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  1. We kept a clean sheet!!! Moses was great since coming on. Everyone was great. Best performance I've seen since 2014.
  2. No worries, Bats will come in and score.
  3. Lol Terry. If that had gone in from Hazard I would've passed out.
  4. Kante is just excellent.
  5. Tony Gale, our friend.
  6. This is some seriously sexy stuff.
  7. I was being sarcastic, trying to mirror the cope that some of us indulge in this thread.
  8. Nonsense, just be patient, the club is trying, it's not their fault at all.
  9. Yes, that is how the market is now. A player is worth what the club he is at deems him to be worth. I do have my own business, thanks very much. I also have a finance degree.
  10. Or champions. "Why conform to the market?" Says everything I need to know about your thought process.
  11. Lol, what is your point? That we are all set and good to go in this campaign? Laughable.
  12. I agree with you. I'm not hell bent on one or two specific players for us to sign (aka Koulibaly or bust) but get it done already. We are a month late with the dealings we are doing now. The season started already. We simply do not want to spend. It's that simple. Overspending on someone like romagnoli is a lot cheaper in the long run than missing out on the champions league again.
  13. We've had all summer to reach our targets. It's frustrating to see some here with this "woe is me" attitude towards our club. "But but...we bid and it was rejected, what more can we do?!" You either conform to how the market is now or you get swept aside and accept mediocrity, something which we have already started last season.
  14. You're being modest. We're becoming Liverpool, not Arsenal. Arsenal is consistently in the CL.
  15. Prepare yourselves for disappointment boys, there is no chance in hell we will make the three required signings in order for us to compete. I really envy United and City. They've backed their new managers fully in the market, part of the reason why the EPL trophy is going to Manchester this season.