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  1. Is that the Tiago chant adapted?
  2. Maybe Conte's decided that Alonso, Kenedy, Azpi and, at a stretch, Pedro might be able to cover the LWB slot.
  3. We need to spend the whole time leading up to the game emphasising that this fixture does not matter because 1) its pre-season and 2) its only Arsenal (meh). But Conte needs to make sure the players know there is no such thing as a "friendly" against Arsenal. Its OK to draw/lose to Bayern and Inter in pre-season, but not to Arsenal at any time.
  4. I think this season will be make or break for Pep's reputation. If City don't win the PL or CL this season, I expect the owners to strat asking some questions. They are probably bookies favourites at the moment, but that back line still looks really dodgy to me.
  5. ICONIQ Capital said to be preparing a bid for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Should we warn them that its a football club not a bottling company?
  6. Man Utd are increasingly becoming like Liverpool.
  7. ^ Ta
  8. Does anyone know much about Belotti? I don't watch Italian football.
  9. 3pm on a Saturday. What's not to like?
  10. If you had asked me a few years ago about Dom Solanke and Tammy Abraham, I would have guessed that Dom was in the better position. Now, I think its completely reversed. Dom did well at Vitesse but remained sidelined all last season. Tammy got a couple of appearances in our first team, capitalised on a loan to a decent club in the championship and earned himself a step up. Dom will be playing for LFC reserves and hoping for an opportunity in the domestic cups. Tammy will be a first team player at Swansea. If Tammy plays, he will not be under pressure as a lone striker and I expect him to make solid progress this season.I wonder how the choices made by the players at the age of 19 will affect their careers going forward.
  11. The strange thing is not that there is huge mount of speculation in the trash media. That's always been true. Its that the news organisations who used to be quite reliable have become as crap as all the rest. One outcome of the Internet, imo, is the general lowering of standards when it comes to news reportage. More competition leads to a the more of the same. A presentation of narrative-based, homogeneous news reporting. Its not surprising that it can affect the critical faculties of those that consume it.
  12. Lukaku with Bats playing two up front in a 3-5-2 might work quite well as a partnership. The problem would be accommodating our wing backs and midfield into the five. 3-4-3 works for us because it fits with what we have. If we play 3-5-2 with wing backs then we would be trying to squeeze in Kante, Sandro, Hazard, Pedro, Bakayoko, Willian, Cesc, Chalobah, etc. into the three. That does not seem a great fit to me. But then what do I know?
  13. If Conte thinks he is good enough that's fine by me.
  14. The club will makea few bob having their names on the shirts