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  1. "As a team, we didn't answer anything the manager asked of us. We have to be honest with ourselves and put more attention on the small details." - Ivanovic. Keep blaming the manager though.
  2. No, they really aren't.
  3. Poor result but still on course with the club ambition of finishing mid table.
  4. Fabregas for Alonso? Huh?
  5. Oscar, Moses, Michy.
  6. Matic **** off Willian **** off Ivanovic **** off Cahill **** off
  7. Cahill lol. How many more times is he gonna do that?
  8. But can their defenders handle Costa and Hazard?
  9. Brilliant team goal.
  10. Ohh how did Costa miss? So good to have Luiz playing though.
  11. Still waiting for RLC to do something impressive. Or productive.
  12. What a goal!!
  13. For those of you wanting Begovic over Courtois.... LOL!!!
  14. Cahill is hilariously ****.
  15. Ref had a clear view of the handball but no penalty. Lol.