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  1. -----------Courteois Azpi-----Luiz---Terry----Alonso Moses--Oscar--Kante---Hazard ----------Batshuayi---Costa
  2. Sorry if its already been posted, but:
  3. I think I have learnt a couple of things this weekend. The first is that Arsenal will not win the league. How can a team so dominant miss so many chances, so many poor passes, and that defence is as dodgy as ever. They may be better than us but still nowhere near good enough. Personally, I have never believed we would win it either so that's not new to me. All I want is to see us challenging for top four. I think Liverpool will play well until Xmas and then drop off as the insane levels of energy demanded of them catch up with them in the Spring. Man Utd are not good enough either, so its looks like its Manchester City's season at the moment. The seocnd thing I learnt was that there are real possibilities in the "three at the back" version of Chelsea when we get Zouma (and Terry) back but its going to tak an awful lot of work in training. The WBs need to completely re-assess how they play, one-on-one defence is back to front for the CBs because you have to play the player into the middle not wide. We need much more energy in central midfield. I am not sure that is a transition you can do mid-season.
  4. I suppose so. We had Azpi. We sent Kane, Ake, Rahman, Wallace and Kenedy on loan. JCS is left-footed though don't remember him playing back. How about Jay Dasilva?
  5. I dont think the problem with Luiz is his reading of the game, I think its that he allows his enthusiasm to get the better of him. If his side is in the lead, it does not matter. That's why he was a success at PSG - mostly they were winning. But when his side is behind, he constantly tries to win the ball. That's a really bad idea when playing a decent forward who is protecting it because it means you either have to go through the player and give away FKs or go round and get on the wrong side, What he should be doing is playing the player not the ball. He should allow the attacker to have the ball but guiding him to a place where he can do no damage or forcing him to make a pass. He needs to spend more time talking to Azpi or Zouma who are both way better in one-on-one situations. Luiz is better in possession than out of it.
  6. Only because Sheva played for them.
  7. To me this is the most critical issue. When I watch Conte, he seems to be constantly telling the playing to move up the pitch. Sometimes its just an individual (e.g. Bran) but sometimes its the the whole back line or the midfield. They do it but they quickly drop off again. I am wondering whether having a bit more pace at the back is going to help matters. Haven't see Alonso yet, but maybe a back line of Azpi--Zouma--Luiz--Alonso will work better.
  8. Maybe Aina was performing better than the others in training.
  9. Liverpool aren't in Europe either.
  10. Perfect description. Martin Atkinson. Just think Ashley Barnes & Burnley.
  11. I would say Bran is better in the air than Luiz though it might be marginal. But they are about as diffreent as chalk and cheese in most respects. I think Luiz is more likely to go to ground in a tackle but also more likely to win a tackle. I think Bran is faster on the straight but Luiz is quicker on the turn and generally more moble. I doubt Luiz would have been so badly roasted by quick wingers as Bran was last season. Bran's crossing is better and I would choose him over Luiz to finish in the 6 yard box. He shapes up like a CFn and has the strength to not get knocked off the ball. On the other hand, I would choose Luiz for shots from distance, free kicks outside the box and penalties. To me, Luiz is the better all round footballer, a CB who is able to play out from the back and pick a pass. He has better all round movement and a better dribbler. Bran is more the give-and-go type where he is better able to utilise his pace off the ball.
  12. Bamford scored 17 in the championship and became Young Player of the Year ahead of Dele Alli, so who knows...
  13. It seems everyone is agreed that we need to get Cesc back in the side with an argument about whether Cesc would replace Oscar or Matic (Cesc is obviously not going to play wide as he does not have the pace). To me, that's not really the issue - it's more about whether you choose Oscar or Matic to play alongside Cesc. For me, this 4141 is actually not much different to a 433 but with the the wide players dropping back a little, I wonder if this is partly where DWMH is coming from when he says we are too defensive though I suspect that may be more to do with the deep line we often adopt. That last is, to me, more about lack of pace at the back than the midfiled formation or selection. I think we will solve that by playing Zouma and/or Luiz in the back line. That allows the back line to play a higher block and we become much more offensive. Anyway, in the 4141 we play, the wide players rarely actually do drop back and so what you get is something very similar in shape to the 433 we used to play around 2008-11. Given the choice of Oscar or Matic, I would play Oscar in most games because, to me, he does everything Matic can do in terms of winning possesion plus he is more creative and more mobile than Matic. Maybe, Matic has the edge in providing "forward drive" but when he does that you never get the sense that he is fully in control of the ball. Of course, that might be to do with his long, gangley legs. I might choose Matic over Oscar for fixtures that we have to play solid, deep and compact because Oscar can get caught out of position as well. If Oscar could add more goals to his game he would be a stick-on for me.
  14. Terry has strained ligaments according to TOCWS so, assuming Zouma not fit, looks like a Cahill-Luiz central partnership.
  15. That should have been Fer's second yellow and off. I have a theory that the Premier League demands tightly competitive matches to make its "product" more lucrative and, to that end, encourage PGMOL andits refs to avoid too many bookings for lesser teams. For me, that explains some of the "dodgy" behaviour of the likes of Marriner, Dean, Foy and Clattenburg.