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  1. Why are you guys dwelling on City's suspensions? Massive three points, all that matters.
  2. Brilliant break!
  3. That is better. We know that Fabregas has a pass like that in him. Still needed work from Costa, well done.
  4. It's amazing that this game isn't already dead and buried. We deserve nothing out of this, like often when we play City.
  5. What a nervy match. Phew. Great win.
  6. It looks like we will cut Kenedy's loan short. I'm all for it, he'd fit us a left wingback.
  7. I agree with this. I think Kenedy could be a big asset for us in this current formation.
  8. Can't throw enough superlatives at that performance...
  9. Well deserved Pedro, brilliant match from him.
  10. He hasn't scored, but this has been Pedro's best match for us.
  11. So true. Conte is the best signing we could have made this summer.
  12. Was that Alonso's first ever celebration? Lol.
  13. Brilliant minute haha.
  14. We're back.