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  1. Most of the criticism I've read of Torres has actually been quite balanced; this is because they watched the player at Liverpool and before and are clinging to the hope that class is permanent and form is temporary. Irrelevant in the context of your argument, Drogba came from Ligue 1. Torres came off the back of legend-making performances at Liverpool. Again, you're twisting things to suit your own argument, or using it as a foil to hide you own real doubts in an attempt at faux support - I suspect the latter. Most of the people I've talked to are utterly bereft of ideas as to how a player became so utterly and undeniably toilet in such a short space of time. Further, those same people don't gloat and rake over the coals of a career that isn't over yet; they're actually looking forward to the day when they can breath a sigh of relief. It's this which puts the sword to your absolute bollocks about Chelsea supporters not wanting him to succeed. If you're going down that route, you're going to be very, very busy on here with all the new supporters and members who can't wait for the footballing death of the unnamed deadwood and older players who apparently don't care about playing football any more. Good luck with that.
  2. Is anyone seriously thinking that Torres will be sold, though? I've seen it used as a weak argument here a few times in an attempt to explain just how much we need him. Of course we're not going to sell him in January unless someone makes an offer we can't refuse, which they won't. Right now, with the club dragging its heels once again, I'd be more concerned at the offers of around for £200k per week tempting Didier Drogba. Right now, who would be the biggest loss?
  3. Maybe he will, maybe he won't, but maybe AVB is impressed by what he's seen recently and for the sake of continuity - and his admission that he's got the tactics wrong - he might well continue with Drogba for as long as possible. It's quite clear that Drogba isn't 90 minutes fit yet, but that didn't stop AVB playing Mata and Merieles who have both only just become 90 minutes fit. Torres is currently relegated to Kalou levels, maybe even as low as Sturridge was before he went out on loan. Either he doesn't fit with AVB's plans, he's not doing it on the training ground, or he's just simply not the right man for the job.
  4. And therein lies the problem. It's a fact that the most efficient clubs spend big on transfers (as I've said previously, transfers aren't nearly as relevant as people think) but keep wages down. We, however, seem to spend big and pay silly wages. It's not unreasonable to expect that the player market we should be looking at now takes that into consideration*. That's one of the reasons I never understood the Torres transfer when many clubs are looking to mainland Europe for players - specifically Holland, Belgium and France - to keep wages down. * Arguably the Lukaku transfer falls into this category
  5. Well, conservatively, @150k a week - that's a guess obviously - almost another eight big ones spunked while we wait for him to perform. Generally I don't give a toss about transfer fees because they're amortized over the period of a player's contract, but it's not unreasonable to expect a player who commands a record transfer fee to return something quickly. Particularly as the player in question came from a league that was familiar to him and he's being paid a lot of money which, as I've already said, is a stick used relentlessly on here with which to beat players. The player you didn't mention in your little 'getting stuck in' rant was Ramires, who got some pretty heavy abuse on here, but now he's settled in plenty of people are stuffing tissues down the back of the sofa every time he plays. Had he not settled as quickly as he did - from a league outside the Premier League - he'd be getting slaughtered on here. Yet we must be patient for Torres, bless him. No argument from me on the first part, but it's far from all of the story.
  6. Well I didn't being up his transfer fee, you did. However, since you've chosen to mention it, we paid a lot of money to solve a problem which still exists when he's playing up front: namely profligacy in front of goal. Further, we're no doubt paying him an astronomical wage - something often used here as a stick with which to beat players - to stink up the place and look like at times like a dog with a baloon. Price tags are only nonsense when people blame players for how much they cost. They aren't nonsense when, in times that clubs must justify such a huge investment, they're getting little or no return.
  7. I'm no longer prepared to accept the service argument, either. My feelings about Torres are based on what I see when he has the ball and what does or doesn't do when he hasn't got the ball. It's largely rubbish with, as I've already said, occasional glimpses of what he's been capable of in the past. Plenty of players in our squad get absolute dog's abuse for their first touch - Malouda, Kalou, Lampard, Bosingwa, Mikel and so on - yet it's almost a year now and people are still blindly telling everyone who'll listen that we have to back him 100%. I hope he comes good because the club have spenta lot of money on him, but it's been so long now that I'm fully into expecting 30 goals from him next season.
