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  1. Media / Press

    I think the judgement of the PCC tells you all that is wrong about modern journalism. A man who has been shown in court to be a liar and has fled to France to escape arrest can be used as a reliable source for defamatory statements without the need to question his motives or credibility provided he makes his lies public as his personal opinion.
  2. Champions League 2020/21

    Personally, I am hoping that Eden is still not able to play.
  3. Khobar's Legacy

    Either that or they will blame poor-quality coach windows as being out of date and therefore likely to break even under the most minimal duress.
  4. He missed the Europa League Final because of injury. He also missed the start of one season because of injury on international duty. I think he was injured toward the end of the season that Leicester won the title. Memory is a fickle thing, though. I think we often had a suspicion that he was not quite on it for periods. That may have been form or minor injuries that he could play through. Who can tell? Pat Nevin once said that most players carry knocks as a matter of course.
  5. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    We still have to play West Ham(A) and Leicester(H). Unfortunately, we also have Man City(A), Villa(A) and Arsenal(H). And Fulham(H). Ours is the hardest run-in.
  6. Hazard never got the protection from the refs he should have had. Maybe Pusilic the same?
  7. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    Spurs 1-1 Man Utd is good for us, too.
  8. RIP Prince Philip

    I worry about how HMQ will cope without him. I have always had a lot of time for him even when he practised the art of 'Dontopedalogy' because he never meant anything by them. Here's a story. Lynwood Westray, the butler at the White House was with Prince Philip during a visit with the Queen in 1979. After dinner, Westray and another butler noticed that the Prince was in the Red Room looking at the paintings. Westray and the other butler were serving after-dinner liqueurs. "Your majesty, would you like a cordial?" Westray asked him. "I'll take one if you'll let me serve you," Prince Philip responded. Westray said afterwards, "There we were standing there. I was holding the glasses and my buddy was holding the liqueurs and we looked at each other, and I said 'If that's the only way you'll have it, we'll go along with it.' And the prince served us what he was having, and the three of us had a drink and a conversation. It was an honour to let him do it." This story says a lot about him.
  9. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    Pace. The team is set up for pace on the attack.
  10. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    Abraham on the bench. No sacrifice though.
  11. Chelsea Women

    Only three games to go and up next is Man City.
  12. Chelsea Women

    What a performance! Thiago Silva posted this:
  13. Champions League 2020/21

    I think Paul's point is that extra time at the end of the second leg favours the away team because away goals count double. If both legs are played in a neutral venue without a crowd, then the draw order favours one side over the other.
  14. Andreas Christensen

    Think it will really help his confidence.
  15. ^ Someone's trying to muck-up our unbeaten run.