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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Regardless of how ready you think CHO is to start important games, Hazard leaving makes getting CHO to stay even more important. But to not replace Hazard and give that responsibility to an 18 year old is a risk Chelsea will and shall not take. The best option out there, who at the same time seems attainable, is Coutinho. To replace Hazard, we need to replace his goals and assists. Someone who takes the ball and creates magic. That is the kind of player we need. I put Eriksen in the same category, but even if he has one year left, Levy will never sell to us. Isco has been mentioned, but when has he been world class for a sustained period of time? Coutinho had 38 goals+assists in his last 50 PL games. He is turning 27 in the summer, broke through rather late, so should enter the prime of his career. After a failed time at Barca, surely will be eager to prove himself. Questions can be raised against his mentality - why did he not succeed at Barca? But all in all I do not think there are better options out there. It is a plus that he can play either LCM or LW in Sarri’s system, so would not «lock» down either of those positions, making the pathway easier and responsibility more manageable for both RLC and CHO. If Hazard goes for the quoted 100m, that should be able to fund most if not all of Coutinho who went for 120m 18 months ago. Any other solutions to the problem of replacing Hazard?
  2. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Not the point. They cost a fortune but did not improve us at all. Chalobah and RLC would have done no worse than Baka and Drinkwater. Morata did a lot worse than Costa. Zappacosta probably an improvenent on Aina, but still far way being value for money. My point remains that it was an atrocious window. Two years on they will all be gone and have recorded a loss for us. 150 could have been spent so much better.
  3. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Good for him, Milan and us (we are likely to recoup what we spent on him). Still a mistake signing him in the first place though. Where would RLC be today if he got Bakayoko’s minutes last season? What a terrible, terrible summer that was. Morata, Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Zappacosta. More than 150mp on failed players.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    For me, Ampadu’s best role in Sarri’s team at the moment is being Kanté back-up. Also similar to his role for Wales. He may be a CB down the road, but not now. It also makes sense from a squad perspective to have Cahill as CB4 and Ampadu as CM6, effectively giving us exactly two players per position.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think everything is pointing towards Hazard leaving at this point. We would need to replace him with a world class creative player. And have been linked to Eriksen, Coutinho, Isco. Who would be best for us?
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we prolong Higuain's loan in the summer, then it certainly means he has clicked and will be CF1 for next season. Then the only thing that makes sense is to bring back Tammy as CF2. Think that is the right next step for him after a season of likely 25-30 CH goals. With Higuain's age to consider, he should certainly see a back up role as a huge opportunity. Perfect timing imo.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good decision by the club to reject the offer and refuse to be pushed. Actually it is a no-brainer. If he plays more and showcases his talent he will be even more sought-after and should be even more convinced to stay. So price unlikely to drop and player more inclined to sign a new contract. We may even be in a position to reject Bayern again in the summer, given they HAVE to sign replacements for Robben and Ribery. In 12 months time CHO is likely to have played a lot of games here, and Bayern will certainly have bought a quality AM. Then CHO would be crazy to sign for them over us. Obviously, other clubs can join the race and CHO can go on strike, but all in all we hold much better cards than the media make it out to be. But Sarri will certainly have to play him now. Wonder what message he gets from the board.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    History aside, which is rather irrelevant on an individual level, there is nothing to suggest he will end up there. On course for 1000+ mins this season is a first time for a teenager at Chelsea since Terry, and remember CHO just recently turned 18. And 70k a week contract offer more than suggest he is getting special treatment here. He was about to break into the side this month. Unique opportunity. Should focus on his football. Instead his agents are playing a game about his future. Not my cup of tea.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    On Kovacic, anyone expect us to try and make the deal permanent? For me it is a clear no go. Skillful player, but not what we need. Harshly said, he is Oscar without the goals. Both Mount and RLC fit Sarri’s system better, and money will be better spent on a CF, CB or LB, and if we are to spend big on a CM then it certainly has to be someone bigger than Jorginho and Kanté!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Higuain and Morata should be done soon hopefully. Then we have Cahill (Fulham?) and Moses (Fenerbache/Palace?), who are completely out of contention and hopefully off asap. Not sure what Drinkwater’s plan is? His agent should be all over the place trying to save his career. Unusually quiet. Is there something below the surface here? Personal issues?
