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  1. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    I never wish injury on anyone, but would not be sorry to see Arnautovic or Javier Hernandez miss out.
  2. Media / Press

    I've been trying to forget.
  3. New Stadium Plans

    One thing they did not take into account on the BBC is that seats are sold in blocks in most stadia and you have to segregate away fans. It is not uncommon for aways fans to take a 3000 seat block and only sell 1200 tickets. To be honest, I don't really know why the BBC is reporting on it. I think it's just clickbait.
  4. Chelsea 4 Cardiff City 1

    Why does that make me feel less rather than more confident?
  5. Presumably, they thought the bid was for an ageing American rapper and ignored it as they did not hold his contract.
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Hopefully, he will stay till the end. I love a bit of Schadenfreude.
  7. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    I tend to think that, with the high line we play, we are likely to concede chances irrespective of the people in defence. I think Sarri accepts the risk and plays to score more than the opposition. We have been a bit lucky so far. If Ake had put away his chance and the same for the Arsenal attack, we could be midtable. However, it will get better. I think he plays the combination of Luiz and Rudiger because we need Rudiger's pace for the high line and because both are good at converting defence to attack very quickly. Sarri wants to play the game in the opposition half. But, with the best will in the world, we will concede chances. I can imagine a central defence of Zouma and Christensen doing the same role.
  8. New Stadium Plans

    It's possible but I am not aware of any plans for that. I was simply saying that adopting safe standing alone won't make any difference to the capacity of the stadium. Having said that, there may be other benefits to safe standing. People sing more loudly standing up. It would be a recognition that it's what people do anyway. Maybe, if we needed less room for able-bodied people, we might be able to make more space for the disabled (though I am not sure how that works with regard to H&S).
  9. New Stadium Plans

    Probably. The broadcasters had made the point in the past that a key aspect of the premier league that makes it easy to sell abroad is the atmosphere created by the fans. They prefer noisy grounds. Well done, everybody :-) If that's true then I have two questions. Does having a larger capacity stadium with more fans improve the atmosphere? Why do we see so much of Arsenal on TV?
  10. New Stadium Plans 76m from about 430m which is 17% in 2017
  11. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Don't want to be critical as I am basking in the reflected glory of four wins at the start of the season, but I think Jorghinho needs to work on his core a bit. He was very easily pushed off the ball on a number of occasions. And what was all that nonsense between Morata and King, Rudiger and Fraser and Alonso and Smith? Just handbags?
  12. New Stadium Plans

    When the problem is egress, safe standing makes no difference. We cannot get a safety certificate for more people whether standing or sitting.
  13. New Stadium Plans

    The cost is fixed and the income rises. So, say £800m In 20 years time, £30m pa becomes £45m pa (at 2% inflation) with nearly £700m paid off leaving a residual book debt of £100m. It is, of course, a risk.
  14. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Without wanting to bring up the specific things that were said, it was getting pretty toxic about that time. People had got to the stage where they would simply abuse each other simply for having different opinions which is odd because we all want the same thing. I sometimes get things wrong (or even badly wrong) but I hope that people will be forgiving and, consequently, try to do the same. It struck me at the time that Cam4Blue was not in that school and it rubbed a whole lot of people up the wrong even without the specific comment that got him banned. I try not to block people but I made sure I skipped over his comments. I hadn't realised that Sleeping Dave had been banned. I thought he had moved somewhere else and simply did not have the time to comment. But as I said before, I am happy to be proved wrong.