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  1. ^ Agreed. But it could be a while before we get a chance to boo him.
  2. Usual kind of game. They spend 90 minutes kicking our players and then when one of theirs decides to go down under a completely imaginary challenge, they either get a pen ("deserved according to that figure of objectivity that is Mark Bright) or they spend the next two years complaining about how the smaller clubs never get the decisions.
  3. If Moses not available, I would play Pedro as RWB and Willian as LAM, otherwise Pedro as LAM. I would play Cesc with Kante as I think they might need something special to break them down --------------Courtois --------Azpi----Luiz---Cahill Moses/Pedro--------------Alonso --------------Kante--Fabregas Pedro/Willian-----------------Hazard -----------------Costa
  4. They have scored 39 goals in the prem. The people who are, apparently, unavailable accounted for 26 of those. One has to imagine they will be a bit toothless. However, a couple are ill, not injured. Maybe, they will make a miracle recovery. I think we should ignore these stories and just focus on our own game.
  5. No, because AVB isn't available (it's a joke, btw).
  6. I have a feeling that if Wenger goes, it will take them years to rebuild that side. I can see Ozil and Sanchez going, I also expect Walcott, Oxlade... and, probably, Koscielny (sp?) as well. I feel a bit sorry for big Pete.
  7. The other problem is that we have less than the recommended quota of disability seating, which is also being addressed.
  8. ^ Part of documentation presented to LBHF planning committee
  9. 1st Again
  10. He plays better now because he feels he has a manager who believes in him. I think it makes a big difference on the pitch and in the dressing room.
  11. The Beeb has stations coming out of its ears these days . The one I really hate is Radio London Sport when they do football with Bradley effing Allen.
  12. Actually that was the one I was looking for.
  13. Annoying because I thought it was a loss of concentration.