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  1. Hazard definitely deserved that. Difficult to compare so different players. They have both been fantastic, and both deserve recognition. It would be harsh on Hazard if Kante won all the awards.
  2. It is not like the club is starting work now. Transfers are continuous work. I expect us to be in advanced talks with a lot of players. Lukaku, Bakayoko and van Dijk for sure + a few we don't know. Not necessarily because Conte has identified them as his top priorities, but because they are likely to move in the summer, are quality players and we need to have a good position in the market when things start to move. Conte will probably use the next couple of days to finish his strategy and list of what type of players he needs for next season. I guess we all know that list is going to be extensive. Very interesting summer coming up!
  3. I think most Chelsea fans hope that Costa is staying. Yes, he tailed off after christmas, but overall had a very, very good season. You raise some points over his form in Europe, although I think that is more of a coincidence. In his last season for Atletico he bagged 8 CL goals. And I think we needs another CF to help take the burden off Costa. This season, he started almost every game and never got subbed (unless we were leading by a lot). Playing with the energy levels of his, it is not exactly surprising that he did not manage to sustain his world class form for 45 games straight. But I agree only to some extent that w should cash in on him if he does not sign a new contract. 70m for a 28 year old is a lot. The problem is that CFs are expensive, and if they don't work things go horribly wrong, like with Torres. Changing a 70m CF for another 70 or 100m CF involves a lot more risk than "he is banging in goals for them, so is gonna do the same for us". That is why my preferred solution is that we bring in another top CF that can help take the burden off Costa. Someone like Morata would do. 25-35 starts each and a lot of sub appearances should keep them both fresh and content/competitive. Lets us continue with 3-4-3 and if we also bring in an AM like Sanchez we can use him as that third option.
  4. For sure. I think we will spend massively this summer. Just seemed like people thought we suddenly were going to spend even more because of the prize and TV money. A lot of that are already budgeted.
  5. Important to remember that these funds are not bonus money we can spend on new players. The club have already included a large chunk of that in their budget for the year. Clearly, there will be more money available this summer, but it is not like this is "new money" the club just can play with.
  6. Oh, they do want to sell him. Two years left and Lukaku stating he will not sign a new contract effectively means that either they sell him this summer, or they have absolutely no negotiation power next summer. 100m is of course way more than any club will pay. Considering Lukaku has had an even better season, at least in terms of goals, his value has increased slightly. But Everton's bargaining situation is a lot worse than 12 months ago. So the price should not be any higher than what they demanded one year ago, which was 65m or something?
  7. Just take a look at this:
  8. Arsenal does not stand a chance against us. Koscielny suspended and Gabriel and Mustafi are big doubts doubt. Mertesacker, who has not played for months and the unproven Holding in central defence? Their only chance is Anthony Taylor, who is one of the worst referees in the league.
  9. Lukaku in a 3-4-3 is not worth close to 100m. In a 4-2-4 or 3-5-2, it is easier to picture him having success, although 100m will always be over the top. But if we buy him, and change formation, I really hope we do that because Conte wants to change formation, and not because Emenalo only wanted to give him Lukaku and then Conte had to. At the end of the game Yesterday, it was pretty clear that Batsuhayi played up front, with Pedro playing off him. Willian had dropped deeper, and it looked like he was playing on the left of the three with Fabregas deep and Kante right. 20 minutes in a dead rubber game should of course not be taken as an indication to what Conte wants to do, but it can give us an idea of what is possible to do with our current players at least. Costa, despite what some short-term memory fans think, has been absolutely brilliant in 3-4-3. Leading the line like he does - very few CFs are capable of that. If he leaves, we should prioritise buying a like for like. But is that realistic? Aubemeyang perhaps. Maybe our only option is to switch to 3-5-2 if Costa leaves. But where does that leave Hazard, Pedro and Willian? Hazard and Pedro to play up top? And Willian as a box to box midfielder? Fingers crossed that we manage to keep Costa. Reports today that we are after Lukaku and not Morata, and that we are undecided on Batshuayi. But I guess the "exclusive reports" will vary a lot during the next week. Very intrigued to find out what plans Conte has for us next season. Surely, JT knows a lot more than most of us do, and as he said after the match Yesterday: "I will be very surprised if we don't bring in 5-6 top, top players".
  10. Thank you is not enough. Nobody will ever come close to what he has achieved at this club as a player. He was one of the world's best defenders for, I guess a decade, and won absolutely everything he could win at club level - for Chelsea. More than one trophy on average per year. Will never be replicated. But for me it is the person we are going to miss the most. The way he picked himself up when he had a hard time. That goal against Burnley. How, instead of complaining when the FSW benched him, he dug deep and rose to new absolute highs the seasons after. Or when he helped us when we needed the most. That goal against Barcelona. How he sacrificed himself. Head first into boots, and that Diaby situation in the LC final. And the winning mentality he has carried on through his entire career has for sure influenced many of his team mates. His support for the youth team. Just how he wore that captain's armband with so much pride. Every time. How he has grown over the years. He for sure had a few episodes he has regretted, we all know that. But we also know that we all do. A media that has always been after him has never been met by a bitter man. Calm, respectful but yet straight-forward and clear whenever asked difficult questions. And Chelsea first, always. JT is one of us, and he is the most successful player in PL history. A captain any club will envy us for. They will never admit it, but they do. The day would always come. No player plays forever. But we should all be thankful for seeing a Chelsea boy lead us to glory and success for almost twenty years.
