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  1. Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea

    ^ Agree but, for me, Liverpool and Spuds are equal in my contempt.
  2. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I suspect that when Liverpool beat bottom-placed Fulham, it will be another indication that it's their year. Pundits will be all excited. The pitch of the scouse accents will reach supersonic levels and compete with dog whistles and industrial machinery. We will have a round of let's toast Klopp (but not in a good way) and the usual "Salah is better than Messi" and "Should the England team be built around Jordan Henderson?" headlines that will dominate the week's press. Please, Fulham, you can save the nation from that.
  3. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Probably a homer. Lots of those in the Prem.
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    The problem is, as usual, what does "better" or "best" mean? Quality of play, the degree of competition, enjoyment to be had, spectacle, whatever.
  5. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Being 31. We only give one-year contracts to over 30s.
  6. Alvaro Morata.

    Sad to say it but I am beginning to hope we play Morata against BATE, partly because that means we will see Giroud against Burnley and partly because Taylor-Crossdale is not available not being in the UEFA squad. Maybe, in the PL, we should play Emerson at LB and stick Alonso up front, after all, he plays half the game there anyway.
  7. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    You have to feel sorry for Pogba having to play with pigeon crap in his hair.
  8. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    More interested in the match than the manager. I seem to be seeing conflicting opinions, some saying they will attack and target weaknesses in defence and others that they will play on the break. I think the latter and that's why Tony Rudiger's pace has become essential to the way we play. A high line needs quick defenders. I still like Cahill, but he does not have the pace to match Rudiger and does not have the passing range of Luiz. He scores goals though. I can imagine a back line of two from Luiz, Rudiger, Christensen, Ampadu and Zouma next seasons with Zouma's pace a backup for Rudiger and Christensen (if he stays) and increasingly Ampadu as a backup for Luiz's ball playing skills. Today, I would like to see the usual midfield of Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic. It would be good if we could persuade Kovacic to stay after the end of the loan period. I have been really impressed with him in midfield. I expect it to be Hazard, Giroud and Pedro up front with the pace of Morata and Willian available for the second half when ManU will be tiring. For that reason would also like to see Emerson, Zappacosta and Moses available on the bench. I expect it to be 0-0 will the hour mark and patience will be essential.
  9. Media / Press

    Of course, but I can't see anything from the club concerning action against anti-semitic chanting that has anything to do with Auschwitz. The headline says "Chelsea to send racist fans on Auschwitz trips instead of banning them" and the report starts "Chelsea want to send racist supporters on trips to the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz instead of imposing banning orders... Chelsea wants to offer supporters caught being racist the chance to attend education courses at the second world war concentration camp in Poland." But actually what the club says is "We can ban you or you can spend some time with our diversity officer...". The report conflates the "March for Living" which has nothing to do with anti-semitic chants. Personally, I think they should be banned, but I understand their argument. Also, I would be more interested in what Jewish organisations have to say about this approach. More so than CST or FSF.
  10. Media / Press

    Sorry, I didn't notice that. It seems odd how the statements don't seem to match up.
  11. Media / Press

    I didn't say it was recent. The Guardian report was talking about the same events and they happened months ago. Actually, I have a feeling that the date of the report may be wrong. It may have taken the date where the Guardian corrects the description of camps. Also, the headline and report do not match the quote from Buck and the CST. Buck actually says that fans using racist chants will either be banned or spend time in diversity training. I can find nothing there that says they will be sent to Auschwitz to do that training (nor in the comments of the FSF). The report conflates Buck's statement with a trip made by some club people and supporters who went on the March of the Living in June, but that was not a punishment, it was a club sponsored trip.
  12. Media / Press

    He did "front" a campaign as part of the Building Bridges thing done by the Foundation. I think this is part of that. He wrote an article possibly in a program, magazine or on the CFCOWS. I was reported by WAGNH here: He hosted a conference attended by some important Jewish organisations such as the World Jewish Congress, Holocaust Educational Trust and the Jewish Museum. It was reported in the Jewish Chronicle: And something from the Foundation:
  13. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    I think he will try the tactic of taking it in turns to kick Hazard out of the game like he normally does. Sarri needs to start mentioning this approach to games, just as an aside, especially in the context of fearing that some players may end up leaving the Premier League to preserve their careers.
  14. Eden Hazard

    I suspect that he is simply answering questions in an honest way. I suspect that, had you asked him six years ago, he would have liked a move to RM (albeit being nervous about his chances in that side) because he probably knew more about them. He moved to Chelsea where he could develop further. There have been ups and downs, but he seems happy now under Sarri. But since joining Chelsea, he has seen his young family settle in, the birth of two new children and suddenly, like all of us, the problem of where to work becomes much more complex. It's not just about where he is happy, but where his family is happy. I suspect that some days he wakes, especially on those cold winter mornings, and thinks playing in Spain would be nice but on other days he sees his family happily settled and wonders whether he would be happier staying.
  15. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    According to Tyler, "not every foul in the box is a penalty". Strange? I thought a penalty was awarded for a foul in the box.