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  1. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    To my mind, if he gets 30% better then he's head and shoulders the best in the world. I don't understand either.
  2. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Such percentages are meaningless without an established baseline.
  3. Plastics, plastics everywhere!

  4. fools, fools everywhere!

  5. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Given that Jose wasn't talking about JT not being an automatic starter in the team, I'd say that's right. He said, and we already know, that JT wasn't fit for a significant part of last season. We also know that his experience and leadership were sorely missed, too. I'm not going to argue with anyone about Luiz's capabilities in the future, but to elevate Luiz so soon at JT's expense is a little short-sighted in my opinion. Luiz needs a level head close to him, we've learned that much. Should he continue in the cavalier manner he was at times last season he wouldn't last long, but I expect Jose to have him knocked into shape in fairly short order.
  6. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Blimey, you can't wait can you? News about Luiz, in the Luiz topic, and you're raking over the coals of JT's career.
  7. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Finally, the straw-grasping bollocks about David Luiz being a midfielder of any sort can be put to bed. JM—"For me, Luiz is a central defender. He can help the team playing in another position but he’s a central defender, no doubt about it." JM—"[Luiz] has an important quality for the football we want to build. He builds from the back & is comfortable with the ball." TFFT!
  8. Media / Press

    Quite, and what a fantastic moment that was.
  9. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    From the best source around.
  10. Scouting network is being addressed. As of Monday.
  11. It's a fair point, of course. However, Mourinho will want them all back on Monday; meet and greet, assess the squad, start laying out his vision to the player. I've no doubt he'll play Mata in gently - and hopefully Oscar since he looked more like he needs the rest than anyone - and by the time we start the season we should have a better depth of squad, so proper management of available resources should be easier.
  12. From now? Highly unlikely given that Mourinho's already given them an extra week off and they return on Monday. Light training, maybe, but not two weeks off more than any other player.
  13. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Arsenal's deal is five years. They're free to renegotiate long before us.
  14. Chelsea Finances Thread

    You can? How? They're not usually.
  15. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Nope, other way round. What we get from Adidas is dependent on a sustained level of success. I don't think the deal's that much to shout about. It's too long.
  16. Andre Schurrle

    Fact is I followed this topic to be educated because I don't know that much about him. But there's the problem: between people talking about everything but that and your silly little smartarse comment - because it's beyond your comprehension that a topic about a player might help educate some people - it's turning the entire site into a giant excuse to look elsewhere for informed information about the club and players.
  17. Andre Schurrle

    If you can't get beyond that level of conversation about a player, that's your own fault.
  18. Andre Schurrle

    I thought this was the Shurrle topic. :( Isn't there enough wanking off about players we haven't signed yet elsewhere on the site?
  19. About as many as there are fans who'll do the same thing I'd guess.
  20. Andre Schurrle

    Yep. Struggling to understand why this is so difficult for people to work out. Probably pouting because clearly we're not going to buy three or four megastars. Edit: I accidentally a word.
  21. What's to defend? You're making sweeping statements, so you're not going to listen to reason. It's pointless.
  22. Yanno, I'm struggling here. It's been posted enough times that the news conference was broken down - like almost all of the Chelsea news conferences - into two parts: broadcasting and press. Yet here you are, having to defend - good post by the way - an industry at which charges of laziness are levelled just about every day. C'est la vie.
  23. Media / Press

    I've had the above confirmed by a good source today, one that that also says it was Benitez who circulated the Emenalo resignation rumours. Apologies for quoting and responding to my own comments.