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  1. Maybe it was different earlier but right now the headline says: Morata: Chelsea the best club
  2. We always wanted Morata over Lukaku because of Conte.
  3. No, it doesn't. STRONG assumption based on other assumptions.
  4. Less due to age and attitude issues, but realistically still a 50mil asset in today's market.
  5. That's even better.
  6. Oscar+Bamford = Morata hahaha, brilliant.
  7. Excellent signing. My preference over Lukaku or Aubameyang. The fact that Conte signed yesterday is no coincidence with this news today.
  8. http://www.chelseafc.com/news/latest-news/2017/07/morata-transfer-agreed.html?extcmp=SOCIA_TW_ENG_TRANSFERS
  9. That's not always the case, no. Sometimes you play the player that fits your system better.
  10. This is what I believe will happen as well. I've mentioned that Rudiger will take Azpi's spot after some time.
  11. Saddening to miss out on Danilo, he would've been great in our squad with the system we play.
  12. When's the last time we signed a player and the picture in the announcement had that player wearing the kit of his old team? I'll wait.
  13. Linked heavily to Morata again today, surely he's the main target.
  14. On the other hand, if he is a success and gives us 8 or so consistent seasons, you'll look back at his fee and think it's a bargain. This is exactly why United had no issue spending those amounts on Pogba and Lukaku, although both having EPL experience. Rudiger and Bakayoko are a 70 mil investment and no one knows just how well they will perform. That's the risk you live with.
  15. Exactly. Or maybe we are negotiating without official bids, just talk, something like this: Torino/Madrid/BVB/Everton: We want 75 mil for our player. Marina: 60 mil Torino/Madrid/BVB/Everton: We can do 70 mil but that's already generous Marina: 60 mil Torino/Madrid/BVB/Everton: Ok, ok, 65 mil is the lowest we will go Marina: 60 mil Torino/Madrid/BVB/Everton: Sigh....fine, it's late in the window, you have a deal. Marina: 55 mil
  16. But enough confirmation of NOT bidding for them (from Torino and BVB at least). Shouldn't Chelsea bid on top strikers this summer?
  17. Our striker situation is slowly turning into a bit of a farce. Nothing suggests any sort of planning ahead, the Costa text situation seems more and more a heat of the moment action from Conte. No bids for Belotti, Morata, Auba....penny pinching with late bids on August 31st increasing the chances of ending up with Benteke.
  18. But triple posting is ok?
  19. I think the Higuain and Aguero links are a smokescreen. Can't make it obvious to any club (like Dortmund) that we lack options. We need to maintain leverage.
  20. Belotti/Auba, Michy and Remy as our strikers next season? I'd be ok with that.
  21. He looks great in blue. Welcome Bakayoko. Great signing.
  22. For what it's worth, we gave Romeu a new contract, loaned him out again and sold him within a year. It's just business.
  23. Hilario as player-coach.