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  1. Not sure if this is common knowledge but I was listening to guardian football weekly and James Richardson pointed out that "go to china" is an Italian expression as a polite alternative to "eff off". Not sure its true though.
  2. I think the pace and agility of Pedro/Willian/Hazard might be a bit much for the likes of Huth and Morgan.
  3. Currently, I am reading Drogba' autobiography "Commitment". I had never realised how often he had injuries and played with them. There must have been times when he was touch and go for the squad. I remember an interview with Pat Nevin when he said that it's not a case of whether the player is injured or not - all players constantly carry injuries - it's more whether the ongoing injuries would stop you playing or not, so I suspect Drogba was not alone. I remember Zola coming on to score against Stuttgart. Does anyone think he had fully recovered from the hamstring injury he had a couple of weeks before. I suppose that Costa has something similar. It might be that he wants to play and the club won't let him or the other way round. The whole China thing could just be a smokescreen to get an extension on his contract on improved terms. Either way leaivng him out f the squad is the right thing to do. Hope we play Michy and he gets a hattrick.
  4. From memory, I think the last might be the low one against Basle.
  5. Living in Tooting, I would have thought Wimbledon would be the natural choice or maybe Palace. Another middle-aged Liverpool glory hunter?
  6. It's played at St James' Park sometimes. Not sure about Ken but the plan is a total rebuild including demolishing the hotel, the gym, restaurants, etc. The new plan has a separate restaurant and cafe. There will be a new museum and club shop. I don't think the "Under the Bridge" night club will survive either.
  7. Not with that attitude
  8. The permission they get (assuming they do) will be dependent on the council receiving commitments from the club on a range of factors from things like relocating bird and bat boxes during construction to a particular piling method they will use or receiving suitable approval from disability groups. On the latter, they (disability groups) seem disappointed that the extra 10000 will only accommodate 264 places for disabled people. However, we currently only have 103 spaces and so this increase would massively improve the provision and would go a some way towards meeting the LPF minimum standard criteria. Anyway, when you read the big PDF, you get the impression that the council has its eye firmly fixed on the increased revenue they will get due to the additional home fans paying £28 a game in local shops and amenities.
  9. If that were Vertonghen or Otamendi, I would definitely say it is a sending off.
  10. He might go back to Brazil and use his money to benefit the community he comes from.
  11. First of the month again.
  12. Plans A, B and C rotate according to the opposition, location, injury, form, etc.
  13. Jay Dasilva on loan at Charton.
  14. Don't get me wrong, SFL is one of my favourite all-time players and my overall favourite post millenium player. Yes, he could do 20 minutes. He could probably play a deep-lying Pirlo-esque role. However, as much as I love Frank, for me, Fabregas would be first choice for that. I am not saying I wouldn't be pleased if he came back. I would support him. But, given the choice, I would prefer to see one of the younger lads get the game time especially in the cup.