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  1. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Think it depends who is the manager (Sarri or Lampard?) and how big of a success Higuain proves to be.
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Hopefully we will see Sarri using his squad over the next couple of games. Let’s him evaluate who is ready for City and Spurs. Against United: Kepa - Zappacosta, Rudiger, Christensen, Alonso - Kanté, Jorginho, RLC - CHO, Higuain, Hazard Against Malmö: Kepa - Azpilicueta, Luiz, Christensen, Emerson - Ampadu, Kovacic, Barkley - Pedro, Giroud, Willian Christensen only outfield player to get three starts in last three, as he needs it. Will hopefully see a motivated squad, given there is genuine competition for a lit of places before a final and a London derby that everyone in the squad will be desperate to start in. Not worried about exiting the FA Cup at this point, we have more important things to focus on, and EL progression should be nailed on with that lineup.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agreed. Too many stories and too much fuss for me. There is probably a reason why no club activated his 100m buyout last summer after he had scored 29 serie a goals. And for me I am always skeptical towards CFs that scores a lot while their team is underperforming.
  4. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    No need to field a B team here. Europa League of highest priority, and it should rather be the FA cup we cut this year. Really want to see Hazard Higuain hudson-odoi up front. Away goals critical. That being said, Willian often scores in games like this against weaker opposition. Shame with RLC. Really worried his back injuries will mess with his career. Think Sarri was ready to have him as his first choice #8 at the time he first got injured. Kepa Azpi Rudiger Christensen Emerson Kanté Jorginho Kovacic Hazard Higuain Hudson-Odoi
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Top class. Remember us trailing 0-1 to Bolton at the Bridge, when Eidur came on at HT in midfield and we ended up winning 5-1. One of the best halves I have ever seen us play.
  6. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    PL competition has never been higher and our financial position has not been weaker since pre Roman. Our only competitive adventage is the academy, and if we want any sort of long term success we need to make use of it. Not only promote a couple of them to squad player roles, but use it as our main recruitment channel. It will build a club culture that we can rely on and bounce back from when times are tough. That is the essence of things. That is what won us titles 2005-15. Terry, Lampard, Cech, Drogba, Cole. They were our culture. They were our sustianed success. Any chance of reaching the highs of that decade simply demands a cultural change. And making use of our world class academy simply is the main tool for that. Therefore, I can’t see many better options than Lampard and Morris.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think the main reason we did not sell Willian in the summer was because of Hazard. He gets on very well with him both on and off the pitch. This summer it will all be different, and I think we will and shall accept if someone bid over 40m. Pulisic is his direct replacement, and I do not think it will take him long to surpass Willian’s contribution level. Hazard will need replacing, and the answer is not CHO. Way too early. And if we move him past Pedro in the hierarchy, from AM4 to AM3, that should be a good way of guaranteeing him the football he wants, and thus get him to sign an extension. Would imply going from around 1000 to roughly 2000-2500 minutes per season. That is a lot for a 19 yo at Chelsea. So if Hazard and Willian goes, we will have up to 150m to spend on a new world class LW/AM. That basically gets us every realistic target in the world.
  8. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    They will reschedule it for Monday, so it falls on the exact date. And yes, we will be villains. Again. The only question is: will it be Salah or Henderson that slips this time.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Regardless of how ready you think CHO is to start important games, Hazard leaving makes getting CHO to stay even more important. But to not replace Hazard and give that responsibility to an 18 year old is a risk Chelsea will and shall not take. The best option out there, who at the same time seems attainable, is Coutinho. To replace Hazard, we need to replace his goals and assists. Someone who takes the ball and creates magic. That is the kind of player we need. I put Eriksen in the same category, but even if he has one year left, Levy will never sell to us. Isco has been mentioned, but when has he been world class for a sustained period of time? Coutinho had 38 goals+assists in his last 50 PL games. He is turning 27 in the summer, broke through rather late, so should enter the prime of his career. After a failed time at Barca, surely will be eager to prove himself. Questions can be raised against his mentality - why did he not succeed at Barca? But all in all I do not think there are better options out there. It is a plus that he can play either LCM or LW in Sarri’s system, so would not «lock» down either of those positions, making the pathway easier and responsibility more manageable for both RLC and CHO. If Hazard goes for the quoted 100m, that should be able to fund most if not all of Coutinho who went for 120m 18 months ago. Any other solutions to the problem of replacing Hazard?
  10. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    The best #8 to capitalise on the counter is RLC. He should start this game. Think Pedro gets the nod over Willian on the right, since he is better defensively and also good on the counter. Sarri’s record against the top teams does not fill one with confidence, the win at home was rather fortunate. Need a miracle performance. We are capable though, and hopefully a week’s focus, now that all the transfer speculation is over and we bounced back with 5-0, gives us good preparation. Massive month coming up also with City x2, Man United and Spurs + Malmö x2. It seems obvious to me we should not go full string against United in the FA cup. Won it last year, and already in a cup final. Need to prioritise. CL qualification all that matters at this point.
  11. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    One thing is his ability, another is his confidence. He dares to let the ball roll past him before shooting on 1-0, where Morata would have taken a touch and gotten an impossible angle. He punches in the air in front of the fans. He applauds a terrible Willian cross towards him, because he tried. His body language says give me the ball. This confidence is infectious, and that is the main thing. Just like Morata’s was infectious in thw opposite way. He will continue to score as we go on, and he makes the team better as well.
  12. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Not the point. They cost a fortune but did not improve us at all. Chalobah and RLC would have done no worse than Baka and Drinkwater. Morata did a lot worse than Costa. Zappacosta probably an improvenent on Aina, but still far way being value for money. My point remains that it was an atrocious window. Two years on they will all be gone and have recorded a loss for us. 150 could have been spent so much better.
  13. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    Thank you. This is spot on. «Get it out to the winger so he can cross it in.» It is like saying you want Big Sam to be our next manager.
  14. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    I am angered by our recent form and not too impressed by our football overall under Sarri, but I have to say I live having a manager who takes clear stand points and says what he actually means. Conte deviated from saying anything concrete and Jose was all bull snd only mind games. For me, that at least is refreshing. And I think gives him a better chance of turning things around. Open and clear messages, is leadership I believe in.