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  1. You don't. You never do. Today's news conference was no different to any other. There are almost always two sessions.
  2. As many times as it takes for Chelsea fans to believe it, I guess. We didn't see the journos press conference, we never do. That was for the broadcasters and it's always different. Same as every other press conference.
  3. There are more fans still saying he was sacked than there are journalists. Primarily because they blame the club/board/elves for his departure even though this isn't the first time he's said he wasn't sacked.
  4. Media / Press

    It's gossip. Clearly it's been fed to the Mail by one of the recently departed. If it weren't, there might have been some mention in there of what Frank Lampard thought of someone trying to have a dig at Terry in Spanish.
  5. Media / Press

    He's clearly regurgitating the Emenalo stuff he's read from the fans themselves. They're the ones who think that's what he was doing whilst conveniently ignoring his primary role at the time. I'm all for journos being called out, but the are more people who swallow it and use it than there are those who are prepared to try and correct their mistakes.
  6. Well that proposal would make interesting reading, as would the headlines it would generate.
  7. I think the truth lies somewhere in between. I do think it would be ridiculously expensive - I hesitate to say prohibitive because the club could get the money but the fans would have to pay in the end and they're already delivering a higher matchday income per attendee than any other club in England - but I think there's an element of truth in what you say about the board. Could well be they're quite fed up with exploring options with H&FC.
  8. Did you read the link? Yes it's possible, always has been. However, not mentioned yet in the recent flurry, is the H&FC's part in this.
  9. Do you? He talked of the squad he had before with Chelsea in the same terms. He 'brought through' the same number of players at Real Madrid as he did in his first term at Chelsea - 17 I think - if bringing them through is playing them. I'd like your vision of things to be true, but I most certainly do not believe it's as high a priority in his grand thespian scheme of things as you do.
  10. When he talks about young players, what do you think he means? Ignoring the bit you added in to make it look like something it isn't, of course. There's nothing in that piece which is different from what he said the other day, which is a clue.
  11. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Luiz leaving is not beyond the realms of possibility. He's out most saleable asset at the moment that would have the least impact on the squad by his departure.
  12. Catching up here as well, but if this is the case that it's most definitely a step in the right direction. The club has always been quite specific about the titles they give staff.
  13. If he cared that much about this: "Values have been lost. Education and professionalism are becoming worse and worse. It is a problem in current society and football in particular - working as groups, not individually. I believe success depends on objectives being reached by a group, who are able to identify, establish and fight for those goals." He would have stayed in Spain, where they're surely the worst of the lot!
  14. SSDD. You might want to take a look back through Port's posts. If you do, he's only going to end up in one place.
  15. That's because the same thing is being discussed in at least three topics now.
  16. Chelsea Finances Thread

    You genuinely think that's beyond the realms of possibility? TIL: UEFA is whiter than white.
  17. Whooosh! I think, but could be wrong, that Droy was asking a general question to see who was telling the truth. I don't think Blue Rod did say that, did he? Looking back, it seems to me he said it was hit and miss.
  18. Before Jose we had the money we have now for only a short time.
  19. I understand where you're coming from. I find it mildly amusing that people are talking about Mourinho building a legacy, but not thinking about what they're saying in the first place. It's not Mourinho's job to build a legacy unless Roman completely changes the way the club is set up. Unless Mourinho comes as a manager and not a coach, which would be a fundamental change, then he won't be in a position to build anything apart from the squad - and then only within predefined boundaries which would have been agreed before he joined - with which he has do the job he's being paid for: to win trophies. As I've said countless times and am now sick of saying it: we have stability at Chelsea Football Club. It's just that people don't understand it. The stability is in everything above the head coach. From there down everybody is employed solely to one end: to execute Romain's vision and build his legacy.
  20. You're looking at the wrong Wiki, then. We limit who can edit to a select few.
  21. He hasn't changed. You've now seen both sides of that particular coin.
  22. You're probably right, but Heynckes probably won't move on, that would be some sort of Betrayal. Only The Brave would do such a thing, surely? I'm certain he has the Desire to stay where he is. However, Today We Live for the moment Mourinho rides into town, possibly One Sunday Afternoon, and we celebrate Now And Forever, the return of a special one and The Real Glory. Finally, and I say this with some Friendly Persuasion, jog on, you Troll.
  23. I think Droy's right, you've not read anything in any detail about the match, or indeed from that comment above, about Frisk himself. You should probably do a little research, at least into Frisk.
  24. Excellent commentary. It's getting worse too, with even the slightest challenges here being labelled as something they're not.
  25. Jose Mourinho is not arrogant? I've heard it all now. This is a completely bizarre statement written as if being arrogant is a bad thing. It's not. He's very arrogant, but with good reason. It's one of his qualities, it's one of the methods he uses to deflect attention away from others in the spotlight. He wears it as a badge of honour. Edit: I a word.