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  1. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    I have a favourite player for each period because it's too hard to choose over nearly 50 years. SFL is my favourite player of the 2003-2014 period. Nothing he can do will ever change that. The goals against Bolton in 2005, the strike against Everton, the goal from the byline against Barca, the UCL final goal, that ball to Droba in the smashing of Man City under Eriksen (sp?) and hundreds of other magical moments. That they are booing him will simply emphasise to him how much he is still a Chelsea player who should be welcomed home in whatever capacity,
  2. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    We should sell the rights to Man Utd.
  3. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I had "best fans in the world"
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cough! Vialli
  5. David Luiz got geezer in a matter of days.
  6. Club announce new stadium plans

    The planning application will be submitted to LBHF. The club does not have to get LBKC residents onside because they don't vote for LBHF council. I doubt we will see any objection from Royal Parks - they won't want to get involved. TFL might object but it could equally be argued that what we propose would have a positive effect because the overground would be less exposed to the elements. I can see that one either way. I can't imagine Stoll having much of a problem with it either. Nor local businesses. So, the most likely objections will come from local residents to the North and West. What the club has to do is to create a plan which sufficiently benefits the public in the locality such that these objections become just the bleating of a small number of selfish people hell-bent on ruining it for everyone else. It's what Lenin called the tyranny of the majority.
  7. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    To be fair, he only had 15 mintes and they were already 5-0 down.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    To me, Lukaku would still be a good addition but not at the price Everton want. Stones, I don't get at all. Personally, I think we would be better off with Christensen, JLC, Davey, Kalas, Tomori and maybe even Miazga before Stones. He is the kind of player who tries to play out of defence but without the necessary skills and ends up giving away possesion in just about the most dangerous place possible. He is a liability.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't know. Maybe it's better strategy is to buy twice or three times as many as you need of the cheaper players and sell on the ones that don't make it and hope you wont make too much of a loss. Or spend more on the scouting network or the academy. I suspect the best way is to decide how you want to play, get a couple of landmark sigings to fill those areas where you are weak, a few cheap ones who you are not sure of but might make it and use the best of the academy.
  10. Jose Mourinho (Leaves For The Second Time)

    I think it will all end in tears, too. Their fans have been moaning all year about how "boring" the football is under LVG. Of course, it may be that "boring winning" is OK and "boring losing" is not. It's hard to say about fans who feel as entitled as they do. Anyway, I have no idea what they expect from JM, but I doubt they will see very much different from LVG. I suspect that closing out 1-0s is not their idea of a great performance. Moreover, they have a history of ex-players and managers interfering with the incumbent managers through back-stabbing in the press (just look at Busby on O'Farrell, or Scholes on Moyes and LVG). Added onto that, although their squad is not as weak as it was in, say, the mid-70s, it's not great. There are at least half a dozen regulars who are barely good enough (Fellaini, Darmian, Rojo, Blind, Carrick, Smalling, Young, Herrera), a bunch permanantly in the treatment room and the likes of Rooney who is an accident waiting to happen. JM does not appear to rate Mata and I would not be surprised if De Gea is off soon as well, probably to part-fund a wholesale makeover (I can't imagine the Glaziers wanting to dip their hands in their pockets). Of course, the press will give them an easy ride to start with at least for a week or two.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Money buys you a reduction in risk. For every Vardy, Mahrez and Kante there's a Benalouame, Inler and Amartey
  12. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Wasn't the R5 commentary awful. Apparently, Milner was playing "world class" balls according to Lawrensen, And Sturridge was also "world class" - "The only player on the pitch that could have done that". I feel pretty sure that Coke could bend a ball around the goalkeeper with the outside of his foot. And I cringed when John Murray started talking about a Spanish player's greasy hair. I turned it off at half time.
  13. John Terry

    How I feel.
  14. Positivity corner

    Spurs meltdown
  15. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    That's true of most. The difference is that the scousers feel especially entitled which is one of the reasons why its extra special to beat them.