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  1. Folks I'm awaiting mods to check a new subject, however in relation to the support shown to Jose, how about on saturday fans turn up with a Jose face mask, after-all he's "one of us" so we can be one of him! Who knows he may even sneak in! And how good would it look 2500 Jose's in the ground! It will give the media something to talk about plus if you are naughty they can blame Jose ( only joking ) I'm sure some enterprising person could sell them outside the away end.
  2. John Terry

    So what do you do if one of your mates was in the same alledged situation? do you 1. turn your back on him or 2 tell him it may not have been his finest hour (if true) but also tell him you will still back them to the hilt , because sometimes thats what freindships about. If you chose option 1. then dont bother to read on This Sunday the worlds media will focus in on the Bridge and in particular John Terry, so its up to us as fans to show them that we back our captain to the hilt , I would suggest that along with the normal JT songs that where we can we replace the word Chelsea with the word Terry and try and give the man a lift! he needs one so lets make SUNDAY JOHN Terry DAY