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  1. I suspect you and I have a different definition if abuse, then. My point stands.
  2. Given the stick (and outright abuse) he got on here, I think it says enough that you're comparing Torres and Kalou, frankly.
  3. Because they were shot before they joined the club. It's really that simple.
  4. LOL! Torres isn't being forced out wide at all. He's moving out there of his own volition. There were plenty of examples of this during the Stoke game. He's in the right place at the wrong time. Almost every single time.
  5. You need to check your Crespo comment, it's way off. He did better than okay. For a start, he had movement Torres could only dream of at the moment, secondly you need to check his return. At one point, he was second only to Henry in goals per games ratio. Eidur?
  6. Did you just agree with me? I think you did. However, I don't recall saying Torres wasn't a team player. Kindly enlighten me, or read my post again.
  7. Incidentally, no that doesn't make you a bad apple at all. But it could easily be perceived by others on the outside looking in as you not being a team player, couldn't it?
  8. Actually, I think you'll find if you look back that SD isn't one of the so-called haters on here. I think you'll find here's closer to being one these people. Look around the site and you'll see the tide is turning here, too. Particularly since the QPR away game. People are, quite simply, running out of patience. That's not pathetic at all.
  9. I thought, by common consensus, he was a lazy cheese eating surrender monkey. But then I probably spent too much time reading forums over the last two years when I could't afford to go to matches.
  10. Ashley Cole

    +1. Far too many people on here with absolutely no emotional attachment to the club these days. Scarier still, some people are welcoming that kind of attitude. I'm just chucking them in the ignore list from now on.
  11. Didier Drogba

    Apart from being quicker over ten yards than anyone else, that is.
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Interesting match for those who think a team needs to be all about pace and 'tempo' to succeed in the Premier League.
  13. Didier Drogba

    Not what I heard at all.
  14. Michael Essien

    No, it's because he's being treated properly now, rather than having his rehabilitation cocked up twice by a cretin. No wonder he has more confidence.
  15. Michael Essien

    I think my time is passed, to be honest. Looking around, I don't think football is the place for people who care about the club any more.
  16. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Look, last season, RDM took over and did precisely the job that needed to be done. He was completely focussed on the job in hand. RDM played the same sort of football at WBA (without a decent defence in depth) that they are playing now. Explain to me what opportunity he's had - bearing in mind the above - since he joined to make his own mark on the club, when he hasn't had to endure the pressure of covering the arse of a charlatan? He hasn't, has he? Not yet, and looking around these forums he's not going to get it. Lukaku has a few minutes in the sun, and apparently he's a changed player. I wish I had the skills of some people here, I'm sure there's money to be made. Amazing.
  17. Michael Essien

    Hah! ;) I'm rather liking it, actually. Of course, this is the transition period that people have been crying out for, but it won't stop them calling for heads or calling players names before the first half against Wigan is over. I don't even care if we don't fill the gaps in this transfer window, I feel we're finally going down the right road. But then, I could never really give a monkey's if we won anything or not anyway. Clearly that makes me a heretic...
  18. Michael Essien

    Jose Maria Rocha. Edit: sorry, should have said. Improved stamina, much less nervous energy expended.
  19. Michael Essien

    I hope people are watching this topic. Particularly those who've written him off. When the Charlatan left, and took the Cretin with him, did anyone notice anything about player fitness?
  20. Abso-farking-lutely. Bang on the money.
  21. Marvellous. How about a balanced squad? Even I could pick a balanced eleven from current personnel, even if it's shite, but a balanced squad is most certainly not what we have at the moment.
  22. :-) Your comment is a product of the lowered level of expectation about this parish since we've long been profligate in front of goal, a problem that I assumed Torres was brought in to fix. To be fair, he wasn't the first.
  23. Whilst I wouldn't go so far as to label a player in such a way - indeed I find it pathetic that people on here think it's alright to call players names at all - I'd be genuinely interested in your definition of 'suddenly'. There's been more than enough objective criticism of Torres on here. What I haven't seen, as I said above, is people speculating about why he is so rubbish at the moment that don't involve blaming everybody but Torres himself. Ah, I get it now. You've clearly been on an extended hiatus from the site. That's the only explanation for your comment. People have been blaming other players - three on on your list to start with - for Torres' dearth of form. Further, every one of those players has been slaughtered on here in recent weeks.
  24. Now I'm getting all confused again. I read every day on here about players that are too big for their boots and need to be put back in their boxes, and yet I'm now reading - and re-reading - that we must massage the ego of a player who's done next to nothing good at the club? Surely if a player needs his ego massaged then, based on the criteria laid down by many here in recent weeks, he must be the wrong man for Chelsea Football Club. I think someone should compile a list so we can judge early doors if a player is going to be suitable for the club. Yes, I'm being facetious however, I am genuinely confused now. Or perhaps I'm just SICK TO THE BACK TEETH of people making excuses for Torres while players who've supported him and put themselves out for the club through some very challenging times are being slaughtered on here. What I'd like to see, is less opinion about what he needs to do on the pitch, or how the club from the top down should grab their ankles to help him, and let's hear some sensible opinions about why he's not being picked. Is he poor on the training ground? Does he ponce around Cobham giving it the big I am? Is he lazy? Did he try to get too close to Christine B? Does he just not fit? Does his attitude stink? The last one should be easy, there are plenty of clairvoyants here.
  25. Nobody is, they're judging him on a run of shiteness which is starting to rival that of Shevchenko, and he had his pension book when he arrived at Chelsea. Last night did nothing to help Torres' case. He chased back once last night, then did his best to do an impression of an Oozlum bird. Spurs were tired, we were getting back into it. That should have been the perfect opportunity for him. It wasn't, it hasn't been, and I'm wondering when it ever will be. Anyway, people will be crowing about him on Boxing Day. I've said more than once he'll start, and I've said more than once he'll score two. No he didn't, not by any stretch.