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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sack Conte, hire Sarri, announce Jorginho. Could it all happen today?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not necessarily all five, that’s why I listed Morata, Zappacosta and Drinkwater or Bakayoko. Morata has a lot of suitors, and I don’t think we are going to take a big hit on the 57m we paid for him. And on Zappacosta and Drinkwater, there has been plenty reports so far this summer linking them away, which at least indicate we want ti move them on. And for these three, I expect it to be just as much the player as the club who wants the move. Both Bakayoko and Barkley I expect to stay, even if I am not very enthusiastic about it ;-) And on loan fees, Droy, a few benchmarks: Stoke apparantly paid 7m for Zouma (Transfermarkt), Celtic 5m for Musonda for 18 months (multiple reports) - in addition to covering their wages. So yeah, think we can assume we will be able to get around 10 for Kenedy, Zouma and a few others.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Given ADL has confirmed we bid more, it would take a new bid from City to come in. And since Jorginho flew to England today, I will be very suprised to see another twist in this saga. I would not be too worried. Rugani at 35m can be financed by the sales of Zappacosta+Luiz+Panzo, Morata can finance Higuain at 53m and Drinkwater/Bakayoko can finance Golovin at 25m. Jorginho at 50m can be financed by selling Batshuayi and what we get in loan fees from Kenedy, Zouma and perhaps Abraham, Musonda also. If Willian leaves, then that money is likely going to be spent on a new AM (Martial or Bailey). So, at least in theory we do not have to sell our best players to bring these players in. In fact, it is possible to do this without spending too much net. Then there is also the chance of Courtois leaving, and I don't think we can get more than 50m for him given his contract situation. Alisson is going to cost more than that, so if all these deals are concluded, then we are looking at a net spend of around 25m. The sacking of Conte and appointment of Sarri will take that number to around 40m, something I hope the club can afford. (There is also the possibility of selling loan players like Kalas, Piazon, Brown, Palmer, Boga etc). While my preference would be to loan/sell Barkley, and rather go with RLC and Golovin too, I think that is harsh on him. All of the three have the ability to penetrate central areas from deep effectively, good technique and should all be able to fill the "Hamsik role", albeit in their own way as they have different strengths and weaknesses. What Barkley has that RLC (and Golovin to some extent) lack is the killer instinct in the final third and proven goals+assists record, RLC has the physicality and a very low error margin, and Golovin has the work rate and the neatest passing. Barkley also has the benefit of a full pre-season, while RLC will return from his likely three week holiday at the time we play City in the Charity Shield. While I am against it, I would not be surprised to see RLC loaned another year, and Barkley to challenge Golovin in the "Hamsik role" - if he signs of course.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    He has been a pain in the arse, but have to love De Laurentiis for this: «For that, I’ll have to apologise to Manchester City. However, if the player would rather live in London than Manchester, I can understand that. “If Chelsea are paying him even more, I can understand that too. Jorginho and Sarri together again? Jorginho would go to Chelsea regardless of Sarri.”
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree with this. And he will be absolutely key for Sarri to get things going. A midfield three Kanté, Jorginho, RLC/Golovin/Barkley looks very promising.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Poor van Ginkel. Was it the same knee?
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think Real will want Neymar, someone comfortable with the superstar status to replace Ronaldo’s global reach. Neymar has 40m Twitter followers, Eden has 5m (just an example of their current global footprint). I just don’t see Eden living up to the Galactico image the way Ronaldo did. So when it comes to replacing Ronaldo off the pitch, Eden really is not the ideal fit for them. On the pitch, I actually think they will have their doubts as well (even if I wouldn’t!), his goals+assists numbers are far away from Ronaldo’s (and Neymar’s). With Neymar’s father/agent a very pushy and «shrewd» business man, I don’t think it will be that hard to sign him from PSG just one year on. And let’s be honest, Neymar is way too good for the French league. Might be wishful thinking, but I think Hazard will stay.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Uh, this is a transfer forum. If you are only going to discuss what the club website reports then there is not much to discuss. When multiple local sources are claiming a deal is done, it often is true. Still, I did not say it WAS done, mainly putting two and two together. If you do not understand by now that both Sarri and Rugani are very likely to be confirmed in a couple of days, I dont think you understand very much of the transfer market.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Rugani done according to multiple sources. Played unse Sarri at Empoli, and he also tried to sign him while at Napoli. Certainly mean Sarri is done. Jorginho looks set to follow him too. Two very good players, and it is very positive for Sarri to get a couple of players in whom he knows. Will only make it easier to settle. Luiz or Cahill and Drinkwater or Baka to leave I suspect. Defence and midfield for me is strengthened and pretty much complete, even if Golovin may sign too (which probably would mean either Barkley or RLC to go on loan). I also think Courtois is on his way to Madrid, which may almost certainly see us getting Alisson. Will we strengthen at AM and CF? Real Madrid are said to be after Willian too, and I think we are going to cash in if we get 60m. Would need to spend at least that to replace him though, and Martial is my preferred option. Higuain is the third ex-Sarri player to be rumoured, and with Ronaldo to Juve that deal became more of a possibility. To sum up, not unlikely we will strengthen with six new players, half of them have played under Sarri before: Alisson Rugani Jorginho Golovin or RLC Martial Higuain Would be a truly great window. Even if it has been left very late.