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  1. The 70s Red / White and Green one was a fave of mine maybe its a take on that.
  2. Its made in a chinese sweat shop by kids and midgets on 2p a day and made of nylon - I bet it will be better than the shocking one we are wearing for home games now .
  3. You're correct. Maybe it's just the feeling I get from the match-going Blues I talk to / know.
  4. Of course it is but that is due to training methods , diet , tactics etc , I was talking about expecting standards from our players such as not play acting , not pretending to be hurt half a dozen times a game , not screaming swear words into a live TV camera and not getting sent off in the clubs biggest game in our history .
  5. If you need to ask etc etc .
  6. I think you will find that having proper standards are pretty timeless and universal son.
  7. What on earth would someones age have to do with people disliking some of the things DD does ? .
  8. Tell you what you ignore me and ill ignore you its for the best.
  9. You may well be right mate but unlike icons such as Ossie , Cooke and even Kerry Dixon I dont belive he will be loved and that is not because he is Black / not a cockney / walks funny / daft barnets etc but because of the negative side of his attitude .
  10. Yes I think it was deliberate . Your ball smart arse.
  11. To late now he is 32 doubt if he will ever see a CL final again.
  12. Yes they are also illegal and once again a UEFA ref only see's what he wants to see .
  13. Stamping on a opponent is illegal feller.
  14. Once again he lets us down , when the going gets tough DD simply loses it , its one thing bullying midget arsenal players but when we really need a world class performance from DD do we really get one ? . Another 3 match ban - is that a unique CL hatrick ?.
  15. Yes please.