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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Split opinions on Pedro not surprising, as I am a little split myself. Hazard will occupy the left, and should have Hudson-Odoi covering for him (if Sarri grants my wish). On the right, Willian should clearly be ahead of Pedro. If as expected we sign Golovin and bring back RLC, I can see Barkley being deployed there too. Actually read a piece by an Everton fan highlighting his best season was playing RW, make of that what you will but I think he can do good there. I think those four plus Pedro is a decent group of wingers for the two positions. But if we can get 20mp for someone who is not first option and contract running out, then it is very tempting to take that money and reinvest in younger prospects like for instance Bailey (even if he would cost a lot more).
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    If this is true, we should bite their hand off: Lazio are considering Chelsea winger Pedro Rodriguez as a replacement for Felipe Anderson, and are willing to offer €25m for his services (La Repubblica) I like Pedro as a squad option, but this surely is too good to turn down.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    If there is point trying to get a GK who can play out from the back like Sarri wants to, then Donnarumma (and even Oblak) are great GK we should stay away from. They both are weak with the ball at their feet, Courtois is better imo. What we want is a GK who is both good playing the ball and is good in the air (expect a lot of crosses from wide areas given Sarri's congested defending). Those are probably a rare breed, and all in all Courtois is a good fit (only lacking somewhat on distribution). I am leaning towards keeping Courtois. The reported 30mp offer from RM is ridiculous. Given there are no good candidates right now, we might as well wait another year.
  4. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    As for the youngsters/loan players, think Hudson-Odoi has a real chance of being part of the squad. With one youngster there, immediately makes it unlikely that any of the other AMs will be included. Bulka I consider the perfect 3rd GK, think he will be. Massively talented. I think many expect Ampadu too, but I think a CH loan would be better for him at the moment. Also uncertain which under Sarri would suit him? Pasalic and Aina (or Kalas) are the two-three others that has a chance, but obviously depends on what happens with Bakayoko+Drinkwater and Moses+Zappacosta. I would not mind selling all four of them (we have to fund our spending spree), and let Pasalic and Aina/Kalas play back up roles in the squad. It could work because they will both cover for the two most frequent starters in the squad, Kanté and Azpilicueta, and we also have other more experienced players who can step in before them (Rudiger/Christensen for Azpi, Luiz or RLC for Kanté). Can't see any other even with remote chances tbh.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I actually expect Liverpool to crumble under pressure. They had a great season with no more than a decent squad. Transfers look great, but PL a different thing. Is Salah really that good? And both their lauded full backs need to perform in the difficult second season. Klopp’s last season at Dortmund was a complete disaster, think they were at relegation around christmas, and had played CL final just a few months earlier. Be my guest, put pressure and expectations on them, but I refuse to acknowledge those dirty scumbags and self-proclaimed angels before tyey actually win something of importance. Demba Ba is still laughing.
  6. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Apparantly no Zouma on the plane to australia, so we can rule him out. Possibly a sale. Can’t see any other notable MIA’s. My interpretation of their roles in Sarri’s 4-3-3 as follows, with those more likely than not to be part of our squad in bold. 3 GK: Marcin Bulka, Jared Thompson, Bradley Collins 5 CB: David Luiz, Ethan Ampadu, Fikayo Tomori, Michael Hector, Tomas Kalas 2 LB: Marcos Alonso, Emerson 2 RB: Davide Zappacosta, Ola Aina 6 CM: Cesc Fabregas, Danny Drinkwater, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Ross Barkley, Mario Pasalic, Jorginho 5 AM: Kasey Palmer, Pedro, Lucas Piazon, Charly Musonda, Callum Hudson-Odoi 2 CF: Alvaro Morata, Tammy Abraham Most of these players will be sold or loaned. World Cup is a big, big problem. Thankfully, rest of top five heavily affected by it too. Thought both Rudiger and Moses were supposed to depart with the squad today and Christensen and Caballero in a couple of days. Maybe these players will not even join the Australia tour, instead working on fitness at Cobham?
