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  1. Chelsea vs Southampton

    Must be hard for Southampton to find focus and strength, even if it is a semi-final, considering they are fighting for relegation and know they don't have any chance of going all the way. Should make us even bigger favorites. Willian's form has dropped recently, so would be tempted to see Hazard in behind the two CFs. Courtois Azpi Christensen Cahill Moses Fabregas Kante Emerson Hazard Giroud Morata
  2. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Fair play to us today. Exactly the kind of performance needed today, focused, determined and (relatively) clinical. Feel for Morata, and am not concerned about his anger. Think it is only a good sign he wants to succeed. Moses fantastic today, and Cahill really stepped up. Also impressed by Hazard's leadership when he came on, took control of the game and was more focused on getting the three points than trying to nick a goal. Really liked seeing two proper CFs up front, and thought they combined well. With Hazard behind them instead of Pedro, who was a bit invisible, that could be interesting to see more of going forward. Emerson decent, and good to get another assist. Bakayoko low on confidence and no real grit or determination. Really needs a reboot.