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  1. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    They used to be the top exponent of the back pass as well.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Must be a slow transfer day
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    In the 60s, you only really heard about most new players after they were signed. You had to be very close to the club to know otherwise. There was a kind of "word on the street" but it was literal, on the way to matches and it was unreliable and mostly ignored. The exception was when important players such as those who played for England moved. That didn't happen to Chelsea much. Most of our players came from the academy, though we did sell a few (Stepney, Greaves, Venables, Bridges, etc.). When we got Hutch in 1968, we were told that the scout (Ron Suart) had gone to Cambridge to look at a goalkeeper and ended up recommending Hutch instead. He cost £5000 - you don't get bargains like that now. You did not get endless speculation (mostly unwarranted) or feel the need to have detailed expertise on the minutiae of the South American and European leagues in order to have a conversation. On reflection, I think we were there to be entertained by the team rather than to act as proxy managers. The crowd singing "you don't know what you're doing" is a distinctly modern idea.
  4. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Bellerin might be back with a bit of luck.
  5. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Chris Wood was mainly challenged by Rudiger. AC had a quiet, competent sort of game.
  6. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    No Aubameyang
  7. Chelsea TV

    Been up there as a single game since first thing this morning. We used to have to wait until 1800 on the following day.
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Doubt that will be allowed.
  9. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Kante picked up a hamstring injury in training yesterday according to TOCWS
  10. Chelsea TV

    If you click the search button and type in a team and competition (e.g. "Arsenal Prem"), and in the results select Video, you see everything they have for that team. In that case, most of the full matches from 14/15 onwards and some highlights going further back. Searching for "Retro" you can watch games from the Retro Blues series (I.e. extended highlights edited into 30-minute programmes from the 70s and 90s. "Icons" you can find the multipart discussion programmes that Spy used to do. Searching for "Legends" gives you the old Legends series (a few pages in). These are interviews with players from the 50s onwards also by Spy. "Classics" gives you short highlights (3-5 minute) from some classic games such as the 4-2 against Barce or the 2-3 away win over United in 1990. Sadly some of my favourite games are not there such as the 4-1 against West Ham in 2006 or the 2-2 against Barce in 2012 or the Wednesday game in the LC in the mid 80s.
  11. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Winter taking its toll. Man United and Wolves get a 0-0 draw and that might have implications in the race for top four. Wolves have already played 30-odd games this season and now have yet another game in January. Man Utd will have to play twice a week for the rest of January with an extra fixture just before they meet Liverpool. Spurs have Kane out for a few weeks, Lloris, Rose, and Ndombele in treatment and a seemingly disinterested Eriksen and might also struggle.
  12. Chelsea TV

    Just found the Legends and Retro series on the web site. I should have more perseverance.
  13. Chelsea TV

    There is loads of stuff on the 5th Stand that is not available on the web site. I complained a while back about making it available only to those who happen to own a smartphone, but the response (or lack of it) suggests that they didn't give a toss. I did play with installing an Android Emulator so I can view the stuff on a PC. BlueStacks mostly works but I have a really complicated sound system and it can't really cope. MEmu had the same problem. I lost interest.
  14. Chelsea TV

    Chelsea TV online replicating the old Sky channel 421 has gone. It has been replaced by an online video download service. So there is no TV channel to watch and no more things like Blues News and similar. There are interviews and other content on the web site. They have a streaming service where there are press conferences, pre- and post-match programmes, commentary online and sometimes academy games. The PL2 game against Spurs on Monday will be streamed. You can download and watch highlights and full games as before but it can be a challenge to find them and depends on the web site having the content licences. I was watching the Spurs game this afternoon. I think some of the old content such as Legends are delivered using what they call a "boxed set" but I think this is only viewable on the smartphone app. I keep having to moan because they are very keen to get people to use the smartphone app and so the web site does not always work.
  15. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    I would put on my old one, but doubt it still fits :-(