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, yes and yes. Why did Azpi assist so many Morata goals? Was it because he is our best crosser (by some distance), or because he was the only one who thought it might be a good idea to hit balls to Morata?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Playing under Gattuso vs playing under Sarri is as similar as Guardiola and Conte. CF is key to any possession based team. I would focus less on stats and more on what Higuain can bring to the team in terms of qualities, as he imo is a player that will both create space for himself and the other attacking players when he is deployed in our possession based and short passing football. Less reliant on pace, more reliant on ball control, dribbling and a calm and quick football brain. And if you want to look at stats it is totally opportunistic to exclude this: in the one season Higuain played under Sarri, he scored a career high 36 league goals, 9 higher than his second best. If he only scored half of that, he would get us top 4 with ease.
  13. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Of the 2019 contingent, only Luiz should sign a new deal and if not we will be able to replace him. Not really worried about losing the others. As for the 2020 contracts, much has been written about both Hazard and CHO, and that is the big and only worry for me. Absolutely need to tie them both down to new long term deals. If Pedro wants to prolong his stay beyond 2020, we will have no trouble extending it. Something may happen on Willian’s front this summer (new contract or sale), but if we keep Eden and CHO + have Pulisic I am not worried about losing him in 18 months either. If Hazard, CHO and Luiz extends, Higuain passes his medical and we get Paredes over the line as well, I am not really worried about the summer transfer window. In terms of depth, let’s stop this Zappacosta and Drinkwater nonsense. We have some fantastic talent that someone so self-proclaimed «I am a coach who works with my players» as Sarri should be all over. Reece James is the stand-out on loan player and it is a no-brainer to let him succeed Zappacosta as Azpi’s back-up. And both Mount and Abraham are good enough to have a similar role in our squad. 15-20 starts in a 60 game season could be a good and right next step for them after impressive seasons in the CH. Kepa, Bulka, Blackman Azpi, James Luiz, Christensen Rudiger, Ampadu Emerson, Alonso Kanté, Barkley Jorginho, Paredes RLC, Mount Pulisic, Willian, Pedro Higuain, Abraham Hazard, CHO It is probably not a title challenging squad next season. But it has some world class players and some hugely promising young players with deep Chelsea roots, and if we try to go in this direction I think we have better chance of sustained competitiveness over the next 5 years than following the same path we have done up until this point.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wow, people think Higuain is no better than Morata? Haha! One thing is the general version of Higuain, another thing is Higuain in Sarri’s team. He will fill the #9 shirt like nobody has done since JFH, and he will score and assist a lot of goals. I dont expect him to be up there competing with Kane for top scorer, but he for sure will hit around 20 league goals per season. And people slagging him off because of his age are just as deluded as the ones saying CHO is too young to play. Look no further than Zlatan, Shearer, Drogba, Cavani or van Nistelrooy for examples of top European CFs that had some of their best years in their early thirties. The list is probably a lot longer. So many people will have to eat their words. He is proven, and he will prove you wrong.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Piatek is the flavour of the month for me. Another Belotti. Plus, how well would his goal celebration fare with the English press? It will be a blood bath.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course they dont want him back for 20/21, but nobody wants to buy him! So their hands are tied, and loan deals is what they will have to take. Because there is absolutely no chance Milan is taking up the buy option in the summer, especially now they are trying to sign Piatek.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I dont believe that is true. In fact, one of the Milan bosses (was it Leonardo) said a couple of days ago that if they did not qualify for CL they could not buy him, due to FFP. And Milan’s reluctance to buy him is of course making Juve eager to prolong his loan somewhere else. I agree an obligation to buy changes everything, but as I said it seems more likely to be an option, and then Juve are full of incentives to get an 18 minth loan with us.