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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    True, but he did not make them look much better.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be fair, it is only a few months since he struggled regularly in the PL. If I were him, I would happy playing well in the CL when it leads to PL clubs fighting for my signature. Being on the up definitivt better than being on the down. Dont think he is frustrated at all.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not so sure. He is highly rated at the club, and by Sarri. He has pace, skill and is tactically strong. If he had better end product he would be world class. Hazard loves playing with him, and that counts to his favor of course. I would personally sell him if we got 35-40m in the summer, but think Pedro will go first. I think an extension for Willian next summer is more likely than a sale. Pedro is the ideal squad player though. The 20m we paid for him was a very good deal imo.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    That looks exciting to me, but will look very young to a manager with a lot of pressure to win. I think it is more likely that we extend Willian with at least one more year and let Pedro see out his contract in 2020 to allow CHO more games. 2019/20: Hazard, Pulisic, Willian, Pedro, (CHO on loan or accepts limited role) 2020/21: Hazard, Pulisic, Willian, CHO, (Pedro's contract expires) All of this given we extend Hazard. If we don't, then everything changes of course.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, as long as he is happy with around 5 starts and 10 sub apps. But that is what he is on course for this season (3+3), and he does not seem too happy with that given his alleged contract rejection. I guess he will be expecting 10-15 starts and 10-15 subs next season, something he will not get with Hazard, Pedro, Willi + Pulisic in front of him.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    While I agree Pulisic is mainly RW and CHO is best as LW, if we go into next season with our current four + Pulisic, then CHO will be AM5 regardless of "main position". That means he will be left out of the squad if everyone is fit. And starts will be few, given the one who is AM4, possibly Pedro, will likely be discontent with lack of game time also. In a regular 60 game season, there will be 120 starts for our wingers. Hazard will/shall get around 45, meaning 75 to be divided between the last 4. With so many big names in front of him, CHO needs to be properly expectations managed going forward. Not against this deal by any means, as Pulisic clearly has huge potential (even if he has a little bit of Willian's frustrating game about him), but to think this deal does not affect the biggest talent our academy has seen in years, is just bollocks. What is good is getting it done early. I guess the ideal scenario now is getting CHO to extend, and allow him a PL loan next season so he can return a more experienced player before the 2020/21 season. By then, Pedro will probably see out his contract and there will be more opportunities for CHO.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wow! Pulisic signing confirmed by Dortmund for 57.6mp. Will arrive in the summer. Edit: From Dortmund's official website, via Google Translate: Borussia Dortmund has agreed with the English Premier League club FC Chelsea on a transfer of the Dortmund offensive player Christian Pulisic with immediate effect. The British in turn lend the player until the end of the current season to BVB. Pulisics change is logically completed until the 2019/2020 season. The transfer fee to be paid by Chelsea for Pulisic, whose BVB contract would have expired at the end of next season, is 64 million euros. A rental fee for the coming half year is not due for BVB. "It was always Christian's dream to play in the Premier League. That certainly has to do with his American background, and as a result we were unable to extend his contract, "says BVB sporting director Michael Zorc. He emphasizes, "Against this background, we have decided to accept an extremely lucrative bid by Chelsea, given the low contract maturity." "Christian Pulisic," Zorc continues, "is a character perfect player. I am sure that in the coming months he will do everything in his power to bring his high quality to the team and to achieve his sporting goals with his team-mates Borussia Dortmund. "
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes. The only way this could make sense is if Pulisic was an ideal Sarri player. I saw someone make this argument due to his extreme acceleration and fearlessness taking players on, while the "only" thing he was lacking was decision making (something that can be developed for a 20 yo). I am not too sure though, and would much rather focus on buying a more complete player (Martial, Zaha, Fekir etc) so that the development focus could be spent on CHO. This does seem like a deal where half the fee is to get an ordinary player (of Zappacosta kind) while the other half is commercially motivated (positioning Chelsea as the main club in USA). Hypothetical question: if our AMs going into next season is Eden, Willian, Pedro, Pulisic, CHO - can we keep all of them happy? CHO is the likeliest casualty here. And he does not seem too patient. What a tragedy it would be if we could not hold on to him. Think it is a shame we did not manage to sell Moses before the window shut (we tried). Because I think Sarri was reluctant to play the youth over proven and senior players in the beginning in order to keep squad morale in balance, even if he considered them better. Just look at pre-season minutes between CHO and Moses, and when it started to matter Moses was suddenly preferred. If CHO had played Moses' competitive minutes this year, then he would have doubled his appearances from 6 to 12, and totaled 500 minutes. For an 18 yo at Chelsea half way into the season, that is remarkable, and possibly the difference between Bayern rumors and signing a new contract. Same way Cahill has taken minutes from Ampadu. Sarri has constantly stated 28 players is too much, and that he wants 25. Moses, Cahill and Drinkwater are the 3 not needed, but CHO and Ampadu have been the ones taking the "cost".
