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  1. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Can't disagree with the bolded bit. I also thought Tomori looked pretty solid when we came on. Another notable thing is we were a lot better at defending from set pieces too. Hopefully those blunders are gone from the team now.
  2. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Yeah it just seems strange to me given the fact that Giroud and Abraham were presumably fit. Or Werner could have been played centrally. I mean Lampard is a manager and I'm just a grumpy fan but I genuinely can't figure out what he was trying to do.
  3. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Yeah he had a stint as an out and out forward but that was not the same system as was asked of him today. Either way I'm certain he'll prove himself but he won't work as a false nine in this team.
  4. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Number 8 or number 10.
  5. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    I've been watching Havertz for a couple of years. I do not know what on earth made Lampard come to the conclusion that he should be playing as a false nine. In fact, I cannot remember a time that the false nine has worked for us. What a joke.
  6. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Christensen back to his usual self. Why on earth are we playing a false nine with Havertz? Has Lampard actually watched him play before? Not sure what we're gonna do this half. 10 men behind the ball and hope?
  7. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    Glad to win but we were way off the pace. If Brighton could finish we would have been in big trouble. That said, I'm pretty sure we would have drawn or lost this kind of game last season. Positives: - Werner. Looked constantly dangerous and worked his socks off. When the rest of the team is clicking I think he's going to score a lot of goals for us. - Reece James grew into the game and the goal was stunning. Frankly he bailed us out. - Christensen was very good tonight. I'm not his biggest fan but he looked comfortable and made some crucial interceptions. Hope he keeps that up. - Three points! The most important thing. Negatives: - Kepa should have saved the goal clearly. But for me what was equally concerning was the way he flapped and seemed incapable of dealing with balls into the box. His indecisiveness is likely to be down to confidence. Still, we need a new keeper in asap. - Loftus-Cheek was dreadful in my opinion. Absolutely appalling. He looked off the pace and couldn't string passes together. I've never been so relieved to see Ross Barkley on. - I thought Alonso looked like he was running in treacle when up against Lamptey. Might be down to fitness. Still, the only thing we will remember in the long run is we got 3 points in a game that proved difficult. Just need to up our game for Liverpool. KTBFFH
  8. Official: Chelsea Sign Ben Chillwell

    Welcome! Very pleased with this signing. Maybe I'm overrating him but I think he's a big improvement on our current left back options.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd be pretty surprised if we signed Messi. My suspicion is he's either going to Man City, PSG, or possibly China. Probably the former since FFP doesn't seem to apply to them.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I mean, when I first read this I raised an eyebrow. But then I thought, why not? As has been mentioned above he has plenty of experience and might help with some organisation. Might also add a little bit of depth to the position. No idea where we're at with finances, but it might also free us up to spend more on an LB and GK. It might also enable us to put Tomori out on loan to a PL side.
  11. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    Don't think I've celebrated a goal against Wolves so hard. Can't take our foot off the gas though. They're going to throw caution to the wind second half.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think perhaps a 'defence coach' would have been the wrong term to use. But a coach who is a renown expert at organising defences I think would be a good thing. I can't find a quote, but I am sure it was mentioned during the first Mourinho era that Steve Clarke was particularly strong in that regard. But yes a 'defence coach' won't solve the issues, but I think it could be a positive contributing factor.
  13. I agree with the bolded bit especially. My frustration is that, while I personally do not think Kepa is at the right level to take us to what we're aiming for (ultimately champions I'm guessing) some of these stats are not an appropriate stick to beat him with. An analysis of our goals will show so many mistakes being made in front of Kepa before he's given anything to do. Honestly, some of the errors are comical from our centre backs especially. We also have issues with players struggling to adapt to what I think is sometimes our attempt at a Gegenpress. Some of the goals we've conceded start much, much further up the pitch because of some basic errors. After tomorrow we really could do with a compilation video of every goal conceded. Stats are often great, but I'm not convinced they're always better than what we see with the naked eye.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yikes. Ok, we need to set something aside to improve this. Not that I'm an expert on coaches but there must be an available defensive specialist somewhere.
  15. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    49 goals conceded this season is unacceptable. If buying defenders means we don't buy Havertz then unfortunately that's a necessary trade-off. New keeper, new CB, new LB as an absolute minimum. Which of our defenders now would get into our team from 2004-2007? I'd say possibly Azpi but that's it.