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    You are wrong. Milan only have agreed to a one year loan at 14m-ish loan fee. The option to buy will most likely not be activated, so Higuain will then return to Juve in the summer. Here, they get to prolong his loan by another year. It is Juve who over-committed on Higuain, as they no longer want him, and if they can finance his costs another 12 months they will be happy. What happens the last 12 months of his contract really depends on how much of a success he will be here, but Juve will have to accept the scenario that he returns for his final contract year.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Higuain loan deal for 18 months with option to buy edging close according to multiple Italian media/journalists. 22m loan fee for 1.5y + wages. While Morata looks to seal a 45m deal to Atletico (structured as six month loan with option to buy). 13m lower than what he cost, but we do not need to record a loss as his fee has been amortised with 30 % already. In terms of book value/cost, Higuain (21.8m/y) will be slightly more expensive than Morata (19.6m/y), given both players are rumoured to be at around 150k in wages. While not the long term deal everyone would have wanted, this is probably the best short term deal we can do at the moment, given Sarri’s confidence in and relationship with Higuain and Morata’s struggles. If we can get rid of him without recording a loss, and bring in a CF our manager knows and adores, for the same annual cost, then it sounds like good business to me, given the situation. That is of course Higuain proves to be a good goal scorer for us! A lot of the pressure on Higuain will in fact be on Sarri, as this is HIS signing. Hope we can get it done before Arsenal. Milan apparantly closing in on Piatek, so things can move fast.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be fair, Morata+Griezmann in 4-4-2 is the ideal way to get the best of Morata. Think there is a great player there, but he cannot handle the pressure of being the main striker, and he has lost all the refs in the PL. Seems like a good deal for all involved if you ask me. Let’s see if we can get Atletico to pay.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Icardi is a world class goal scorer, no doubt about that, but he is not world class in build up play or defensive positioning to put it that way. Not sure it is the best match.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Totally. That is the «problem» with untouchables in a system with so specific roles. What quality registas or B2B midfielders would want to be back ups to Jorginho and Kanté? Who thinks they are better than Fabregas? That is why the best solution is a versatile player who can perform multiple roles. And from what I understand, Barella fits that bill. I have only watched YouTube videos and read scout reports, but if it is true that he is both effective as a regista and B2B, then quite clearly this deal makes sense as he effectively is two signings in one. Recommend this read for those who want to learn more about our future player.
  23. Suppose it is financially, and not sportingly motivated. Dortmund did not want to let him go now, and Chelsea wanted it done now. It is a compromise, and one that makes sense long term. Just indicate how much the club wanted this deal. Dortmund are in the title hunt, which bodes well for Pulisic as they will want to play the best players. And whether he plays 500 or 1000 or 1500 minutes in the last half of the season, is not going to have a lot of impact on his development.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Nicolo Barella is looking likely to come in January. Versatile CM option, so will probably deputise both for Kanté and Jorginho. In Sarri’s rigid system, having players who can perform mutliple roles is a big plus. Interesting comments from his manager: Maran spoke positively about Barella’s performance, focusing on the player’s tactical flexibility. “He is extraordinary,” the Cagliari coach said. “I put him as a playmaker in front of the defence towards the end and he didn’t put a foot wrong. He just gets better and better.” This ability to play in any central midfield role illustrates the youngster’s versatility.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think CHO will sign a new contract, and that the «friction» we are experiencing now, is part of a tough negotiation with his agents. They are likely pushing on both money and playing time, but I can’t see us not being able to push this over the line. CHO is the only academy prospect in the front three at the moment, and has been given more chances than any 18 yo before him. Fans love him. And Chelsea is his club and his family is close. Doubt Bayern can give him better guarantees than Chelsea. I think both parties want to sign the deal, and right now we are just in the middle of negotiations. I am positive. What I am not positive about is our big, glaring hole up front. We have three expensive CFs on our books, acquired for around 100m, but neither have the skillset to deliver. We needed a new CF Yesterday. But not many alternatives available. That worries me.