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  1. yeah he is a brilliant player but he hasnt made any noise for quite awhile.
  2. I agree I was really happy to see Stoch making his debut, knowing he was brought up from our academy
  3. I would much rather Balotelli than adraino, he is a more complete player than adriano and at such a young age he is as cool as a cucumber.
  4. Looks a great prospect, its good to finally see chelsea keeping their good young stars.
  5. Saw on chelsea tv today that he's signed he's first professional contract with chelsea. he's also keen to break into the main squad as soon as possible.
  6. he's now joined Forentina! Gilardino that is....
  7. I think he can still shine for chelsea. come on shev!
  8. can't stand the man I can wait for him to leave. He really does think he can say whatever he likes and see himself as god.
  9. Anyone heard any news on Franco Di Santo yet?
  10. He looks big and I've seen a few of his throws, they look like they could easliy match roberto carlos' monster throws. We need a good utility player like him, just like Essien was last season. I still feel we need an all out player-maker with skill and pace. Joe Coles doing well this season on the other hand. What do you think?