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  1. Interview 2 Sarri who then explains the decision not to watch the last penalties of the Europa League semi-final won against Eintracht: “I didn't want to see the last two penalties because I had already given so much during the game. I still don't know what happiness is: if we were able to succeed, I could taste it and then confess myself. But it is clear that this success has left me feeling strong. The emotions of Naples, for example, were powerful, also because they were different, for many reasons, and they remained, because that was an existential involvement ". About Serie A: "I don't think I can go back to Italy. Now, at this moment, I can say that I'm not coming back, "concluded Sarri. Sarri then summed up his first year in England, when the season still has to end: "It is not easy, you clash with cultural diversity, mentality and food, it is a world quite different from ours - he admitted - for certain you have to give up something too. Play so much? I'm glad, it gives me great adrenaline: English players are used to this kind of rhythm. It is a difficult football, the level here is very high and it is no longer so distant from ours. We begin to play a tactically more advanced football, with the difference that the rhythms of the old English football have remained ”. On the tactical sacrifices to which he was forced, then: "From the tactical point of view I regret not having been able to work better on the defensive line, but I have not had time - added Sarri - Some errors with work are avoidable. In English football, many players are very strong at the individual level, but they are ball carriers and need time to change their mentality. Instead, a system had been created in Naples. It becomes difficult to distort some players and it would not even be productive ". A final joke about the possible return to Serie A: "Not for now," he concluded.
  2. A Couple of recent interviews with the Italian media via Sky sports Italia via google translate. Highlights quite a few issues some up here are aware of, and whilst I admire his entusiasm, and awareness of these issues I still have doubts about his ability to change them for the clubs benifit Interview 1 The Italian coach bewitched by English football: "Here is the top, in all senses, as an organization, as structures, as an atmosphere in stadiums, as participation". On the Europa League final: "A prize for all of us. Future? I'm not going back to Italy for now" Maurizio Sarri in a thought. "If anyone, before I went to Empoli, had said: you know, in 2019 you will go to play the Europa League final, I would have been a bit pissed off. Because, knowing me, maybe even at that time I would have hoped to win the Champions ". The Chelsea coach, who will play the Europa League final in Baku against Arsenal, talks to the Corriere dello Sport. "We were good, true, in this journey that now leads us to the decisive test. And to those who ask me for report cards, honestly I find it hard to answer: because I have never had a good relationship with the grades since school. But let's say an 8 can be given. I also work 14 hours a day, I like it and then I am like that. Now it's all nice around us, but we haven't won anything yet, it's worth remembering. But we are here and this is a prize for all of us, "continued Maurizio Sarri. "England is another planet, here is the top in everything!" From Naples to Chelsea, Sarri admits he was bewitched by English football: "Here is the top, in every sense, as an organization, as a structure, as an atmosphere in stadiums, as participation. You will never find an empty seat in the stands, and it will do nothing if we have reached the 61st match and when we get to Baku it will be 63. Here - the Italian coach continued - nothing is disdained, the cups have a bullying value, they do not represent minor challenges. In the quartet of the finalists, Guardiola is missing, the best of all that for me trains the most beautiful team of all ”. Sarri and English football, a special feeling: "I found a clearly different planet, in all its expressions, as it should be: from training, to mentality, to nutrition. And then also a clearly more dense calendar, which for those who have the pleasure of organizing their work in a certain way perhaps takes up space but allows you to have fun ”. The Chelsea coach added: "Here you clash with giants, the technical level is very high, especially in City and Liverpool, but also Tottenham, Arsenal and United, and the demonstration is in the two finals in which we will speak exclusively English . But it seems to me that even tactically there have been changes, with an evolution that has merged coaches' ideas with the historic intensity of this football ". "Existential involvement in Naples. I'm not going back to Italy for now"
  3. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Odd way to announce yourself but still, Here you are ! Thats one of the joys of this forum alway a small group snarling away at at the opinions of others. See that be-speckled Italian man on the touchline ? He’s not waving he’s drowning. I take it you did not actually watch the match
  4. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Two well matched teams. Both spellbindingly awful. . . Hazard and Higuain a partnership made in Hell, No doubt Sarri will persevere for the few matches he has left
  5. You mean this lot. Chelsea conceding just after half-time in 2019: 54' v Slavia Prague 51' v Slavia Prague 53' v Liverpool 51' v Liverpool 46' v Cardiff 49' v Everton 56' v Wolves 56' v Man City 47' v Bournemouth 50' v Tottenham
  6. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    It is all about context, at least you had a stab at it , Rather than the inevitable knee jerk Juni has penned an interesting view
  7. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Probably wondering whether to hire a German coach to go with his BMW engines. . . Or renaming Team SKY Team team CFC. . .
  8. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Its unlikely to change either
  9. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Well looking on the bright side CHO gets a full England call up
  10. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    All going well then . . . palpable deniability "Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri told Sky Sports: "I don't know and the players don't know what happened in the second half. I cannot explain it. We played the best first half in the season and we could have scored four or five and then suddenly we stopped playing. It's very strange and we stopped to defend and counter attack. "We were in control of the match and we played very well so we needed continue but we didn't defend at the start of the second half. We changed the system but it was the same. "The problem was mental on the pitch, so the system and the tactics are not important. It wasn't about motivation because we started very well. We have to play eight matches now and we have to fight for our possibilities."
  11. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Nope neither . . . They are both part of the problem that has led us to where we are, And no Sarri is not entirely to blame in the great scheme of things for how the season is panning out but This result is on him, Compare and contrast his 1st team with the reserves against Kiev, who would you sooner watch ?
  12. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Because persevering with a lost cause is the obvious thing to do. . . You can roll Sarri in as much glitter as you want But it changes nowt. This is his 1st team and it plays like it
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    If there is anything to salvage from Jorginho CFC career its to figure out why Man city were willing to pay so much, Heres a hint it was not to replace Fernandinho
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Give it a few millenia and we will we saying the same about out current Regista. . . possibly
  15. Eden Hazard

    So this is where the magic beans to rebuild Real come from. They can afford Hazard now Recently acquired Spanish toll-road group Abertis has announced one of the biggest special dividends in Spanish history, worth almost €10 billion. That’s roughly the equivalent of half the amount dished out in dividends by all Spanish listed companies last year. And all of it will be transferred to the three rival companies that bought Abertis in a €16.5 billion joint takeover last October: Italy’s infrastructure giant, Atlantia, majority owned by the Benetton family Spanish construction behemoth, ACS, headed by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez ACS’s German subsidiary, Hochtief.