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  1. Ashley Cole

    I don't think he will. He was the best left back in the league, arguably in the world for a couple of seasons. No doubt he was a great buy. Now he is an under-performing, over-demanding player of the old days, that despite his great efforts never has become spine material like Terry and Lampard. What is left now is, and I am sad to say it, a big ego on big wages that in my opinion will never play a real part in the "new Chelsea". Therefore, I would be happy to see him leave in the summer, hopefully for a non-rival team where he can highroll on huge (Qatar)wages.
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Goals out yet? Waiting for eskweston ... What a bunch of winners! 3-0 down to 4-3 is just fantastic!
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Wow, 97-model playing for the reserves? Impressive!
  4. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Anyone seen Kakuta play in Dijon? 3 ligue 1 games with 2 goals and 1 assist isn't bad. Also scored 1 goal in to cup apps. I kind of thought he was finito, but maybe we have a new Sturridge here? (Not saying Dijon=Bolton, but maybe he has a future after all.)
  5. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Courtois seems like a real talent, and the obvious successor of Cech. But if he stays at Atletico one more season, he will be back when Cech is 31. Which means Cech must be dropped in his prime age for Courtois to develop. Ouch, glad I am not the manager who will make those decisions. Cech is probably Chelsea's most professional player, and deserves the most respectfull treatment.
  6. Ubik: well put, great post. Personally I think the club will continue spending money on big transfers, I.e. Modric, Hazard, but probably a bit more wiser spending than the early Roman days. I like the stand the club seem to take on wages and fees lately, we are not being bullied in the same way as before, or at least we are not accepting it.
  7. We do not know if there is one, or what it is. Neither do we know anything apart from what we read on certain web sites, twitter, forums etc. All we do is dream and speculate, and redistribute things we feel has some kind of substantiality. Forum members picks it up, shrugs it off or write an essay to support it, the metaphorical snowball increases in size and speed until it eventually hits the wall (which in this case is a metaphor for City buying the player we wanted, or the club buying a less attractive player).
  8. Isn't his buy out clause 33M? If Chelsea really is looking for a player of this caliber, surely they are willing to pay this kind of money? After all, they bid 40M for Modric. And then it does not matter what Lille wants ...
  9. vademoo: How can you say Hazard will be one of the best in the world in to years, at the same time you rate gotze over him? Gotze is no more a playmaker than Hazard. And IMO Gotze is way more inefficient. A talent, yes, but not ready to give us the same brilliance Hazrad can give us. That being said, Hazard will probably choos Barca or Real, and he will wait till summer, when all his suitors will be ready to outbid each other on personal terms. No way he leaves in this window when only one or two clubs may be able to offer him deals. That would at least be extremely surprising!
  10. Oh, so you did not value Torres at 10 pence? Thanks for the info. Weel, anyway, your figure of speech was as ill informed as I stated. The point is that there are enough money splashing clubs around now to enable us to sell Torres at a fair price without the massive hair cut that Daily Fail is suggesting. Don't agree with you on the let's just admit he's a flop-thinking. Last season was a misery - no doubt - but I can mitigate that on the account of his troubles recovering from injury, massive press and expectations from media and fans alike. All of which ended up as a witch hunt imo, leading to the confidence problems that followed. This season he has been good, at least not worse than most Chelsea-players, and has not been given a proper chance since the team started playing well. I honestly think he has been quite unlucky too, and I suppose confidence and some easy goals in December/January (nice-looking opponents), will give him that extra spice so that he is back on track when May comes ringing. You may say I believe in Santa, but still I believe, instead of giving up like others do. A Stamford Bridge consisting of realistic know-hows would not have given us 3 points against City.
  11. First of all, Daily Mail has no source. The story has been out for half a day, and none of the medias I regard as serious has republished the story. Second of all, Torres has done well this season. Several MoM performances (Stoke, Valancia) in a period when the team was underperforming. Got a red card, and was dropped to the bench for AVBs continuity team htat was supposed to get us out of trouble. Drogba's form has been good and stable, not great, and we all know he won't start every game, while he also will be gone for 5 weeks in jan/feb. Torres will bounce back, and I expect him to start and score against Wigan. "who in their right mind would pay more than 10p", says Bob S. Well, I don't know if you have been awake for the last year, but I think there are a lot of Arab-owned teams that would pay at least 30m if he was for sale: PSG, Malaga and other Chinese and Qatari teams, not to mention overloaded Anzhi. Ill informed comment from you my dear friend.
  12. What a load of BS!
  13. Gael Kakuta