  11. Wow. That "article" is absurd and an absolute farce. Would be taken down/convicted (don't know what to call it) in the Association of free Press in the country where I come from, and probably in most developed countries too. This is not journalism. Either you write an opinion article where you argue for any bold statement, and express views from both sides. But this is reported as news, just with extremely opinionated formulations. It is as far away from journalism as you can come. It makes Breitbart look like the New York Times.
  12. First of all, what I obviously I agree with you on is that Conte's system of preference will affect what players we bring in and in which areas we spend big. What Conte has built here so far is this: a very good first XI playing 3-4-3 very effectively and of PL Champion quality. So even though I wouldn't be surprised to see him pull a trick, the most likely scenario is to further build on 3-4-3. The problem this season is that Conte only has 12 outfield players he trusts to start important games. Then we have two young players who seems to gradually grow into the squad and Conte's trust, and who I expect to get slightly more influential roles next season (Aké and Chalobah). The rest of our squad is either in development (RLC, Aina, Kenedy), square pegs for round holes (Batshuayi, Zouma) or not good enough (JT, sadly). These six players are offering the depth we want, but not the quality we need. And neither will be here next season. Next season will demand us playing 15+ more games, and even more importantly: we need our best players to be on top at the end of the season to challenge for the CL. That means: 1) We need at least 6 new outfield players to add to our current 14. 2) We must rotate more. Not only in domestic cups, but in "easier" PL games as well. The problem in the PL is that no game is easy. So when you add 1+2, it means that the players we shall bring in has to be players that allow us to rest Kanté and Hazard for Swansea at home. It means that we should aim to strengthen the first X1, not aim to strengthen our squad players. The way Conte talks about strengthening for next season, is an indication he is thinking the same. If we assume Christensen is coming back, I suggest we go out and buy 5 top players: 1 CF, 1 AM, 1 CM, 1 LWB and 1 RWB or CB depending on where Azpi will play next season. To illustrate an example: Morata, Sanchez, Verratti, Mendy and van Dijk will cost around 250mp, which is not unrealistic given many sources mention Roman will provide a 200mp budget and we can easily sell players for 50mp+. A squad like this is a massive improvement in quality and depth, and should let Conte rotate properly to make sure we are not jaded Mourinho-style when we approach the final stages of the season: van Dijk/Christensen - Luiz - Cahill/Aké Azpi/Moses - Kanté/Matic/Chalobah - Verratti/Fabregas - Alonso/Mendy Sanchez/Pedro - Costa/Morata - Hazard/Willian
  13. You really fail to get the point. Of course we can include a bunch of youth/academy players in the squad, but if they won't play a lot, what's the point? They will be better off going on loan. An important factor to consider is timing. The timing was perfect for Chalobah last year, it is not at all this year for Baker. And despite a very decent season in Holland at 22, I would compare it to what MvG had at 20 the summer he signed for us. Baker is not going to come in and strengthen us at this point, and we don't need another "body". It is a lot better for Baker if he takes another step on loan, rather than come in when the timing is bad. And your last paragraph does not make any sense. You are basically saying exactly what I was saying (1. bring in a top class CM, 2. send Baker on a new loan, 3. Chalobah to continue to contribute), right after you claimed my post was nonsense. Hungover?
  14. Come on. I wrote "nowhere". He played less for Napoli than he did for us. One year ago, most people thought he would never even play a game for us. He is not easily good enough. He can be if he works hard and takes his time.
  15. Sorry boys. We should improve our squad to be able to challenge for the CL also. Do you really think we should give that responsibility to Chalobah and Baker? I am all for giving youth a chance, but winning trophies shall and will always be the main objective for this club. Chalobah came from "nowhere" and did well, but he will not start an away knock out tie in the CL next season. We need to strengthen with players that leave Matic and Fabregas on the bench. Chalobah should take his time, and build on the confidence he surely must have gotten after this season. He should be able to get 5-10 more appearances and a couple in the CL next season to further cement himself. Matic has done well, but I can see him leaving after next season making way for Chalobah - if he continues to build on his decent (nothing more!) season here. I think Baker needs a season on loan to further prove himself at PL level. Now is just not the right timing. Fabregas is one of my absolute favourites, but he is going to play the utility role next season also. And with two years left on his contract you can perhaps hope that Baker can replace him in a couple of years. I think people have too high expectations to what our youth prospects can become. Many seem to think that it is either becoming the next JT, or bust. Pipe dreams. I think the aims should be to try and make decent players. If we can refrain from spending on Merieles, Kalou, Bosingwa etc but instead have a few academy players complementing a spine of world-class players, that would be absolutely fantastic. Chalobah, Baker, Abraham etc are all showing tremendous potential, but let them become decent players for us, before we try and see if they can become new club legends. That's what we did with JT ...