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  1. Jimmy Greaves RIP

    As the man himself said " Chelsea! It’s magical. And they’ve never lived up to it, but I hope they do. I’m a great Chelsea fan, as you probably know. And I’d love to see it all happen "
  2. Jimmy Greaves RIP

    Jimmy Greaves has died aged 81.
  3. Media / Press

    Since SAF left the position of manager, Man Utd have had generally worse results. I would like to think that reflects a failing of subsequent managers to perform rather than a lack of referee's direct numbers in their contact list.
  4. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Kante on the bench given his recent injury situation.
  5. Musical Tastes

    Also closed, I'm afraid.
  6. Musical Tastes

    The council closed the Assembly Rooms. It was the only large-scale venue in the area. I am not a huge fan of neo-Stalinist architecture, but its loss will be felt. They are converting the town hall (on the same site) into more blocks of flats to go with the blocks of flats in the town centre, in the old Homebase site, the various sites in Chingford, Leyton, Hyams Park and the Wood Street area. I suspect the assembly rooms will go the same way.
  7. A Driving Force

    Secondhand 1975 Ford Escort in Midnight Blue, bought in 1980-something. My Dad and I souped it up a bit. Nice wheels, as they say. So nice, it got nicked and trashed. These days I drive a 2020 Ford Puma Mild Hybrid. I got the big engine version because I live in hope that we might go camping sometime soon. Good car to drive. You can feel the road and very responsive.
  8. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    I am sure our struggles against a low block are the main factor. But, sometimes, it just seems like we raise or lower our game to meet the opposition and do just enough (or, in the case of last season, not quite enough). Last term, we got 3 points from Man City and Liverpool but only one from West Brom, Villa and Wolves. When we meet Spurs and Man City, I expect to see a much more dominant game from us, but continue to worry about Brentford, Norwich and Newcastle in October.
  9. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    There are things they could learn from each other. It's worth remembering that Lukaku is 28 and Werner, 25. As long as we are winning, they have time.
  10. Chelsea Women

    I thought they were very impressive. They dealt with some pressure from Everton but were clearly the better team.
  11. Media / Press

    He used to have an advisory role with the board. I hope that continues.
  12. I think he has improved no end. I thought his second-half performance against LFC was really impressive. We had the usual high passing accuracy and drive from deep midfield, but he was making opportunities through his passing which is tricky with ten. Disappointed with his chance near the end, but very good all the same. I like Kova so I am probably biased.
  13. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    I have always wanted to have privilege.
  14. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    That will help with the PGMOL Xmas Party. I have heard Mike Riley is playing Santa and Anthony Taylor is one of his little elves.
  15. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    International football teaches me one thing above all others. You can any number of the best players in a country, but if they only get together to train for a couple of weeks every few months, they will never build up the kinds of relationship that is needed in top-level football. In the end, the international game is, inevitably, second-rate. This is why teams of amateurs from small countries are so frequently able to beat their professional counterparts. Far from being the pinnacle of the game, it is a poor second to the club game. I always feel sorry for supporters of the lower league clubs who follow England because it is probably the best they ever get to support. What this all teaches me is that football is not about individuals but about the relationships that develop in the team. So, having learnt that, why they have to persist in repeating the lesson every three months is beyond me. Must be about money.