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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    If I'm honest - hope this loss to Arsenal is a wake-up to the board that the squad is simply just not good enough and hasn't been for quite a while. The board doesn't listen to logic, only results so this loss may be a blessing in disguise. I'd love Dzeko here, always been a massive fan of his think he's a phenomenal back-up but that still leaves us with a problem, Morata just isn't cut out to be our number one, not this season at least. Maybe if he improves mightily in the off-season a la Suarez. Hijack the deal for Aubmeyang (I'll get the spelling right if we sign him - promise). A talent like that does not come around often enough to dilly dally. Especially not to let him go to Arsenal, that would be such an embarrassment. He's a top player and knows exactly where the back of the net is, something Morata has no clue about. Seriously I say go all in, our striking situation can't get much worse.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absolutely not. I may be the only one, but I am freaking fed up of us strengthening our rivals. And 25m for Willian? They're having a laugh. Worth at least 35 in this inflated market. And on top of all this, we shouldn't even want to sell. He's a great player and will obviously come good again. His only problem is that Moses and Pedro are playing phenomenally. Unfortunate timing with his mother passing, but he's a great back-up to those guys. Before that he was the first name on the team sheet. People have short memories.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Slimani was phenomenal in the World cup and it was actually quite obvious that he should be someone that was seriously looked at. I think it was general consensus that it was surprising no-one made a move for him. I'm surprised that it took this long.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Haven't been on here in forever. What's the general feeling about this transfer window? Everyone think that it's as much shite as I do?
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Yet we have no players who can do it against the worst or the best!
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    How do you put people on ignore!?
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Sterling is so poor. Wow.
  8. Exactly, gross that some people want him here. He's clearly just lucky that he's got a good squad.
  9. Easy buddy, nothing's happened yet. Just media rumours. Very likely to be nothing there.
  10. Pellegrini is a horrible idea. He has an incredible budget (which he's used pretty badly) and he has an amazing squad that should easily walk the league this year and are seriously struggling. Get a top manager in at City and you'll see how well they do. For me, Pellegrini is lucky, and nothing more. Conte would be my first choice but the match-fixing allegations are annoying. Simeone won't be bad but could be very tiring. Don't know who else there is out there, we could go for an 'unknown' or maybe if Guus does well we could convince him to stay on for a longer time.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Come on, that's not fair. The man has to work somewhere, and it's a prestigious job. He wants to stay in England so it's a perfect fit.
  12. Pretty sad watching this, knowing what happened so soon afterward. First time he seemed like a genuine person in a while. Notice when asked about his favourite club he always said Chelsea before but this time a bit more beating around the bush (I might just be reading into things too much).
  13. We should seriously hope that City win the league this season. If they do, they might feel obligated to keep Pellegrini which would be fantastic news for us.
  14. Sorry but I have to agree with Ham here. It's not about what he said, it's about the way he said it and his tone. You could tell that he wasn't happy with it. It was all a bit strange.
  15. Wow, just as I type that, this gets confirmed. Hiddink till summer confirmed?