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  1. I see the logic in his choices too, but I'm slightly worried that this lineup has echos of seasons past where we struggled to break down teams that defend with 10 men behind the ball. I would be quite surprised if both Cesc and Batshuayi are not on the pitch at some point in this game. Gonna go with 1-0 Chelsea, late Batshuayi goal.
  2. You do have to despair at some of the immediate reactions sometimes. I wonder if a formation change to 4-2-4 to incorporate Batshuayi is on the cards now.
  3. Class substitutions by Conte got us back in front. Fantastic stuff.
  4. Would love to see Carvalho back as a coach or player-coach. Why not? Sure he's not going to start every week, but I can't believe he wouldn't be a positive influence in the dressing room. I can't see the club offering a contract to a 38 year old, however.
  5. Great effort from all our players. Disappointing to lose the game but we can definitely turn them over at the bridge.
  6. Agreed but might want to bring on Oscar for Pedro in that case.
  7. A much more attacking lineup than I expected for sure. Quite excited! ::Edit:: (not a masochist)
  8. I know Newcastle have been woeful, but we look so much better when we play with more expansive attacking football. Hope we keep this up and get to see RLC as well.
  9. The workrate of Costa in this game has been fantastic so far.
  10. This is going to be quite a task for Hiddink. Our squad is nowhere near the quality of the one we had in 2009 in my opinion and our situation is much worse. Watford game was an improvement I think although many of the issues remain. Still, as disappointing as it is that JM has gone, it's nice to have Hiddink around again.
  11. Not great, but a lot better than we have been recently. If Matic had not pretended to be a Goalkeeper, Oscar hadn't brainfarted, and Ighalo didn't get that fluke, we would probably have won reasonably comfortably. Ighalo and Deeney were threatening though and Cahill in particular looked vulnerable. Matic was absolutely woeful. Hope he's dropped for Mikel against United. Yeah I agree on the two up front especially. I'd like us to try it once this season. I do wonder if it's something more teams will be doing more regularly next year?
  12. Felt exactly the same. I think if we continue as we are we'll get a goal. Hazard is looking excellent especially. My only concern is Baba is struggling with Shaqiri and is on a yellow.
  13. I moved up to Newcastle in 2012 and have lived here since. My record at St James' park has so far been a 3-2 defeat, a 2-0 defeat, and a 2-1 defeat. In fact the only team I've seen Newcastle beat at St James' park is Chelsea, and I've been to a fair few Newcastle matches. I'm going to the game this weekend so all I'll say is: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE CAN WE NOT LOSE AGAIN!! Surely we can't have four defeats on the bounce here again? And Mourinho has to win at St James' park at some point doesn't he?