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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Midfield massively upgraded with Jorginho, RLC and possibly Vecino coming in and Bakayoko and Drinkwater hopefully sold. At least 2/3s of our midfield is moulded to perfection in the manager's eyes. The question remains on that number 8 role. I think it is time to give both RLC and Barkley the chance to thrive there, and do not expect us to build the perfect squad in one summer. With those six, we are good. Defense is set with what we have, even if Rugani would be a boost (with Bonucci coming in instead of Caldara he is even further away from their starting XI so could still happen). The worry is the forward line. While I am ok with Hazard, Willian, Pedro and CHO (+ Barkley and/or Moses) for the wide positions, the whole CF situation looks in the balance. Morata, Giroud, Batshuayi, even Abraham - all could leave, all could stay. Very few potential upgrades available. Courtois I suspect is more than 50 % to leave also, and while there is a difference in getting Pickford (unrealistic?) and Schmeichel/Butland, I am not too concerned about this as all of them are PL GK of a high standard. Long-term is another question though.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    According to the Times, the reason we have not been able to make a deal for Rugani is because Juve demanded we bought Higuain instead which we refused.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Especially when you consider RLC and Chalobah could have gotten their minutes instead. And it could not have gotten any worse than 5th place anyway. Suppose those 75mp will give us around 50mp if we (manage to) sell them both now. Shocking piece of business. Just need to sell them quick before their value drops even more.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Matias Vecino talk gathering pace. Know very little about him, but seems to be someone who can play in either of the three CM positions, so maybe more of a squad signing than someone who goes straight into the first XI? By @thecalcioguy Matias Vecino broke out with Maurizio Sarri when he was at Empoli. Box to box midfielder who can play as one of the three or holding mid like he did last season at Inter. Powerful shot from distance, decent passer, energetic and aggressive. Would probably mean Bakayoko and Drinkwater are off as we then would get 6 CMs. Even if this feels a little underwhelming, a little bit like when we signed Meireles, at least it is a player the manager wants.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    10 days left of the transfer window. A lot of players need to be bought and sold in that time for things to look really good ... Let's just look at the scenario that most media/rumours seem to carry. Morata, Willian and Courtois seemingly all want to leave. Which means top class replacements at CF, AM and GK is an absolute priority. That is six deals right there. Then, we are clearly in for (an Italian) CB as well, Rugani or Caldara. Which would mean both Zouma and Cahill's time probably is up. Nine deals so far. We also have Drinkwater and Bakayoko who are ill-suited for Sarri's system, and even if one of them could be kept as CM6 that would not be ideal, and the reports linking us to everything from Vecino to Pjanic and Milinkovic-Savic indicate we are looking at CM as well. Another three deals, twelve in total. Then we also have Moses and Batshuayi who I just do not expect to see much game time if all of the above happens, and whose market values are high enough for us to want to sell them rather than have them on the bench. A possible 14 deals, meaning five transfers and nine sales. Even if some of the sales can be concluded later this month (due to longer transfer window in Europe), there is no doubt Marina is leaving it late. Again.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    All players at the WC were given three weeks off. Now, RLC has returned to Cobham today, one week ahead of schedule. Probably to impress Sarri. This is his chance. Wise move by him. On the other hand, where is Willian? His three week leave ended on Friday, so he really should be back at Cobham today the latest ...
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    We should never accept that deal unless we have some really good replacements lined up. Ideally, they should be even better. Pickford is the only GK that makes sense this window, he is inferior to Courtois but his ball playing ability makes him, in total, almost as capable under Sarri (I hope). I really do not want to lose Willian, and only at the expense of either Zaha or Martial (of the players we have been linked to). We can not replace top class and proven PL players with anything else, a Bailey/Pulisic signing may be great long term but would not replace the quality we lost short term. Even if we got 100m from Madrid, Pickford+Zaha will probably cost 60 each, so in total it is going to cost us to get these players in which arguably weakens our first XI.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Zaha is leaving, we really should launch an audacious bid of Cahill, Drinkwater and Moses +10mp. They would obviously miss him in attack, but the three would be great additions for Hodgson’s honest Palace side. They are really short on numbers too ...