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Exactly. Paying a world record 67mp for a GK with one good season behind them oozes desperation. It may of course be a great buy (I rate him very highly), but in the grand scheme of things we are refusing to be held to ransom by two clubs at the same time. Letting our 8mp GK walk on a free will be a shame, but not the worst thing that can happen. Upside is we keep a great player before a very important season.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Let’s just hope he gets the chance to do so, he is returning from holiday the same day we play City in the CS. According to the Times, he has been told that he is not leaving this window. Make of that what you will. Alisson to Roma reported as done deal by Italian media, without us even making a bid. Perhaps that means ... With the ridiculously low prices quoted for Courtois, maybe we are letting him run down his contract? Lack of available top class GK at the moment, may change in a year. 12 months ago, nobody had even heard of Alisson ...
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    We'll see. They have agreed a fee with Roma, but if we match that bid what do you think will happen?
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    PURCHASES In addition to Jorginho (57m), Rugani (40-45m) and Golovin (20-25m) are all but done. Alisson (60-65m) and Higuain (50-55m) likely top, but of course depending on sales of Courtois and Morata. Marina and her lawyers/intermediaries seemingly working on full speed. Total player cost: 237-257m SALES Courtois and Morata should together give us around 90m, to help fund this spending spree. There is no point in having more than two players for each position with Sarri very much a first XI and little rotation manager, so we should look to move the deadwood in the squad while they still have value: Drinkwater (25m), Cahill (10m), Moses (15m), Zappacosta (15m) and Giroud (10m). Neither fits Sarri’s system (other than perhaps Zappacosta but he wont see much game time), and neither has a long term future here. Loan players can command another 15m also (Panzo and Boga allegedly bringing in 6m so far). Total sales: 180m Net spend 57-77m (we can also sell more loan players like Zouma if we need to bring that number down.) ACADEMY/YOUTH At this point I also think it is given that Hudson-Odoi at least is an AM5, given his immense talent, fit for Sarri and our upcoming EL campaign. Really hope RLC is given his fair chance in the advanced CM role, and someone like Aina or Tomori can act as RB cover behind Azpi (we also have Rudiger and Christensen who can play there). SQUAD GK: Alisson, Caballero, Bulka (?) RB: Azpi, Tomori CB: Rugani, Rüdiger, Christensen, Luiz LB: Emerson, Alonso RCM: Kanté, Bakayoko CM: Jorginho, Fabregas LCM: RLC, Barkley RW: Willian, Golovin CF: Higuain, Batshuayi LW: Hazard, Pedro, Hudson-Odoi
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    From what I understand (looking at what the various sources claim), we are going to sign Alisson. He would prefer Real to us, but they are unwilling to match Roma’s asking price. Despite Liverpool offering CL, we have London, history of winning and a much better status in Brazil due to Luiz, Oscar, Willian etc building our Brazilian connection over the years. Of course, until the deal is done we are drawing up possible fall back solutions like Schmeichel, but I would not put too much into that. Would be massive to first beat City to Jorginho, then Liverpool to Alisson. If we can stick it to Mourinho as well by keeping Willian, who also turned down Tottenham we only need to hammer Arsenal 7-0 in Gameweek 2 to have gotten the season properly going.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Amen. (I do rate Alisson though. We’ll be better off.)
