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  1. Absolutely elated. Last season who? Twice in three years. So happy we've done it against those west brom ogress. God what a ****, anti football team. Chadli the only footballer in that whole squad. **** that team and their manager. Went out partying as soon as the whistle blew. Hardly had a chance to watch the team celebrate. This should give Terry a proper send off too. Happy, happy days. Arsenal next and no doubt we're doing the double.
  2. Of all people to score lol.
  3. West Brom: bunch of dumb trees.
  4. What an absolute **** post.
  5. The title is ours! :)
  6. Have to disagree, we are most lethal when other teams push for goals. Who counter attacks better in the league?!
  7. Absolutely Matt. That's how I see it. Didn't even have an emotion over Spurs winning over Arsenal today because our team has proved that they can win games in so many ways, particularly when not playing at their best, which is a huge thing. I would've have never predicted a clean sheet and 3 goals from us today, and how great is it to have options coming off the bench to make a difference?! No worries lads, the title is ours. Just enjoy the ride because as much as I want this title, I still want to watch Chelsea play so I'm in no rush to have the season end.
  8. I don't. There's no team better than us. Everyone was saying Chelsea will stumble against Everton at home because their home record is really good. Well....
  9. We kept a clean sheet!
  10. Another job well done.
  11. Pedro.....what a goal.
  12. Jose throwing a game? Not a chance.
  13. Spurs will drop more points in this run in than we will. Going to quote this post later.
  14. And that's that. Near perfect day. (no clean sheet)