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  1. This was brilliant! Fabregas gets the MotM because of his decisiveness, but how good was Kanté?? Has clearly upped his game in the last couple of games. Even more impressive performance given he played with the less defensively capable Fabregas. The preferred duo going forward? Azpi and Pedro at their reliably brilliant usual. They are just perfect fits for this formation. I would say Azpilicueta is the first name on the EPL team of the year sheet. Miles ahead any RB (or RCB) in this league. Costa and Hazard were good, and slightly better than their current form curve. Positive, but hopefully they will both raise their game even further. We need that. A little underwhelmed by Moses lately. Has for sure dropped in performance levels compared to when he was flying a couple of months ago. Will for sure be interesting to see what kind of competition Conte will add at RWB in the summer. Alonso and Cahill with a usual consistent performance. Great header by Llorente, really impressive. But a 100 % focused Courtois would have saved it. Not blaming him, but that would never have gone in had it been a CL final. I can really picture Llorente coming here in the summer though. Michy for sure will go on loan, and we need someone who can play the complete forward role in place of Costa. While we bulk up with loan army players, experience is needed.
  2. Impressed by Fabregas this season. Has gone from being a complete stranger to a vital contributor. He is one of only three players currently giving real competition to our first XI. I'd say Matic and him is a 70-30. Pedro vs Willian is a 60-40. And on recent showings, Aké is the third player giving both Alonso and Cahill at least a 20-80. But, problem: these are the only three players we have that I think Conte is more than happy to let start in the PL. Then, we have Terry, Chalobah, Zouma who are squad players. Giving depth, but at the moment quite a significant drop in quality. And then we have the last men standing: RLC, Kenedy, Batshuayi, Aina, Musonda - players Conte would find creative solutions to instead of starting (e.g., false nine instead of Michy). They are barely squad players. While we have 11 subs for 10 outfield positions, what we need to do is to replace the five players in the "last man standing group" with five first team players. Players like Pedro, Moses, Alonso, Matic, Cahill should be pushed further by upgrades on themselves. That is the only way we can fight for PL and CL next season. Massive changes in the summer awaits.
  3. For sure. Muller is a great striker, but Lukaku is proven in the PL and his strength is linking up and exploiting space on the break. And if there is one player we could sign we would know for sure would put in whatever it takes to become a success, my money would always be on him.
  4. I have heard from several sources (including Dan Levene) that the club wanted Bamford to do another season in the Championship after his Boro season. But Bamford insisted on trying his luck in the PL. Also, they advised him to drop down a level when things did not work out last season, but Bamford rejected. Always easy to blame the club, and who knows what is true or not here, but when you so massively underachieve at three different PL clubs in a row, the player surely has to take more than part of the blame too.
  5. This. What Conte has done with us this season shows how set up he is for success. He is religious to his philosophy but agnostic to how it is executed, whereas Pep has too much pride for his vision that he cannot adapt. Just look at his decision to get rid of Hart and go all in on Bravo! What an absolutely horrible signing. But is Pep going to drop him after a string of bad performances and look a fool for doing so? Of course not. Would Conte? You bet, because his approach allows him to. When all of Pep's success is built upon having the best players around to huff and puff lesser opponents, coming to the way more competitive PL would always be difficult.
