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  1. Khobar

    Taking the pish out of Liverpool aka Khobar's vocation  
  2. Pato arrives on loan

    Personally, I think Emenalo is being used as a scapegoat. The club has a committee that people wrongly refer to here as the board even though it isn't. The article in the Independent makes the same mistake which tells us that the journalist knows less than we do. I believe Emenalo is on that committee along with a whole bunch of other people representing both the football and commercial sides of the company. Emenalo reports to the committee in his role as technical director in charge of scouting, but I believe much of that role is actually administrative involving collection and summarising scouting reports and maintaining the scouting network across all age groups. Scouting does not supply first team players in CFC, those players are already well known, have published statistics and performance data and are contacted directly through agents. Scouting is mostly about youth and young players. I believe the current coach also reports to that committee as do other footballing people in the academy. Together they decide the overall strategy creating lists of potential targets and those who might be sold. Once the committee has targets, the rest is left to the commercial people to do the negotiations with other clubs and agents (and, sometimes, parents). The Guardian article claims that "plenty of the current first-team squad have been signed by him". No, the club signs players collectively. Usually its Granovskaia who physically does it on behalf of the company. To me, blaming Emenalo is a convenience. If he has the power suggested and makes the mistakes people believe, then it is the club's responsibility to remove him from that position. They don't because they know he is not individually responsible. BTW, the Express article does not say anything one way or the other  and thus carries on a long tradition at the Express. Back to topic, to me, Pato is not necessarily a bad idea. If he does get back his fitness and form, he could be a useful addition to the squad and a steal at the money. Or not. Only time will tell. Like all acquisitions, we give him the chance to be the best he can be and see if its good enough.
  3. Intelligent Forum

    Agreed. It took a little while getting used to it, but I now think its a big improvement. I also sometimes click on the profile page accidentally and I do that with the mouse so I have nothing like your excuse. I worry that people might think I am stalking them :-( Thanks to everyone concerned.
  4. Next Chelsea Manager

    Wouldn't Conte be a better option that Allegri? His contract with Italy is up this summer after the Euros and so would be a free agent. I don't watch Serie A so I don't know much about him or his playing style but Juve did OK under him. Apparently, he likes to play two up front and 3 at the back.  That might suit us. It would help to bring through one of the very good young forwards we have (Bamford, Solanke, Brown). Its hard to pick a youngster as a lone strike up front.
  5. True Chelsea Legends

    I would like a statue based on the Iwo Jima monument But with Cech, Terry, Lamps and Drogba holding up the CFC Flag (no offence intended)
  6. Khobar

    Someone who made this place a joy to be in. He will be missed.
  7. True Chelsea Legends

    Zola and Lampard for me.
  8. Official: Chelsea Sign Matt Miazga

    Ake's not a CB, imo. Add Christensen, JCS and Davey.
  9. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Man City have to go to Kiev. I think their owners will prioritise the CL this year. I don't think we need to rest but just a little squad rotation.
  10. John Terry

    To be honest, I am not surprised. I remember for years before Frank left, I would keep wondering how the hell we were going to replace him. But then I thought the same with Drogba, Big Pete. And Zola. And Wilkins and Nevin and Osgood. No-one is indispensible - no-one bigger than the club. At some stage, we have to decide to cut the knot and try to learn to survive without him. Maybe the club have decided that the time is right to rebuild the squad around the likes of Hazard, Oscar, Zouma, Courtois - a time to create a new spine that can last for another ten years. I worry about the loss of leadership though. We would really need someone to step up in that department.
  11. Next Chelsea Manager

    I think you're right but, if not, Hiddink would be my first choice.
  12. Ramires - Signs New 5 Year Contract

    Ramires may not have been the world's greatest player, but he gave us something different. Energy, pace, steel and some great goals. Its not just the chip in 2012, how about single-handed beating the entire Man City defence. As Giles Smith said today, here's the list the trophies he did not win with us...   I wish him the best of luck in the future.
  13. testing message

    Slaughterhouse 5
  14. Arsenal 0 Chelsea 1

    After watching the kids last night, how about a 3-2-3-2 with both Remy and Costa up front
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I remember a year or so ago, people were saying how brilliant our transfer policy was.