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Surprised to see people still talking about playing with a back three. Despite Conte being at Cobham, think it is pretty clear it wont be for long and 4-3-3 is the new way forward (Sarri deal imminent, if not it will be Blanc). I think Barkley can be used in the #8 position but I have my doubts to how effective he will be in Sarri’s system. Lacks intelligence and concentration to play that role imo, but maybe he is seen as a more attacking option than RLC. If Golovin is signed, it surely is for that role and will mean one of them must leave. Kanté will have the #6 position nailed down, and I suppose it is either Drinkwater or Bakayoko that will act as his back up. They both lack that neat first touch and short passing ability needed to play in a Sarri midfield though, but maybe ok as a back up? For the #4 role, expect to see Fabregas being back up to a new signing (latest rumour is we have gazumped City for Jorginho). Sell Barkley and Drinkwater (40-50m) and bring in Jorginho and Golovin (70-80m) + RLC and we have a massively strengthened midfield imo: #6 Kanté, Bakayoko #4 Jorginho, Fabregas #8 Golovin, Loftus-Cheek
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not for the first time JM got it right for me. This is just so wrong. I think Mourinho's record of never having developed a youngster speaks for himself. Managers that do develop youngsters have a very different approach to "pushing them forward". Instead of restraining them with a military approach they encourage them to express themselves. Given how important confidence and composure is for taking that big step, it does not come as a surprise to why a manager like Pochettino has made multiple England internationals over the years, his approach is completely opposite of Mourinho's.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    You want him to stay, but dont think he is good enough. Ok. No, we all know that you have a very strange perception of things.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    You lable him «ok at Palace» when he upped their point average with 50 % and earned himself a call up to the world cup. You say he has to turn potential into performance, but how can he do that without playing?
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    He isn't? That is your opinion. Both the current and former England manager seem to disagree very much. No offense, but I guess they have a slightly better understanding of football than you. I watched RLC a lot for Palace last season. Especially in the beginning and the end of the season he was a standout performer (perhaps only Zaha was better, and he has an asking price of 60m). Also worth mentioning Palace averaged 0.88 points in games RLC did not start vs 1.38 when he did. His decision making in the final third needs to improve, which usually comes with experience, other than that I think he is a very well-rounded and complete CM that would fit very well into Sarri's 4-3-3 formation. Him and Golovin to compete for the #8 role sounds exciting to me. Meanwhile, those of you who did not even watch him for Palace last season may continue to hope he gets another loan.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think that's true. 22 year old England international with complete ability excelling in the PL? I remember how keen everyone were on Ross Barkley a couple of years ago ... RLC lacks one thing: experience. The question is whether he is good/experienced enough already to suggest we can give him time and chances to further develop under our management. I think he is.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree on Golovin, skillful and intelligent player. There is a little bit of Lampard and a little bit of Oscar in him, a hybrid perhaps, although his goal return is not that impressive. While I think he is an interesting signing, I agree that I really dont hope this means another loan for RLC. On Batshuayi, I could not disagree more. Why should we give him time, when we cannot afford to. The CF position is not up for charity. We desperately need a CF that give us goals. Either our manager thinks he is good enough to be the main man or we let him go. My feeling is that he is a very good CF, but lacks the mentality to be a top club CF. Dortmund/Sevilla/Arsenal, that is his level. He will never do what Drogba and Diego did for us, and that kind of player should be our aim. While Higuain is not our long term hero, he is probably the best we can do in today’s market and can be our short term saviour. Had he been three years younger I think most people would have wanted him. Dont let his age take too much focus, what we need now is goals and he will guarantee us that. I would also like to keep Willian, but I just think he is off. Given that Barcelona and United are chasing him and apparantly with rediculously deep pockets, I will be surprised if he stayed. 60m will be hard to turn down.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    You forgot Higuain and Golovin on that list. The latter’s ex-manager apparantly said he thinks the deal is already signed: From what I can see, Rugani and Golovin are all but done. Rugani will see either Cahill or Luiz leave. Golovin I presume will mean either RLC or Barkley heads out on loan, and he will probably also be cover at RW/LW. Alisson will be our main target if Courtois is sold to Madrid, two deals more likely to happen than not I think. We are clearly in the market for a regista as well, and have had Seri lined up for some time. But maybe we have had our heads turned by Kovacic sudden availability? The latter would be immense, but is a long shot at the moment (Real slapping 100me price tag means this will take time). Yes, Martial and Bailey are the heaviest linked AMs, but if you expect both I think you will be disappointed, even if I would not rule it out. Willian looks likely to leave, and maybe that means Pedro is staying? The more I think about it, the more I think he will be a very good fit under Sarri: good pressing, quick feet, good 1v1. And then we have the rather difficult CF position. Giroud will stay as back up, but who will be the main man? Morata is on his way to London as we speak, but he will not stay if we push for Higuain. Batshuayi will likely be sold, as the transfers above need funding. If we managed to get a squad like this during this summer, I will be very pleased: GK: Alisson, Caballero, Bulka FB: Azpi, Moses, Emerson, Alonso CB: Christensen, Rugani, Rudiger, Cahill CM: Kanté, Bakayoko, Kovacic, Fabregas, Loftus Cheek, Golovin LW/RW: Hazard, Martial, Pedro, Hudson-Odoi, (+Moses, Golovin) CF: Higuain, Giroud
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Haha, true. We really are a shambles aren't we. Still expect it to go through, but who knows. Why on earth we did not activate the 7m release clause one month ago??
