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  1. I wonder if Anthomy Taylor is going to apologise for the Sanchez handball goal yesterday like Clatternberg did over his handball goal against Hull.
  2. There was a rumour (not sure how well founded) that he had lost a lot of money gambling.
  3. You may be right but I thought one of the reasons the CPO extended the lease for the Bridge was so that a joint venture would be more appealing to the third party.
  4. Also LFA POTY and the Trophees UNFP Best French Player Playing Abroad
  5. Just about the only thing I remember about my first game was the noise.
  6. I thnk they changed the rules so that the winning club get given so many medals and chooses who tthey give them too.
  7. I don't think we will go to 3-5-2 because I think the three up front works better in our league and gives us better balance. However, I expect one or other of the three up front to drop a little deeper from time to time to stop the midfield getting overrun so, maybe that's the same thing. Also, I think Conte will be looking to add rather than replace.
  8. So, 1-1?
  9. Jermaine Jenas?
  10. Should also be borne in mind that everyone else plays there once, they play 19 times.
  11. I think Spurs will struggle at Wembley for a number of reasons. The atmosphere will be much less intense than at WHL and many of the prem refs are homers and, consequently, they wont get as many of the 50-50 decisions as they have this year. I also think they will struggle at their new ground when it is finished for the same reason. Also they rely on a pressing game, which is harder on a bigger pitch. They do not seem to value depth in their squad which makes it hard in Europe, I also think they will sell a couple of players. I am still expecting them to make top four but I think the prem will be between us and the Manchester clubs.
  12. I think they'll struggle playing at home at Wembley and with the Manchester clubs strengthening again. Of course, it depends on who leaves and who they bring in.
  13. <doh> Been reading too many boards lately. I thought that was funny. I have just read on twitter: "Where's the compliment in calling these players goats? Surely something like a lion would be more complimentary"
  14. Quote from something I read recently (not sure where): "Walker runs like a greyhound and crosses like a greyhound".
  15. ^This