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just saw a video of Anelka in his Blue days, and realised how perfect he would be as CF in Sarri’s system. Crespo and Eidur too.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Losing Fabregas in January is a big blow. Even as a squad player he is irreplacable.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    On Zaha, I think he is just too big for Palace. He is a great footballer who are not allowed to play football because his team is so bad. It is a waste of talent the way it is. Would be a fantastic signing, and if I were Palace and could get 60m for him I would take it. Will give them the opportunity to strengthen the team massively, which is a lot more valuable to them than a star they are not able to capitalise on. While I agree his attitude was poor, this is what you can get with a lot of the top players. It is not enough for me to not want him. In fact, I do not think there are many better signings we could make at the moment. Can slot in both at CF and RW, is proven in the PL and has complete skill and physique to «on paper» work fantastically in Sarri’s system. Drinkwater, Moses, Cahill and 25m that could help them get a new CF? They would be foolish not to take it.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fair enough, that was condecending. So sorry about that. Not worth arguing here.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pointless discussion, but how you can get so agitated from your estimate being 10-15m off my estimate is beyond me. But it does make better sense of your negative, arrogant and miserable character. Football is supposed to be fun, but you somehow manage to turn discussions into a boring fact game where everything is dire and anyone who does not spend 20 hours a week watching Serie A is wrong and knows nothing about anything. Merry Christimas, mate!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Moses, Drinkwater and Cahill not used, wont need replacing and can possibly recoup around 40m in January. Add Zappacosta who can be replaced by Reece James in the summer, and the number is close to 60. This will help us balance the books from the summer (75m net spend), and probably wont finance new players. Before next season, we need a CB, RW and CF. At least. Will cost around 200-250m. We have several on loan players, like Batshuayi, Bakayoko, Zouma, Kenedy, Aina who will never see first team action again. They should be able to recoup 100-110m and can fund our next CF. Then we have Morata and Willian, who can bring in another 80m and with a couple of other loan players like MvG, Kalas, Pasalic etc that will probably be enough to fund the three players. Amapdu, CHO, Mount, James and Abraham must be phased into the first team over the next 1-2 seasons. They are all good enough to be squad players already, and their potential is of at least first team quality. So what we need to do is liquidate our deadweight assets asap, strengthen the first team with world class players and supplement the squad with talented and hungry academy players. Feels like it is not the first time I have said that ...
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think it is equally likely we are after Pulisic, as it is Pulisic’ crew spreading fake news to increase his attractiveness. Higuain makes a lot of sense, and we should have made the deal in the summer. We need goals and a CF like him will make Willian (or whoever is RW) play better too. Good short term option to sort our big problems up front. CHO must be pleased to make him sign a new contract. Play him. Hope Fabregas and Luiz sign extensions. They offer leadership, experience and winning mentality. Morata, Drinkwater, Moses and Cahill to go in January, and Giroud, Zappacosta and perhaps Willian and Barkley in the summer. Also do not see the need to buy Kovacic, skillful but limited output.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be fair, Christensen has himself to blame for not being able to overtake Luiz’ starting spot. It has been there for the taking, but Christensen has been even worse.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Makes sense, good post. There is always January. If we can develop CHO slowly without too much pressure, it is easier to integrate him in half a year when the rest of the team is more robust and stable. Until then, Moses can play a bit part role, and will probably be quite unhappy and ready to move when the window opens.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Still seven CMs for three positions, where three of them is likely to start most games. A bit worried for RLC, maybe the best for him is to go on loan to Serie A or La Liga to try and really stake a claim next season when Cesc’s contract expires, Drinkwater’s time certainly is up and Kovacic not guaranteed to stay either. RLC is not going to do much difference on the bench this season, but he may be first in line next year if he gets himself a decent loan. I do feel that is the best option for him. Also surprised to see Moses still here. Has very little to offer in 4-3-3 and his minutes is much better spent given to CHO. If Tammy has offers from Italy, Spain or Germany he should go, if not he should stay (as 10+10 games for us is worth more to him than a full season in the CH).
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is it just me who is a little underwhelmed by this Fekir fella?
