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  1. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    The way I look at it is that I loved Claudio for what he gave us but JM was a step up in terms of winning things and, at that time, that's what we needed. However, then we needed to build a longer term thing and JM was not the right one for that. But we recruited poorly in Scolari and so we missed a year. And once again we needed to win stuff. Carlo turned up. He got us back on top - great football and winning stuff. I never understood why we got rid of Carlo. We did. Then we went for AVB (wrong choice). I don't think the club ever saw RDM as anything other than a stopgap. By that time, we are back in the cycle of not having won for a while. JM came back and worked his magic. Now, once again, we need to move on. I think Conte will take us forward whereas JM would hold us back. That's not to say that JM is not a great manager - probably our greatest, though John Neal is still up there for me - or that his time with us should be regretted or that he won't come back in the future. Its just that we need something different - someone who is tactitically astute, understood the long term aims of the club and so on. I wish JM well personally but hope he wins nothing for the next five years because I am enjoying watching Man Utd being a bit ****.
  2. Chelsea 3 WAC RZ Pellets 0

    Don't get it. IMO, Oscar has been really good.
  3. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    If you listen to Phillip Auclair (Guardian French Football correspondent and Arsenal fan), he was making the point in the Chelsea vs Spurs game about how Costa was being wound up by the Spurs defenders and praised him for not responding. He might have made the same point about endless other games. As long as Costa keeps his arms down.and keeps smiling he'll be fine. It used to amaze me what Maka got away with because he kept on smiling.
  4. Official: Kante Signs

    If Stones is their best player, they really have problems.
  5. Chelsea 0 Rapid Vienna 2

    I wouldn't read too much into the selection. We don't know who is fit and who is not.
  6. Chelsea 0 Rapid Vienna 2

    GK: Begovic, Blackman, Delac, DF: Terry, Ivanovic, Miazga, Djilobdji, Hector, Chalobah WB: Willian, Rahman, Kenedy, Aina, Cuevas CM: Oscar, Matic, Mikel, Moses, RLC, Houghton, Atsu ST: Costa, Remy, Traore
  7. Maybe he has figured out that we are more in need of training than media announcements, atm.
  8. Willian

    Some of his lateral movement is the result of good defending, imo. If he is approaching you on your left (his right), you need to force him in field because his pace means he can easily get behind and then he is very dangerous. If you bring him in field, you compress the play, sliderule balls become harder and you get the benefit of potential offsides and so on.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd like to see MvG given a chance
  10. Official: Michy Batshuayi Signs

    In the top 20 of Forbes most valuable football clubs (2016-05-01) are eight from the prem. five from Serie A, three each from La Liga and the Bundesliga and one from Ligue 1. The prem ones are the usuals plues West Ham and Newcastle. There is quite a big leap fromt the top half and bottom half of the table, More than half of the top ten are from the prem. This is based on last years earnings, though.
  11. Media / Press

    The myth is that refs would wait until United scored before blowing the whistle. It is is self-perpetuating because players believed the myth and adjusted their behaviour accordingly, That doesn't make the myth true.
  12. Media / Press

    I think it was a myth but a self-perpetuating one. Opposition players made more mistakes at the end of games because they panic as a result of the myth.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I am expecting to see Conte adapt the formation to suit the opposition.