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  1. He's officially sold, just saw him in a Lyon shirt.
  2. I'm sure he won't be. However, it's Chelsea who really raised his profile and it's also Chelsea who's paying him wages that no other club will match for him and decisions are made for Chelsea FC, not Alonso FC or any other player FC that is unhappy not being a starter. Furthermore, would you really want players in the squad that shy away from competition? This is a top club.
  3. Hey guys, this just in: http://www.football-italia.net/104539/dalbert-opens-alex-sandro-chelsea Dalbert linked to Juve so it opens up a way for Sandro to us.
  4. Strongly linked to Adama Traore at the moment.
  5. You've answered your own question. By that logic, if we sign Caballero first, he was the most important signing we could have made this summer.
  6. This man knows.
  7. Could simply be a gentleman's agreement not to. Not sure why it matters, if the transaction is complete, they got their money. also that ^^ Part of me hopes this is true because I do get entertained watching the meltdowns of our fans over lack of signings... and I mean in general not just those here.
  8. It's not about "waiting for us" it's about waiting for a done deal to be revealed.
  9. The fact that Ronaldo to Chelsea is discussed....lol.
  10. I haven't thought of this but I think you're bang on. Most likely new signings will hold a Nike shirt so it's all a waiting game.
  11. Never seen him play, how would you assess him?
  12. Signed an extension.
  13. You guys DO realize he's feeding off of your attention, right?
  14. Convincing Zlatan to be a squad player would be the hardest job in football.
  15. People are too hung up on this "was it a text or not" talk. Point is, Conte doesn't want Costa at the club anymore and Costa made it that way. I completely understand Conte's actions here considering that Costa admitted that last summer he wanted to leave and had to go back to Conte with his "tail between his legs" plus what transpired in January and his dip in form. Honestly, replacing Costa with Lukaku is a downgrade at the moment but we're getting a younger, motivated and ambitious player that still has untapped potential and wants to be at Chelsea and is a Chelsea fan, we've known that since his Anderlecht days, he's made that well known. No more half a season commitment crap.