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Could say the same about Morata. They are both top CF, but you have no guarantee they will score goals in our environment. One good season does nor fill me with belief he will be anything else than Morata. For me, the only solution to our huge CF problem is buying a world class CF who scores goals regardless of opposition, form and weather. These players are rare, and the only ones we have a chance of sealing are entering the last stages of their careers. But goals are worth paying for. Imo we should have paid the money for Higuain, and if we want an improvement on the ones we have, then there is either Lewa or Cavani.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Completely disagree. If a player says "I want to sign, but not now", how long are you going to wait and still believe him? For every passing day we lose leverage, and at some point you need to demand more action before it is too late. The club should have given him an ultimatum at the end of the season (the latest), either sign now or we will be bringing in a new number one and sell you. Marina is being reactive instead of proactive in every aspect. The last two summers have seen two uninspiring deadline buys, and we are likely to be in the same situation again. Sarri was identified as our target after the FA cup final, but it took six-seven weeks to conclude the deal for as much money as his buyout clause that expired on June 1. The Courtois situation is just another example of Marina applying the waiting game strategy, which I assume was a successful negotiation strategy in the oil business in Russia, but one that clearly does not fit the purpose of running a top football club. Getting the right deals done trumps minimizing costs per deal, football players are not quantifiable assets. She does not understand that, or that has not been made clear to her by her employer. Either way, we need a change in direction and/or personell at club level.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    I do. Why would we accept to start negotiations so late? Courtois played us, we got fooled, and has no leverage left. It was a cunning move from him saying he was interested in a new contract, but it was foolish believing all the talk and not demanding any action. It is not like us fans did not see it coming. And now Marina is probably focusing her attention on getting maximum from Courtois (who cares if it is 35 or 40 million??) instead of going out and securing our top target. GK situation is a mess, anyone of Oblak, Kepa, Pickford or Schmeichel would do for me. Less optimistic about Butland, CF is even more uncertain than it was a year ago, basically none of our current four CFs are certain to be here come Sep 1. What seems guaranteed though, is that there will be no new CF coming in. Those are our two big issues at the moment. From a first XI perspective, I am not concerned with the other nine, but I am giving Alonso/Emerson the benefit of the doubt there. A new CM or AM is not a must at the moment if all our best players stay, but I would like to see the squad trimmed for deadwood like Cahill, Moses, Bakayoko. Even if they could do a job, there is no need for them in this way of playing football and all parties are better off with a sale. I think pre season was promising (apart from City who we must admit are vastly superior), and we now have key players returning and things should be better when we have had more time to adapt.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Interesting. Definitely not as good as Courtois, and definitely not the best option out there, but still a very good keeper with good distribution that should not cost a fortune and is at a great GK age (31). Arguably at the peak of his career, and his penalty saves in the WC shows he performs on the big occasion. Home-grown and as British a foreigner as you will ever find. Having watched Bulka in pre-season one can hope that he will be ready to take over in a couple of years. If he gets himself a good loan move for a few seasons, he can do to Schmeichel what Courtois did to Cech. Bulka just a few months younger than Courtois was when he left for Atletico the first season.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good post. Agree with everything except Liverpool winning the league. They will never do that again, whole club is a bunch of bottlers. Our first XI is really strong, even if you say there are areas to improve. Courtois Azpi Christensen Rudiger Emerson Kante Jorginho RLC Willian Morata Hazard Tied with City and Pool I will say.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    23 man squad landing in Dublin, from what I can see only change is RLC in for Musonda. And Sarri clearly seems to be in favour of a two man per position squad. Think we can expect that going forward also. Marcin Bulka Willy Caballero Rob Green Davide Zappacosta Cesar Azpilicueta Andreas Christensen Ethan Ampadu David Luiz Toni Rudiger Marcos Alonso Emerson Palmieri Cesc Fabregas Jorginho Tiemoue Bakayoko Ross Barkley Ruben Loftus-Cheek Danny Drinkwater Lucas Piazon Pedro Victor Moses Callum Hudson-Odoi Alvaro Morata Tammy Abraham Those in bold are likely to leave (or loaned) imo, which means that defense is set unless Rugani happens (and can not see Zouma or Cahill return). In CM Kanté will «replace» Drinkwater, and if Baka is sold too, that leaves room for another CM signing. Vecino probably even if the links to SMS is more enthusing. In AM Hazard and Willian will come in for Piazon, and hopefully Moses too as he is not good enough for a forward role and I rather cash in and give that time to CHO. Then there is the GK situation which is still in the balance, where it seems like anything can happen. And of course CF which is my biggest concern where no CF is safe as we might still splash the cash on a new no 9. Assuming status quo on CF and GK, I can not see us being overly active before the window closes (other than a new CM if we manage to sell both Drink and Baka). Not a 5/5 window, but still no reason to panic. Jorginho is a great signing, and keeping hold of Hazard, Kante and Willian who all will thrive under Sarri is a feat we should acknowledge as well. Things have been looking good in pre season even without our best players, and we are in a much better state than both Utd and Spurs atm.