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  1. I think Aina could be a good option as a right wing back. He looks solid defensively to me and he is no slouch getting forwards. Not sure about his crossing ability, though. For left wing back, I would take a look at Jay Dasilva as a backup to Alonso. He is only 18, but if you are good enough, you are old enough and I have been impressed with him for a while now.
  2. You may know this but...Typically, machines in a work environment are served with IP addresses using DHCP. This hands out intranet IP addresses. These are invisible to the outside world. You will probably have NATing firewalls to the outside world. That means the address seen by this website will not be the same as the address of your machine within the work intranet. Generally, the website will get the IP address(es) of the firewall. I would not expect there to be 300 of those. Could it be that you are accessing the site from a mobile device that is connecting to a lot of different WiFi access points or something like that? One thing you could do is a reverse IP lookup and see who owns those addresses. You can find tools on the web to do that (search for WHOIS IP or something similar).
  3. Neither Fabregas or Chlaobah should get more because they were already booked at the time. However, I bet we still get the bigger fine for failing to control our players. I suppose the FA has to pay for its Christmas knees-up.
  4. After the Munich air disaster, Man United used mostly youth and squad players. However, non-league Bishop Auckland lent them three players so they could fulfill their fixtures.
  5. This
  6. I think I have it. The FA, who abandoned funding their child protection campaign in 2003 due to internal "resistance", want to censure a club for paying compensation to an individual whose case against a former, but now dead employee was not followed up by police, despite admitting that the FA may have to pay compensation. I think that's clear.
  7. Zola is free though not sure he would want to take a #2 role.
  8. Wonder if Aguero will get away with this again?
  9. I dont think the ref ever scores against us (though I suspect that Foy would dearly like to). I am thinking we might see a belated red card for Eric Dier.
  10. Agreed, Its ridiculous for Tom Cruise to play the part. Reacher is 15st big guy with muscles not a little bloke like Cruise.
  11. Last season, they wanted to pay us back for comments in the press about wanting Leicester to win. So much so, they totally lost it. Instead of playing for a winner, they decided to kick us about the pitch. Very lucky to get away with no red cards. Our players need protection from thugs like Dier and Dembele. Fortunately, we won't have to put up with Danny Rose pretending to be hurt, he's suspended.
  12. There's still Tammy Abraham, Jay Dasilva, Ola Aina, Lewis Baker, Izzy Brown, JCS and others. I have not given up on having some English youngsters in the team. Just because one young player has not managed to to get into the first team has no bearing on whether someone else will or, if it does, it makes it more likely not less so. And there are players in the lower leagues or at other clubs who may be both English and be just what we need. The great players of the future have to come from somewhere.
  13. Suzanne, A Thousand Kisses Deep, Dance Me to the End of Love. Great poet, great songwriter. His appeal spanned generations. He will be missed.
  14. ^ Pot, kettle, black. I remember you criticising the management in our most recent league-winning campaign when the performance of the team was fine. In fact, I am not sure why you are bothering to bring it up here - it has nothing to do with the Everton game.
  15. Am starting to get concerned about what happens when Alonso or Moses get injured or lose form. To me, its inevitable. We don't want to mess with the centre backs (Azpi/Luiz/Cahill/Terry/Zouma). For Moses, we have Ola Aina as cover.I think he could be pretty good in that role. Quick - right footed - lots of energy. However, Alonso is harder. Bran can't play on the left. Willian or Pedro could play it but both have a tendency to drive in and that loses width. I keep wondering if its time to promote Jay Dasilva to the first team squad as an understudy for Marcos Alonso.