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  1. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Wouldn't mind the 3-5-2 people are suggesting either (even if my money is on the 3-4-3 with most of the usual suspects from last season). But can't see Luiz starting anywhere else than at CB. Morata + Hazard up front is a must though - neither Willian or Pedro is influential enough for that role in this type of game. Courtois Azpi - Luiz - Cahill/Rudiger Moses/Zappacosta - Bakayoko - Fabregas - Kante - Alonso Hazard - Morata Could be quite an interesting line-up. And if we are looking at next year also, building the squad around something similar could be very interesting: Azpi - Luiz/Christensen - Cahill/Rudiger Moses/Zappacosta - Bakayoko/RLC - Fabregas/Verratti - Kanté/Drinkwater - Alonso/Alex Sandro Hazard/Pedro/Abraham - Morata/Batshuayi Two loanees back and two world class signings. Willian the one to leave, which - although I don't prefer it - I have a feeling will happen.
  2. Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea

    Would surprise me if Conte does not use his squad over these three games. For me, this has back to basic written all over it. Luiz and Cahill back in, and perhaps a start for Zappacosta to continue the tinkering at RWB. Such a shame we can't do the same on the other side. Courtois Azpi, Luiz, Cahill Zappacosta, Kanté, Bakayoko, Alonso Pedro, Morata, Hazard Which means only 6 outfield players started at the weekend, and we can also make five more changes for the next tough fixture against City: Courtois Azpi, Christensen, Rüdiger Moses, Kanté, Fabregas, Alonso Willian, Morata, Hazard Our squad gives us this type of luxury we did not have last season. Only problem as I see it is our only LWB option is Alonso. Imagine what we could have been with Alex Sandro there too.