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  1. The run since Chelsea beat them is 8 wins, 7 draws and no losses. All of the top 6 except Chelsea and ManCity draw too much which is why we are out ahead. Up to the Chelsea game they had 5 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, the same number of losses as us. Worth bearing in mind that a win and a loss is better than two draws.
  2. I'd say Anelka and Ivanovic more important over the long term.
  3. You had me worried. I thought one of them had died. A very special band. Planet Caravan is one of my all-time favourite tracks.
  4. Top 5 for me: Pen against LFC after his Mum died (still gives me goosebumps) the Nou Camp Chip from line (according to JT, he used to practice that) the Bayern (swivel and score), Bolton (win the league), Everton (FA Cup final winner), Honourable mentions to Everton (come from behind to make it 2-2 and Drogba sealing the winner) Stoke in the 94th minute, the Hull chip, converting a Sam Hutchinson cross. And let's not forget the assists - the pass to Drogba that split the Man City defence, the pass to Rami against Barce in 2012, Or to Drogba in the ManU FA Cup final,
  5. Must be a slow news day.
  6. Big difference between assering that JM never played free flowing football and JM teams sometimes didn't play free flowing football.
  7. Fixed that for you!
  8. Welcome back, James. We've really missed your enthusiasm.
  9. Can I recommend viewing the 6-0 victory against Arsenal, the 4-1 against West Ham and most of the games between 2004 and 2006. You seem to have missed them.
  10. My GF has no interest in football. Best way.
  11. QFT
  12. Agree about the creativity thing. I'd like to have Cesc in the middle more. I am not sure pace is the issue. You need energy to press effectively but pace not so much. Willian is not as good at pressing as Kante, but he has a lot more pace.
  13. ^
  14. Yesterday I was hearing about how Liverpool has to win against Chelsea to stay in the title race. Today I am hearing about how getting a draw means they are still in the title race. Odd.
  15. As I remember it, he fully deserved it.