  8. Do they do it regularly, then? My comment earlier was the first time it crossed my mind to think of Torres in the same bracket as Shevchenko, which is to say, useless. I'd agree they're not the same type of player at all - a pet hate of mine too as it happens - but we're talking about out and out strikers here, players whose sole purpose is to score goals. We didn't buy Torres because he's like Drogba - I'm still a little confused about why we bought him in the first place if I'm honest - and if we weren't overly bothered about someone not scoring goals and instead making space for other players, Torres was a shocking choice. We've let players go who could have done a better job in that regard. No, it crossed my mind only because he's been here very nearly a year now and I discovered his record is actually worse than Shevchenko's. He's currently on target to score around two thirds of what Shevchenko did in his time with us, but I rather hope we don't wait another two years to find out if he'll hit the not-so-heady heights Shevchenko did. I'm a big defender of players when we can't see a lot of the work they do on the pitch because we have only the TV to go on - and yes I know some people still seem to think you get a better view on TV - such as Eidur, Crespo, Malouda, Drogba, even Shevchenko to a degree, and more besides - but I'm now at the stage with Torres where I'm struggling to see any redeeming features that are any more than fleeting glances. What makes it all the more galling, is I have to sit and read really stupid people - present company excluded obviously - slaughtering players who have actually delivered something for the club and casting them off with barely a second thought and calling them things like deadwood, whilst I'm urged to have patience with a player how in eleven long months has delivered, quite frankly, Sweet FA to a Jam Tart. And that is about all I have to say about Torres until I see something worth discussing, because I have a real dislike of people who relentlessly slaughter players.
  9. Didn't EJSpencer just answer that one? I think he did. If Rooney misses one, how long do you think it'll be before he hits the net again? If Torres misses one, how long do you think it will be before he scores?
  10. Not entirely sure how this is relevant. Suarez is a wide player, a provider. And where has Rooney been playing this season? Often not even in the front line is where. We can paper over as many cracks as we like, but some of the stick Torres gets is well deserved. Just the other day I was watching him and thought of Shevchenko. That's how bad some of his performances have appeared to me at times. He shows just the briefest snatches of what he's capable of, but the long this goes on the less it looks like he fits AVB's system, whatever that is today. Hmmm, Fernandrey Torreschenko. Has a bit of a ring to it. :)
  11. It is? Does that include the sub-continent? If so, I'd say that assertion was wide of the mark.
  12. Point of order, Paul. Last time we were mid-table was 95-96. What recent events have highlighted is a mistrust of the board in general. As East Lower alludes to above, I think there are issues surrounding how this will be reported back to Roman. I think it's time he met the people who should be fawning their gratitude all over him, because what's happened has demonstrated that whilst it's his club to do with as he feels, there are a lot of people with more emotional attachment to Chelsea Football Club than he could possibly understand all the while he looks on from his Ivory Towers.
  13. Media / Press

    They have a demonstrable agenda against Chelsea. Easily demonstrated in fact. In particular, the ongoing witch hunt for John Terry. I don't generally have issues with newspapers, usually it's just a single journo - Jason 'shotgun' Burt for example - but the Daily Mail is ****ing filth on so many levels. They're struggling, even after all these years. See Ian Brown's recent comments for an example of what people really think of the Daily Mail.
  14. This point can't be stressed enough. There's the best part of a whole generation missing from our support and the thing is there are a lot of people who couldn't possibly understand why that is. Only sustained success and capacity will fill that gap in the long term.
  15. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    But often not for the right reasons.
  16. Swung, missed, 46 pages wasted.
  17. His club, bought on a whim. He might have learned a lesson today that will further his recently acquired love of Chelsea, actually. He might have learned that supporting a club in any way you can, rather than simply being a fan, and regardless of how much money you have means a great deal to a great many people. You do now that there are people out there who stopped supporting Chelsea after many years when Roman took over, don't you? Point of order: on how many occasions has Roman spoken to anyone outside the board about Chelsea Football Club? If he can't yet see that his reticence to speak to anyone at all is a small but significant part of the many problems, then he might just as well chuck his toys out the pram and take his ball home.
  18. So, of all the people who voted no, how many do you think would disagree with you?
  19. Really, really disappointed. In the last hour, two people have posted in this thread and made it clear they never ONCE understood what the Say NO vote was all about. Really sad, particularly after all the hard work a select few people did against the club's obvious propaganda.
  20. Fully expected to see stuff like this coming out. It just proves what many have been saying, that the club is out of touch with the feelings of the fans.
  21. So, the club might have learned a lesson here. The shareholders' counter to their opening gambit was rejected outright. The club made it clear they weren't prepared for negotiation, so the people started campaigning and won for the right reasons. Well done to all concerned. Very, very good job.
  22. Journo Dan Levene (@BluesChronicle) is tweeting from the meeting. Not much point in posting updates here though since it's a moderated topic. Meeting was called to order just before midday.
  23. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Well, he's impressive in the same way that a bird with huge tits is in a room full of flat-chested women.
  24. Good luck to all who are attending the EGM. Just say NO.
  25. It's been rumoured a couple of times in the past, though. Makes sense on a number of levels, but it's a moot point. Even if people were happy to go there - they won't be - a NO vote is still the only way to find out.