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  1. Loaning is both a business and a way to give players who are not ready to play for us match time in an environment where they will improve. We seek to make the loan cover the running costs of the player (the loaner pays wages and any other incidental expenses). They either they become good enough to play for us or we sell them off at a profit. The player is OK with this because they get to play for decent clubs with the possibility of playing for Chelsea if they do well. Why on earth would we not use the loan system?
  2. Hope Ashley Barnes plays. We have some unfinished business with him.
  3. Spurs Liverpool at the weekend.
  4. But have you considered that if we had stuck with him, it might have all come good. Me neither.
  5. That's what you get when you have Pocahontas as a manager.
  6. The collective fouling is becoming a real issue. Man United did it a couple of years ago and its becoming more and more common. Hard to see what can be done about it, though.
  7. Better end product than Theo Walcott as well.
  8. You have to build them up to knock them down.
  9. I said before the game that I thought we should go with Willian--Oscar--Fabregas--Hazard (though, obviously, with Willian injured, Pedro). Hopefully we will against Burnley.
  10. EFL Cup and EFL Trophy different things
  11. "Dirty Diego" is the narrative - lazy journalists do narratives because it's less effort and less risky than spending the time watching lots of games and forming their own opinions.
  12. I'd play: --------------TeeBo Aina----Cahill---JT----Azpi ---------------Kante Willian---Oscar---Cesc----Hazard ---------------Costa Lots of bite and guile in midfield. If we can't break them down, bring on Pedro, Moses and Batman and go 442.
  13. Real Madrid have had 12.
  14. We have a squad of 23 players (+ 5 U-21s), 8 homegrown and 15 non-home grown. We have space in the squad for 2 more over 21s either bought or existing fringe players.