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    ^^Ronaldo is 3 years older than Higuain and is on 4x his wages. It is not 20mp extra. His wages will mean 40mp extra per year, in the period he is 33-36. Plus, he’s an arse. But again, significantly better. I am not trying to make Higuain out to be a world class player (although he is not that far off), but I think he will be very good under Sarri, a much better fit than the ones we have, and I can’t see many better and attainable options out there. I would love Icardi and Lewandowski also, but dont think we have much chance signing them.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Second that.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Glad you’re not in charge then ;-) I think it has been proven time and time again how important it is having the right players for the system. Good players are marginalised (Fabregas and batshuayi under Conte for instance) and average players become key players (Alonso, Moses). Mikel was another who started week in week out under Hiddink for then to not play a single minute under Conte. It is not because he is good or not good, it is whether a player suits the system or not. So, how does Giroud fit into Sarri’s system? His link up play is good and his movement on and off the ball is intelligent, which counts in his favour, but he is perhaps a bit circumstancial for Sarri’s quick interchanging football? His main strength is in the air, which is not going to be of much use (unless Sarri will adapt to having a taller CF). He also lacks the acceleration to exploit space in behind. All in all my feeling is that he is very far from being a CF1, but that he has the intelligente and physical presence to be an interesting option to have in the squad. A CF3 with around 10+20 games next season. Imo we need a CF1 (an ideal fit to the system, eg Higuain) plus an AM option like Martial to act as CF2.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Does he suit our team? Are you serious? He scored 36 Serie A goals under Sarri, breaking a 50 year old record. He has no pace? Haha. You have basically no clue what you are talking about. On Pogba: it was him, not raiola that told in an interview he was staying at Juve just days before he signed for Manu. If you wish to trust whatever an agent says then good luck.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Means nothing at this point. It is his agent. Pogba would still be at Juve if we took his word.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    It is less about being good and more about being a fit for our system. Surprised to see opinions like this.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Regarding Morata. Go on YouTube. Watch Mertens and Higuain’s goals under Sarri. Usually 1 v 1 situtions, tight angles, precise finishing. Then look at Morata’s miss compilation from last year. And then do the math. It is not because of a bad season, and things will be better. He lacks both ability and mentality in those situations. Imo, even Batshuayi is a better option. Even if 53mp for a 30 is unsustianable for a club like ours, I consider it irrelevant compared to the total transfer window investment. The main thing is to strengthen the squad and to do it in a financially compliant and sustainable way; if one of those transfers have no resale value is less important. And imo it is possible to do a major upgrades at low cost. If we can get close to 100m for Morata and Batshuayi, that will fund Higuain and Kovacic (at rumoured prices), just to put things into perspective. Drinkwater can fund Golovin at 25mp. Luiz and Zappacosta can fund Rugani at 30mp. Martial or another AM at 60mp will be funded by Willian, but I remain hopeful we keep him and instead sell Pedro, Kenedy, van Ginkel, Barkley and Baba Rahman) Alisson will likely cost 20m more than Courtois, but if we sell loan players like Kalas, Piazon, Pasalic etc that can help close the gap and let us break even. Result will have been a major squad rebuild, replacing deadweight with top quality and younger, hungry players. Plus a squad very much capable of playing the manager’s system: 1 Alisson, Caballero, Blackman 2 Azpi, Moses, (Rudiger) 6 Christensen, Rugani 5 Rudiger, Cahill 3 Emerson, Alonso, (Azpilicueta) 8 Kanté, Bakayoko, (Loftus-Cheek) 4 Kovacic, Fabregas, (Golovin) 7 Loftus Cheek, Golovin, (Bakayoko/Fabregas) 11 Martial, Willian, (Moses) 9 Higuain, Giroud, (Martial) 10 Hazard, Hudson-Odoi, (Golovin)