leave, nor do I think he would go for the money. But if City offered £60+million and it was accepted, I think he would go out of principle. I think JT has his pride and morals etc and for some reason I reckon he would not want to stay where the club didn't want him. But again it is a huuuuge IF coz I just cannot see us accepting. And if we did, I think he would go kicking and screaming and make it perfectly clear he is only going coz Kenyon and go pushed him out. But all things considered I definitey 100000000000% doubt it will happen. Can't see City bidding for him and can't see us accepting
  5. Look, I agree with your point to an extent. But if we are going to be picky, let's have a pop at Scolari too shall we? When he took the job, he did his first interview on tv and blatantly admitted to joining for financial reasons. Does that not show disrespect to the club too? At the end of the day, I have NO problem with Scolari, before somebody misinterprets what I am saying. I am simply suggesting that it annoys me when people are not consistent with their views u know. Yes, Drogba is an idiot, and yes we are all sick of this, I want to go/I do not want to go malarky. But at the end of the day, there are other players in the squad that probably do not want to be there too (eg alex), the only diffference is the media are interested in Drogba and therefore evoke a reaction from him. But as much as I dislike his character, and as much as it frustrates me when his actions tarnish the club's image, I do of course have to admit that we are a far, far better team with Drogba in the line up. As a result, he can say what he wants to the media as far as I am concerned, just as long as he works his nuts off for the team for as long as he remains at this club.