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  1. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    You mean the Benzema banned from playing for France ? I think the bad blood goes back to this because of this
  2. European Super League

    Correct. But why would it ?, My comment had nothing to do with punishment anyway. Not sure I have made a comment on punishment, Just the mechanisms that may be involved at some state , Or not. . .
  3. European Super League

    No offence , But I am not sure your reading of “cartel and competition law.” Is correct in this case. Now for example if the then 12 formed a new Super league left the Jurisdiction of their local FA’s Leagues and UEFA Super league. They may be able to establish a new sporting venture, new rules etc Like Boxing and other sports Have. And may they have been able to establish the rights to exist of a new Super league in a court (somewhere) if challenged and as messy as it would be, May be able to carry on. However this is not the case here, This is pure Cakeism, They want the benefits of the Super league AND The benefits Of the Local Leagues, FA’s, UEFA etc Which is where the problems lie. Establishing that would be a very different Legal argument Perez may hold sway in Madrid not else where . Set up a new independent Super league yes, Set up a new independent Super league within existing sporting structures probably not. (I'm using current terms as Perez has just been interviewed denying any resignations and it is still full steam ahead.)
  4. European Super League

    Eh ? Never said it was.Just a point about you mentioning Madrid getting bailed out locally, I case you missed it Getting bailed out By the City is unlikely now
  5. European Super League

    Maybe not. I get the argument on this is that Real haven't left the defunct Superleague yet and are still defending it we have, or so we have been told
  6. European Super League

    You missed this one from last month then ! 10s of millions of euros to pay back FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will be forced to pay back illegal state aid
  7. European Super League

    At the Arsenal fan forum taking place Josh Kroenke confirmed that there is a £8millon fee for leaving, That was money well spent, Nevermind Tammy and Tomoris sale can cover it. . .
  8. European Super League

    Not really at odds with the points that you and Paul make it is a grey area. My main point was if any punishment was passed on and the relevant clubs disagreed in which court would the appeal take place ? To some degree there has already been retribution. The clubs involved are a busted flush, Literally in most cases as the Debt problem this adventure was designed cure has vanished , still leaving the debts The Clubs involved have resigned or are being removed from all committees, on the PL and UEFA (FA very quiet ) They have no credibility with other clubs they will have to work with if not outright hostility, Some The "Legacy fans" will never be convinced by the current ownerships, Same with some of the Players, Squad harmony can be a fragile thing and player not involved in discussions in the new venture that stars the errrr Players may have lasting concequences for some. Something will need to be seen to done by officialdome but I do think most of the damage has already taken place
  9. European Super League

    Illegal on Cartel ground ? ye gods you have watching too many B movies, I wonder why no one has ever gone down this route before.
  10. European Super League

    Nothing to worry about then ?
  11. European Super League

    As I have work to do you will have to use Premier league rule L9 The FA and UEFA have Rules stating the same. have not got time to look just now The formation of the Super league breaches this.
  12. European Super League

    I'm curious about this, As you are not the 1st to mention Legal action, I would ask In which court ? If the Super 12 were so sure on winning then Then why did it collapse when there was a push back ? The Spanish court ruled that the Superleague could go Ahead 2 days ago it has no juristriction outside Spain. The supreme court only has juristiction in the UK, And as brexit saga established Parliment is Soverign, If the Govt whishes to do so it can enact legislation doing what it wants. If they say FA rules are sacrosanct regarding football thats it. The European Comission wont touch it is as they have previous form delegating responsibility and have no juristriction in the UK see "Disputes regarding the governance of the sport, can usually be best handled by relevant arbitration bodies and national courts rather than by the European Commission," Whats left, ? The Court of arbitration for sport, They arbitrate sporting disputes, If FA and UEFA have been broken, and the establisment of a breakaway looks like that they have then whats the point in protesting ?
  13. European Super League

    What the club should have released, possibly “This was a very difficult decision for the Club, not least because I have an excellent personal relationship with Jose ? Frank Carlo Ah Thank you Marina, Bruce yes that’s it Bruce and I have the utmost respect for him. And his unswerving Dog like devotion to being my Fall guy When the Peasants fail to see what good for them. “He is a man of no great integrity and has apparently the highest of a work etheic- Ehtick Pah !Whatever the Stupid English word with no Russian translation is . However, under current circumstances we I believe it is best to change . “On behalf of everyone at the Club Me, the Board Me and personally, I Me again would like to thank ummm Bruce for his Scheming work as and wish him every success in the future. He was an unimportant important icon of this Plaything club and his status here remains mostly diminished by the ungrateful peasants bastards .undiminished He will always be warmly welcomed back at Stamford Bridge.” Under the cover of darkness with no press or public about. Marina MARINA put Petr down and get this press release out
  14. Chelsea 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 0

    As you wish Nope can't have that, Selling England by the Pound was the best Genesis With Gabriel The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway was a better Live show. Post Garbiel Have a stong liking of Trick of The Tail, Then lets say they were somewhat overexposed. Gabriel Games without Frontiers ws good then reduced to Backing Kate Bush for exposure, Then the opposite of Collins/Genesis mostly underexposed Not A great fan am I The Match ? What Match
  15. European Super League

    Agnelli resigns. . . More satisfaction