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  1. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Well I wont be confident like you because, each time I have been this season, we came up short, like today for instance.
  2. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Can you imagine the United match if we play like this? We haven't see boring yet.
  3. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    I miss Lampard and Drogba so much that I wanna cry.
  4. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    FT. Watford 0-0 Hiddink. He's stabilized us, guys.     What a huge "**** you" performance.
  5. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    What is there to say about Ivanovic that hasn't been said already?!
  6. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Guus....DO SOMETHING.
  7. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    My commentator is about to have an orgasm each time Watford barely complete a pass.
  8. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

      Absolutely. Needs to happen. Oscar is too ineffectual in that position and so is Fabregas.
  9. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Willian's 89454th ball that goes straight to the goalie...
  10. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    We haven't had any possession for 10 minutes. Played off the park here...
  11. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Remy had to run in the last match so he's done for like a month.
  12. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Yes, Hazard is on the bench. Bit weird that, maybe it's a fitness issue.
  13. Khobar

    That is just so awful to hear. RIP Khobar.
  14. Next Chelsea Manager

    The stadium redevelopment is being entirely financed by Abramovich. If you expect me to find a quote of his, we'll both be waiting a long time.
  15. Next Chelsea Manager

      Ahh, you must be the one paying for a new stadium, my bad.