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    It seems like the four players we are working on atm are Higuain, Rugani, Alisson, Golovin. If we signed all of them, that would almost certainly mean Morata, Luiz and Courtois sold. In addition to them, I fully expect one of Drinkwater and Bakayoko and one of Moses and Zappacosta to leave as well. Also, no way is both Giroud AND Batshuayi going to stay behind Higuain. Willian and Pedro seems to be staying at the moment, but things could happen there too. No doubt Marina and her lawyers will have a lot to do over the next three weeks!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Short term memories I see :)
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Completely impossible to replace Hazard. Someone brought up Draxler and Fekir. Seriously? That is like suggesting replacing John Terry 2010 with Anton Ferdinand. While his quotes are undeniable worrying, we should remember the following: 1) A looong and frustrating season has just ended, he is tired and is being quizzed on the same question for the gazillionth time. His wording will not be perfect, but anything he says will be analyzed in detail. 2) He is in the middle of (or entering) contract negotiations with the club, any kind of leverage will be good for him and he knows that. Also for putting pressure on Chelsea's transfers. 3) Both JT, Lampard and Drogba came close to leaving, and it was looking even more likely at a certain point in time for all of them. It is not over till it is over. He did not say he wanted to leave. If that was the case, he could have said it. But surely, Eden, that interview ruined an otherwise great day from a Chelsea perspective.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good point. But for me, Giroud is the only CF guaranteed to be here next season. Tammy for sure will be heading out on loan, and whatever happens with Morata and Bats (and if we buy Higuain or someone else) is impossible to say at the moment. Interesting that Mason Mount was added to the first team training Yesterday. If he goes on tour with Sarri, anything can happen. From an ability perspective, I think he is the most fitting of the «Hamsik role» in the squad. Obviously young and inexperienced though.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, actually I think Hazard will benefit the most. There will be more space to run into and more forward passes, we will be less predictable to defend against and the high line will make his defensive work more congest and hopefully less tiring. And Emerson seems a much better fit than Alonso, as he had the engine and is both good defending and going forward. Barkley may be an option for the Hamsik role, but his football intelligence and defensive contribution is dubious, and may be an issue. Other than that I can’t see who in the current squad that will benefit. Morata and/or Batshuayi might, but if we are buying Higuain I can’t see anyone staying. Kanté and Azpi will of course be key players, but they were already. Moses and Alonso will be less involved, that I am pretty sure of. Drinkwater and Bakayoko are neither perfect fits for Sarri’s high intensity passing. Both Cahill and Luiz lack the pace needed to play with a high line. Neither of these four will be important players next season, and I think at least two of them will be sold.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    According to reports in Italian media, we are looking to add three other Serie A stars: The €40m can be funded by selling Luiz and Zappacosta, and with Juve bringing back Caldara from loan many Juve fans expect them to sell. Given Rugani played under Sarri at Empoli, I think it is likely this will happen. Obviously, both deals are depending on the sales of Courtois and Morata. According to Di Marzio, Juve are asking for €60m for Higuain and Roma €70m for Alisson. If we can get close to our money back on Morata that will fund Higuain's fee, while reports in Spain are saying we want €50m for Courtois.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Sarri's Napoli is anything to go by, and I think it is, there will be one full-back attacking and overlapping on the side of the best/most creative wide man (Insigne) and the other full-back will be more defensive. My guess is Emerson will play a key role next season, linking up with Hazard on the left, whereas Azpi will be a more defensive RB than the overlapping full-back he was supposed to be under JM. Azpi is sheer quality, and I find it odd that any Chelsea fan would question his inclusion in our first XI. We clearly seem to be after Rugani as well, who played under Sarri at Empoli, and I expect him, Rudiger and Christensen to compete for the two places in central defense. Luiz will be sold I think, and Cahill kept as an experienced option until his contract runs out. Both Moses and Alonso are better wing-backs than full-backs, and I expect them to play a lot less under Sarri.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    And just as I post that a rumour come out from Argentina we are about to sign the Colombian Kanté: **BREAKING** In January, Wilmar Barrios will complete a transfer to @ChelseaFC. Info:@LuisFregossi
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sevilla trying to loan Bakayoko according to a local newspaper. Don’t think we can afford to do that, at least to balance the books we should look to sell either him or Drinkwater as one of them can act as Kanté’s back up.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

  24. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Adi Viveash on RLC, opening up on some of the issues he has had with his physique.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    I am just quoting some usually quite credible sources. And to be fair, usually a little bit more credible than the ones you find in your fantasy world. And where do you think the information about transfer and loan fees come from? Do you think that the sources behind transfer fees are from within the clubs, while in the case of loan fees then there are a few idiots (as you say) that make up numbers? That would be a remarkable phenomenon. Zouma was in high demand that summer, both Sevilla and Fiorentina was after him if I remember correctly. What other chance than paying a premium did Stoke have of getting him ? Musonda too had a lot of suitors in January (probably not so many right now), and Celtic needed to strengthen before the EL knockout stages. Even if you think these prices are high does not mean they are not correct. Stoke overpaid for Zouma, yes. But we overpaid for Drinkwater, Bakayoko ++. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It happens all the time.