  6. I think we will sign one player this transfer window. It won't be a LWB now that Aké is here. Same goes for RWB unless top priority players become available. Ivanovic seems to be Conte's replacement for Moses for the rest of the season, and Pedro has also proven himself as a more attacking option. We also have Aina and versatile players like Willian and Azpi who could do a job - especially the latter now that Zouma is back in action. It won't be a CM, mainly because it is the most important and most difficult role to fill - and his targets are not available in January. No point in buying squad fillers, since both Fabregas and Chalobah have proven themselves capable in recent weeks, and Aké has added extra depth. It won't be an AM. He recently said that he absolutely wanted to keep Ruben, and he duly impressed against Peterborough in that position. Suits him way more than the secondary striker stuff he was told to do earlier on. Musonda may be another loan army inclusion, but I suspect he will be going out on loan again unless Conte is mesmerised in training. In attack, that's where it will happen. Llorente is a much more like for like replacement for Costa than Batshuayi is, and perhaps ever will be. Intelligent, great technique and hold up play, a duel player and good defensively. Lacks Costa's pace, but gives a lot in terms of the role our CF is playing. Getting him on loan or an 18 month contract clearly makes sense, because Bathusayi is in dire need of game time. And to be honest, from what I have seen of Llorente, it is an upgrade short-term and increases our chances of winning the title. All in all, January was never going to be the splash the cash window. Conte has had success working with the players at his disposal, and making too many changes to the record breaking side he has at his disposal is not a wise move. He will rather wait until the summer to spend big when his preferred targets become available. Now it is about making those tweaks to make sure he sets himself in a slightly better position to win the league.
  7. Wow. Either you are still hangover or irony stopped working in 2017.
  8. No, but Matic is crap, we have never been able to press and everything went downhill at the club when Ramires left one year ago.
  9. Has to be the first time.
  10. Really hard to choose over Willian and Pedro. Willian's confidence after two goals says he should play. But Pedro's legs will be fresher after his rest. Tactically, I would think Pedro is best at keeping his position and press when Tottenham will go hard at us in the beginning of the match, and Willian is better at exploiting gaps on the counter when their legs tire. I would go with Pedro, but it really is a tough one.
  11. Agree with this. Letting go of JT and bringing back both Aké and Christensen would for sure be an upgrade. Three young center backs pushing the three more experienced. A great way to deal with the generation switch. I think Aké could do very well as a CM in 3-4-3, so his versatility may help us too.
  12. Very good post. It is highly likely that Christensen will be part of that squad, and if Aké continues his form he may very well be another loan inclusion. We currently have one of the best PL defences in years, and with potential added to the current experience, I don't expect money to be spent at CB in the summer. With Champions League football next season we need a much bigger squad than the one we have now. Quality and depth needs to be added, and the ones coming in must be top performers in the roles Conte are going to play them in. Buying "names" won't happen unless they fit our system. We can spend 50mp on Verratti and 0 on Lichtsteiner the next day. Conte will try to get the players he knows will perform. We lack two wing-backs, two central midfielders (when Cesc leaves in the summer) and two more players for the front three positions. That is six new players, in addition to Christensen and (possibly) Aké. Of these six, I can se 1 or maximum 2 to be loan/youth players. Depending on how they perform in the second half of the season, I see Aina (who you forgot), Baker, Musonda and Kenedy as those with an opportunity to be the 1 or 2 that is part of the squad next season. That still leaves us with 4-5 signings in the next two windows. And I don't expect Conte to be able to pull off his preferred ones in January, so summer is going to be busy.
  13. Aha, got it! I am not worried though. Conte is a sensible man. Nobody can question either his purchases or ability to improve "average" players. January is a difficult window, and the new recruits may very well be the likes of Kenedy and Musonda. Summer will be when he can really put his foot print on the squad.
  14. If we play 3-4-3, I would definitely have my money on him playing as AM over CF. But sure, I can also see him as a CF/SS in a front two. Going forward, I guess he needs to score and assist a little more regularly - 10 goals and 10 assists for the season would for sure have him as a top CH attacking midfielder. I see it as a challenge for him to take that next step to PL football unless Huddersfield are promoted. Very few of the mid/bottom-table teams risk playing with an opportunistic young attacking midfielder. Especially one with no resell value for them. Germany or Spain are probably better next destinations.
  15. Great video compilation of some Kasey Palmer highlights so far for Huddersfield. No doubt he is a great prospect too, and could easily see him in AM position behind the center forward. Very direct, great technique and dribbling, some decent forward passes into space, an eye for goal and a bit spectacular/opportunistic. A Pedro Hazard crossover? Has 14 starts and 7 subs so far this season, with 4 goals and 3 assists. Has been starting more and more frequently, and seems to be a regular now. If he can help Huddersfield to promotion, he will surely continue his development in the PL next season.