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  1. Absolutely delighted with this result. Massive, massive result this, easily top 5 of the season for me. Doing it without Hazard and against those ogres too, very impressive.
  2. Gary makes up for it and if the result holds these are massive three points.
  3. Besides his goal, William has been so poor.
  4. All Stoke is trying to do is disrupt our game and it's working because the ref is doing nothing about it.
  5. That penalty foul is exactly what Stoke players have been doing to Costa across the pitch.
  6. Worried a bit about our lack of creativity. Expect a frustrating first half.
  7. Top 5 hardest remaining fixture this. I won't be too disappointed if we don't come back with 3 points but hoping for the best!
  8. Kante only knows how to score against these peasants.
  9. We need defeats eh? Saying that we scraped by with the result is nonsense. That result flattered West Ham. Never in doubt.
  10. Brilliant counter.
  11. Yes, Fabregas starts!
  12. LOL!
  13. Brilliant from Pedro. Well worked by all involved.
  14. Maybe we can put Hazard in second half.