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  1. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Can we stop living in a bubble please? I know several people who've stopped supporting the club since Roman took over. I know of one season ticket holder who stopped supporting the club the day he took over. They're still fans though, and probably always will be. Shocking as this may be to some, there are people out there with principles. People who fell out of love with Chelsea Football Club because of the way Roman changed it. Trophies aren't everything, they're only a part of the fabric of a football club.
  2. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Exactly. There are certain sports brands I won't have in my house, and there are certain fashion brands I've told her indoors I don't want in the house. But, to some, success is everything and the cost is irrelevant. If questionable business practices don't bother people then their conscience is always going to be clear. Then again, there are plenty here who don't invest any money in Chelsea Football Club at all, so they can be as vociferous as they like in support of Roman.
  3. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Explain to me if you can why it's so obvious? You think you know what he wants? Sacking managers demonstrates that how? How many times have you wondered why he hasn't completely sacked the board for their poor advice? How many times have you wondered why he's never come out and told the fans about his vision for the club? I suspect you've never really thought about the last two at all.
  4. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    But the club have sacked so many people now in such a short space of time, who's going to believe anything Gourlay, Buck and Co. say? Further, I note there are people here defending Roman for what he's done for the club, but if he cared that much you'd think he might once address the fans. He hasn't. Ever.
  5. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    You can watch football like that, but you can't support a football club like that. Supporting a club is all about heart and nothing else. There's no common sense in supporting 98% of the world's football clubs.
  6. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Rule No.1 of posting on internet forums: before hitting the post button, read what you've written.
  7. Michael Essien

    I note with interest that there are plenty of people - now that he's gone at least and we're struggling a bit - advocating the return of Essien, but clearly those people aren't following his progress at Real. Any of those clamouring for his return care to fill in the massive gaps at the moment?
  8. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Erm, there might be some flawed logic here. Unless I'm missing something.
  9. So it's okay not to put in a shift when it suits, then?
  10. Good, because that post and the one over in the transfer topic are a load of old twaddle. Here in particular, you've chosen to jump on the last few pages of a 310 page topic.
  11. Non Chelsea: International Football

    He hasn't, is that how a player is now defined, by a competition that's been in existence in its current rubbish format since 1992? When he looks back, I'll doubt he'll care much. I wouldn't with the league titles he's won, even if a couple were rescinded. League titles will always be better for me than the Champions League. One requires a large slice of luck, the other is the mark of a team's consistency.
  12. Agreed. It did, after all, take the FA (and/or Clattenburg) nine days (yes, 9) to come up with the 'couldn't give a monkey's' line of excuse.
  13. Josh Mc Eachran

    No mate, it was a Joe Cole moment, sadly. He had a very good game, though. Been given more responsibility in a good passing Boro side and he's rising well to it. Settling into his position nicely and clearly enjoying his football. Don't think we should call him back in January, but very much looking forward to seeing him back.
  14. Josh Mc Eachran

    The forgotten man... Josh gets his teenage kicks with Boro but he still dreams of Chelsea
  15. He didn't need to think it through, neither did Lord Ferg or the others. They're clearly being briefed, otherwise they'd say nothing at all.
  16. You're right mate, but it's a rock and hard place I'm afraid. We're going to come out of this badly, really badly, but can you imagine the sentiment if the papers had got hold of the fact that we didn't pursue a potential racial abuse case? Doesn't bear thinking about. I note with interest that KickItOut appear to be on holiday, so clearly another case of a Chelsea player being the wrong sort of black.
  17. Actually, I thought he was fairly decent first half. That's assuming of course we take on board the current excuse being touted around here that he isn't a goalscorer and add it to the list. He looked confident, his movement was good, seemed quite lively. Second half was shocking, though. I can't help but wonder what's going to happen with Torres. Perhaps he's actually doing what's expected of him by Roman, the board and the coaching staff, but it's taken 20 months to get us this far. Surely even the most avid Torres fanboy occasionally wonders what would happen if we had a striker who banged them in for fun would do with the movement and skills of Oscar, Hazard and Mata. Particularly those who claimed he wasn't doing what was expected of him because he wasn't getting the service he needed. We've seen Torres correct elements of his game since he joined, but it never all seems to come together to a point where there's a general feeling he's reached an acceptable level. Putting all that together, as it were, leaves me only with the the feeling that actually, he's really not very happy (and/or comfortable) at Chelsea Football Club.
  18. Alan Hudson will say anything for anyone who will buy him a pint. Sad, bitter and twisted.
  19. Ashley Cole

    Nor me, particularly as we've seen in recent years that players are peaking later - arguably around 30 instead of 28 - and playing longer at a higher level.
  20. Ashley Cole

    Looking around the forums, you'd think so, yes. I don't recall any media agenda along those lines - though happy to be proved wrong - but a look around these forums, bearing in mind that many journos feed of fans' comments, you'd think we have a full compliment of old, moody players, right? Deadwood? Player power? There's probably quite a list.
  21. Ashley Cole

    In so far as the Daily Mail is concerned, there's nothing bubbling under at all. Their anti-Chelsea has campaign has been running for some time now; in particular they've been targeting Terry for years.
  22. Ashley Cole

    Because they're not, unlike many here who complain about the media and carry on oblivious and regardless, moral arbiters. Oddly, they're just normal folk, many of whom happen to have lots of money and be very good at football, but are like the rest of us prone to making the occasional mistake. At least he's not one of the army of anonymous mongs with their righteous indignation. Headline news.
  23. No, it can't be, because you've at least established what is Torres' last excuse. People (I never did and still wouldn't) can no longer blame the midfield.
  24. I don't think that is what you said though, is it? I doubt many would argue that around 28 - possibly slightly later these days due to improved fitness regimes - is when most players should be at their peak. You said he's young. Not to be pedantic, but that's not the same thing.
  25. Is 28 the new young now? Just curious, generally speaking and not specifically regarding Torres.