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we fail to buy Higuain, what options do we have at CF? Morata seemingly wants to leave, and his first game under Sarri did not look good. If we can get someone to pay 50+ we should bite their hands off. Could Martial be an option as our CF1? It is his preferred position. Martial, Giroud and one of Morata and Bats (depending on who is easiest to sell)? Also, Courtois situation still unsolved. I think Pickford is the best option out there, either now or next summer. Everton is interested in Batshuayi. Could a deal be done? Rugani seems to be in the balance. But maybe more likely as Juve looking to bring back Bonucci at the expense of Caldara, which effectively means both CB slots are tied down between him and Chiellini next season. If we do not get him, I hope we go with what we have instead of a plan B. We have been linked to Pjanic and M-Savic, but not getting my hopes up. Midfield looks complete with Kanté, Jorginho, Fabregas, RLC, Barkley and one of Baka/Drinks.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    A few interesting things coming out from Italian media on Higuain/Morata. Juventus director Marotta are quoted saying this:‘bonucci-wants-juventus-return’ They clearly want to sell Higuain, so the "it's not easy" part probably means some distance between their asking price and our offer and/or we need to sell Morata for the equivalent before we can make room for Higuain. DI Marzio (usually reliable) is also reporting (together with several other Italian journalists) that Morata has agreed terms with Milan, and that we are negotiating with Milan but demanding 65-70m euros. Surely we will settle for less. It is a deal all parties seem keen to get done, so it really is a sitter if we want it to happen. But nothing is certain when Marina is running the show.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Feel free to trust or not trust any journalist or publication you like, but if you think that everything the media publishes on transfers is fake news then I do not know where to start. If it were so, you would never hear anything about a transfer until it was published on the club's site. We all know clubs and agents feed the press with both true and false information for negotiation purposes. Sadly, 95 % of what is published seems to be made up crap (or quoting already made up crap), but that does not mean that the last 5 % is not worth considering. We have quite clearly been in for Golovin, but someone changed their minds (us or him). Rugani's agent has stated multiple times stated that we are in for him, and given Juventus currently have 5 CBs and trying to re-sign Bonucci, are in need of raising cash to fund Ronaldo, and Rugani was an ever present player under Sarri at Empoli, and Sarri tried to sign him while at Napoli, I think you need to convince me to believe this is just another false media rumor. Whether we will pay his asking price is of course another story.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Golovin on his way to Monaco for a medical according to many sources. Seems like a good player with potential, still not too fussed about it as it surely means we pulled out and we have Barkley and RLC for that position who both excites me. Absolute priority is CF (Higuain!) and to sort out the GK/Courtois situation + Rugani is looking likely and like a good signing. Another CM or AM might do as well (without any of our top players leaving), and you have to wonder if the links to Pjanic and Milinkovic-Savic has legs. It would not surprise me if Roman has an ave up his sleeve. Also need to get as much as possible for the inevitable departures of Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Moses, Cahill, Morata.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hear hear. How anyone can be so critical of such a skillful and professional player is beyond me. Was a hard-working winger when we won the title in his second season (albeit with a rather unimpressive goal-scoring return). Then he was deservedly Fans’ Player of the season 2015/16 when everyone else crumbled and failed, he was the one that stod up. Then his mom died just when 2016/17 kicked off, which obviously was hard for him. He lost weight and Pedro did great in 3-4-3, so that season his hard to judge him by. Last season, Conte could not find room for him in his 3-5-2, still Willian had his best season for us in terms of goals and assists, also higher goals+assists/minute than Hazard. He has played here under two very defensive managers, and neither have played in a way that suits Willian the most. Until now, that RW role under Sarri has Willian’s name on it. He is in the prime of his career. He is loved by the players, and is a respected, experienced and complete player in all aspects. Barcelona and United are willing to spend **** loads of money on him. Yet, everyone seems to be acting like 14 year olds on Twitter begging for us to sell him so we can buy half a Dembele, Bailey or whatever new wine everyone is talking about. There will be enough players leaving this window. And Willian quite clearly should not be one of them. For once, the club and not the «fans» has it spot on imo. Keep that big afro flyging high!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree on Willian, Kanté and Courtois, but not on Hazard. Real Madrid do not have the money we want, Hazard probably would like the move if there was an offer on the table, but probably has his reservations about being a Galactico also (he is more of a family man than a superstar) so I do not think he will force a move. I also think his interest cooled off when Zidane left, and there is no way his cryptic comments after the WC can be interpreted as clearly wanting out (might just as well be building leverage in contract talks.) I would say Kante is staying 100 %, Hazard 80 % and Willian is 80 %, and as you say Courtois is 50/50. Not unlikely all of them stays, but I would not expect any contract renewals to be sorted before the window closes. The players have way too much leverage and the club is pretty desperate. If Real signs a new GK this window, Courtois is more likely to renew than not imo, unless he sees Getafe as a bigger club than us. Edit: there is also a cost of waiting to renew for both Hazard and Courtois. If it is true that we offered both increases of 100k/w almost 12 months ago, they have already lost 4.8m, and will lose another 4.8m if they reject renewals and hold our for a mive next summer. Worth to take into consideration as well.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I also think that squad is incredibly overrated. Dont forget this is Liverpool. They dont win trophies anymore.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Neither of those have insane physical and technical ability in addition to insane goal stats. That is what is unique about him, and why I say he can not be compared to for instance Musonda or Boga, who despite being very talented AMs never produced at the same level as CHO. Perhaps Abraham excluded (but leading the line demands more experience so it is Harder to break through).
