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  1. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Feeling very confident for this. Their defence is terrible, and their two center backs will struggle with Morata and Hazard combining up front. Great to see Willian performing again, could be a real weapon for a sub appearance but can't see him starting over Fabregas. With Moses ready to start, team picks itself: Courtois - Azpi, Christensen, Cahill - Moses, Fabregas, Kanté, Bakayoko, Alonso - Hazard, Morata Obviously, they pose an attacking threat and they will probably nick a goal, but still think we are way more threatening to their defence than they are to ours. Salah has scored for fun, but I am yet to see him terrorise good defences. He is very good at the break (which he won't get much of here) and extremely one-footed (good defenders know how to put players on the wrong foot). 1-3: Morata, Hazard, Cahill
  2. Qarabag 0 Chelsea 4

    It did, didn't it. They were both fouls, but have to say the second was extremely soft. I would be furious if we conceded a pen like that. The first one I wouldn't even blink. Neither would have been pens to Chelsea in the PL. Liverpool would have gotten the first.