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  1. Gael Kakuta

    And on TalkSport, the topic of the day is... John Terry. Not a mention of this.
  2. Gael Kakuta

    No point, Cundy's on. Where's Durham when you need him?
  3. Gael Kakuta

    I'm almost tempted to ring TalkSport.
  4. Gael Kakuta

    The ban has been overturned and Chelsea Football Club cleared of all wrongdoing.
  5. Gael Kakuta

    So Lens admitted they got it wrong. Perhaps they should be kicked while they're down. They should be sued. Seriously. At the very least, they might think carefully in the future about sweetening up a child (quiet at the back) in the way they did.
  6. Gael Kakuta

    Amen. Common sense prevails. Never in any doubt in my opinion. Blatter needs to stand up and take this one on the chin.
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I hope so. Even Wenger can see that comedy defending, surely?
  8. Gael Kakuta

    Did I miss something? What bad situation are you referring to?
  9. Gael Kakuta

    Depends on your viewpoint. It means that it could be heard after Christmas, which means a summer ban if they reduce it to one window. Looking at the wording on the CAS site, it seems we simply requested a stay on this one. Could be a long time before it's sorted, and I rather doubt the option of fast-tracking will be taken up by either party.
  10. Gael Kakuta

    I think what's happening here is that some silly journo had one Pernod too many and got carried away and broke an embargo. I think CAS will lift the ban until the case can be heard properly. I'm sure certain parties would like to see the hearing fast-tracked before Christmas, but that's down to both parties to agree. Makes all the recent rumours about our interest in players just slightly more credible, though where the UK hacks would have got this from I don't know. Most likely, whether they like it or nor, there is a precedent for bans being temporarily listed. I'd rather it was done now, one way or the other, because I feel if it goes on longer we're so soft that we're likely to accept a reduced punishment. I don't want to see that all. I'm not like some of the people on here who think we should just roll over every time Fifa or Uefa barks at us. We've been far too soft for far too long in my opinion (cf. Droy's earlier comments) and I'm much rather we were enemies of these organisations which abuse their power. Platini, for example, is quite possibly the very worst person you'd want in charge of Uefa. If the English press cared enough, they could have easily made his life a misery since he was appointed and he'd have been harried out by now. His specious twaddle is all over the net for the world to. He's a hypocrite and he's duplicitous. With the greatest respect to one of my all-time favourite players: to my mind it's akin to putting Ron Harris in charge of media relations and press at Chelsea Football Club.
  11. Gael Kakuta

    Well it would piss me off for starters, seeing how well the team fits right now.
  12. Gael Kakuta

  13. Movies

    Agreed, but I have a problem with the film, sadly. I read the book a very long time ago, and it's absolutely superb. It's rare for me to enjoy a film when the book was that good.
  14. Movies

    He's better in The Machinist; a frustrating film at times, but worth the effort. Try Harsh Times, he's very good in that, too.
  15. Movies

    I don't know if it's been mentioned already, but Drag Me To Hell is possibly the worse film I've seen in years. It's utter bilge from start to finish and has nothing of any merit worth mentioning. Avoid at all costs. Opening your bills in the morning is more scary.
  16. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Got to love that headline in the Daily Mail. So typical, so tabloid. Graham Poll offers his official verdict? Oh, sorry, just for one minute I thought that Poll was still in some way involved in football in some role other than his self-serving TV punditry and newspaper columns. HELLO!?
  17. Gael Kakuta

    Back on topic, please.
  18. Gael Kakuta

    If you look just to the top of the previous page, you'll see Michael's comment. That's the answer.
  19. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Thanks for reminding me about that. What went before?
  20. Didier Drogba

  21. Following Chelsea's Loans

    BBC: Sawyer sent home by Southend
  22. Gael Kakuta

    If you go back one page, you'll see that isn't the case. We've asked for the appeal ban to be frozen pending the appeal, as had happened in the past in other cases. It's likely to be agreed, but it's not a given.
  23. Gael Kakuta

    Did anyone ever seriously doubt that we'd try (and succeed) and get the ban frozen while the case is heard? I didn't, but I would have really enjoyed seeing Fifa try and stop it.
  24. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    As I understand it, we're talking about two tranches of £40m, dependent on Premier League survival. Just snatched that quote from the BBC.
  25. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    The article I read didn't quite say that. It said he'd have 40m to spend on transfers and wages.