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, we really disagree on the point of how many high quality AMs we need - think we have discussed that before ;) Keeping Willian and Hazard is a vital point of course, but I can’t see any of them leaving unless Barca offer around 70m for Willian and Eden pushes for a move. They will be clear first choices, and knowing Sarri rotated very little at Napoli, I can’t really see us spending big money on another AM when we already have Pedro, who is a very good depth option. A definitive and instant upgrade on him will cost 50m, and we have more pressing areas that need investing. We also have the biggest talent our academy has seen imo. I know people think it is too soon, but Hudson-Odoi is ready to play 1000 minutes this season. Like no others before him he has insane physical and technical ability, as well as scoring and assuming goals at an impressive rate. Can’t remember any academy player who had all three in recent years. Plus, AM is probably the easiest position to step into an stake a claim, as you operate in wide areas and are supposed to take on players and take risks. Barkley offers additional depth, and it was interesting to see Sarri playing him as LW in Yesterday’s training session. I don’t think we need more than these five this season, nor do I think the board will invest in more AMs if all of them stay.
  18. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    It would be very surprising to me if Fabregas was given a bigger role in the team than the one he has now. Certainly still a top, top class player when we play to his strengths, but with the arrival of Jorginho and the amount of pressing Hamsik did at Napoli, I don’t think Cesc will be first choice in either of the two CM roles he can play. I am expecting 20-25 starts + a few sub appearances. For me it is either Azpi or Eden as captain.
  19. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    As big a Chelsea fan as all of us, this really is sad from Todd Kane: “If I didn’t have my ACL injury I’d be in the first team,” said Kane. “I had meetings with the manager (Antonio Conte) and it was all in line to be involved. I had meetings with him and Michael (Emenalo, technical director) but that bad luck knocked me back."
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Even if it currently is better use of our squad to go 4-3-1-2, it would still be a big surprise to me if that was Sarri’s plan. Our best first XI is with a 4-3-3, I think. Also, that was the formation Higuain succeeded in under Sarri, and we certainly seem to want hil very much. If you look at the squad that went to Australia, there are 2 CFs and 5 AMs, so we for sure will see 4-3-3 against Perth imo. What we need to do is back Sarri with the right players to play the way he wants, not let the squad conte built limit his chances. After all, we only need 3-4 new players to get a very good Sarri first XI as well as a decent squad. Not too much to ask imo. If we sell Morata and Giroud to fund Higuain, keep Willian, Hazard and Pedro, promote Hudson-Odoi and have one or two of Barkley and Golovin vacating at AM as well, I’d say that is good enough to go 4-3-3 and aim for top 4. 5 AMs: Hazard, Willian, Pedro, Hudson-Odoi, Barkley/Golovin 2 CFs: Higuain, Batshuayi
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Richarlison is the most over-rated player in the PL imo. He is good, but 50m is just as insane as the 50m they spent on Sigurdsson. Hear hear. Always said his best position would be as a number 8 in a midfield three. Still has not been missed for even a second though. And I would not take him back now with Golovin and RLC takkes about.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sarri had a more asymmetric approach at Napoli where his LW drifted inwards and the LB providing width, while on the right it was mainly the RW.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Do you consider that likely? Did he not fail with 4-3-1-2 the first five or so games at Napoli, and when he changed to 4-3-3 thats when his winning streak started? Even if most of the players in australia will not be part of the squad, the first game against Perth will be very interesting. Also remember Conte’s first pre-season, when it was all 4-2-4 and RLC as CF. Things change quickly.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course not. Marina is in charge of and responsible for succeeding with the plan that the board (Roman, Buck etc) has agreed upon. Then we use a lot of agents/lawyers to do the hard work. Hence why you hear things like «first contact between Chelsea and Napoli» were in the start of July; our intermediaries had been negotiating for more than a month.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good post! I am on the fence here, but would not mind him staying. Also think we have an option to extend his contract with another year if we want to.