    Great move. I dont think he could have gone any better place. And I think in one year we have the answer on the question: will he be a Chelsea player in the future, or not? If not, sell. Probably he wont have enough success, given what he has proven the last 12 months. But this was the only correct thing to do, and this is the best way to do it. FInger's crossed - good luck, Gael!
  14. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    To those of you having seen a lot of talents coming through recent years: How big of a talent is Chalobah? Of course, there are many insecure parameters in the development of young footballers, but what can we really expect? When is the young lad physically ready for first team football? He impressed me in pre season.
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Not that it's definitely a fact, but I read somewhere that he cost us around 200k euros, which means a nominal profit of 1.1M euros before wages, fees etc. I don't believe his wages and agent fees are that big, though. And also, he has generated "income" as well with positive contributions in the youth team and the reserves. Therefore I don't think it's fair to incorporate wages etc in this "calculation". To make it correct is a difficult one that's for sure! Therefore I think the best way is to say we made a profit of around 1M euros on him.
  16. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Even though it is sad to see potential leave, as easy as that, I understand it. Well put by Droy! We must not forget that this is business (sadly, but still fact), and I also think we made some money on him too.
  17. Josh Mc Eachran

    True, and I remember Stoch was given several opportunities, amongst coming in against Arsenal when we were one down. At that time Quaresma was doing "outside foot-crosses" for the reserves ... So he obviously has no qualms playing the youngsters. Just get him signed now, before everyone is shipped to Hamburg!
  18. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    At present we have sold two players to them that would never have made it to the first team. So for now, holding rumours about Tore a side, I am pleased with the relationship.
  19. Josh Mc Eachran

    Does anyone really think Jos McEachran has any reason to be disappointed with Chelsea for "only" making 17 appearances in his first season in one of the world's best clubs, being 17 years old? He started to Champions League games early in the season, and also got a PL start! He has no right to be disappointed, and I am sure he feels like the luckiest kid in the world. The fact that the club has shown faith in him, is just a sign of what big talent he really is! And even though Carlo is gone, and there will be managment changes in the summer, there is no way Chelsea will not continue giving Josh games. Clement, Drummy and Holland are all in awe of his talents, and surely they will have some affect on the new manager regarding our youth prospects. W don't know what will happen next season regarding Josh and his playing options, but I am confident he will be given even more chances in the first team, and will continue his development. No need to rush it like they do at Arsenal. At least kow, we show that we appreciate real talent. And btw, Hiddink looks to be coming in. And if I remember correctly he was the only manager showing faith in Mancienne. And we all know that McEachran has a lot greater potential than Mancienne, so you do the math ...
  20. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I totally agree: - Let Bertrand cover for Ash while PvA is on loan to a Premier League club. Depending on how many chances Bertrand has gotten in January, and how well he has taken them, he could swap with PvA, and then after the season it may be easier to see which one of them is most likely to be our future LB. If Zhirkov is sold, I will expect them both to get useful playing time. - McEachran will hopefully progress next season also. I am just hoping he stays injury free, which seems to be a rare habit for our most promising talents. He has played 17 games this season, both starting in the PL and CL - quite remarkable! I think he has been given the proper amount of playing time, and he has not been exposed to too much pressure and too many games. I also think it was important for him to be playing for the youth team and the reserves this term. Next season I expect him to be a full member of the first team, now that he has created momentum for himself after a very good first season. Time to take the next step! - Kakuta should be sent out on loan to Bolton. Owen Coyle obviously has a talent for devolping "diamonds in the rough" looking at what Wilshere and Studge did over there. I think Bolton under Coyle is Kakuta's best chance to become a Chelsea first team regular. If he does not succeed there next season, he will not succeed here. Acid test. - Tore is interesting. I hope he can be given some chances to play, to see what he can do at the top level. But he has played a year in the reserves, and I also think he may best benefit from a loan.
  21. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Okay, we didn't get Luiz. So what? Is he the only defender in the world that could strengthen our defence? Of course not! Everyone could see that Luiz would not have been the solution to our problems this season. If he had come, then Bruma would have been sent out on loan, definitely. Since he is not coming, I expect Bruma to be given the chance in stead, when needed. And for all we know, this scenario may be a "bargain"! Bruma has started one PL-game this season, and in my opinion did very well. There is no guarantee that a non-English speaking Brazilian would adapt quick enough to provide better cover than Bruma this season. Of course his potential is huge, but January transfer are often also short minded, therefore I am not too upset about this deal falling through. And for everyone complainting about the club's skills in the transfer market: we do not know what is going on. Benfica asked for a rediculous price, and we refused to be taken hard from behind. Yes, we made it clear we went for him, and failed. But when you try to buy a player, and Benfica confirm our interest, reliable sources claim we are having him over to get a work permit, etc, are you then going to deny it? How reliable would any other comment about possible transfer targets be after that? The club has shown that we will not be bullied with, which is extremely important, so we will be able to pay reasonable prices for the players we want in the future. The club also seems to be willing to spend (!) on quality players. We have not seen this in ages. We know we have made a 25M bid for Luiz, probably a 35M bid for Torres, and has looked set to make an offer for Sanchez, if Udinese were ready to sell. When all this is said, I understand and share the frustration of following the news closer than ever, feeling that promising signings are done deals, only to see us coming too short. Of course, that sucks, but when I give it some thought, it's not the end of the world.