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  1. LOL!
  2. Brilliant from Pedro. Well worked by all involved.
  3. Maybe we can put Hazard in second half.
  4. Hazard silencing his critics a bit.
  5. Even not playing well we could've won it but I'll take the result. No points dropped against title rivals.
  6. Luiz!!!!!!!!!
  7. Can we allow for things to be official before we blow our lids?
  8. Fabregas with the assist. Water is wet.
  9. I'm recording this half as a sleep aid for the future.
  10. What a team goal.
  11. Many strikers would be very proud of Alonso's finish.
  12. Not that he had to but nice of him to post that for the fans at the least.
  13. My concern is that without him, we don't stand a chance at the title. All other names you mention are irrelevant because they're not coming in January.