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  1. Eden Hazard

    From RAWK if u can believe it :P I certainly didn't when I first read it :P A voice of reason from the Kop??? These half-assed excuses around him wanting "to go to London" or signing for the most money and that it wasn't about football are either naive or cynical about what Chelsea has accomplished with Roman owning the club. Lets remember that we're talking about a 20 year old here - all he's done growing up is watch Chelsea win, win, win. For the past 10 years they've done nothing but bag trophies. Yeah the history books make them look like chumps in the 70's and 80's but how many kids care about the history books vs what they watch in real time on TV? To say it's just about the lifestyle is a bit ridic. And to top it off Chelsea has been the most consistent club in the league that has played a continental 433 or 4231 formation, regardless of manager. So the fact that it's probably not going to be RDM doesn't even matter, the machine just keeps chugging along. They might be buying their history, but they have got it nontheless. If you look at US college football/handegg, Notre Dame is the most iconic school of the past 100 years, just dripping in tradition and history. Changed the whole landscape by basically having their own national TV deal to broadcast their games a few decades ago. But still - They have basically won **** all the past 20 years. The top recruits nowadays can't be arsed about what ND accomplished over the past 100 years, when now they can go to sunny California or Florida, bang way hotter chicks, have their asses kissed, and still end up on TV cause everything is televised these days anyway.
  2. Eden Hazard

    Désolé, cette page n'existe pas !
  3. Eden Hazard

    Has to be Behind Cech :P Tweeting :P
  4. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Gosh u guys believe the Daily Fail??? well let me throw u a bone then :P [Comment From Daniel Daniel : ] Luiz has gone to bid farewell the Benfica fans. He will not be playing, he is due in London tomorrow for a medical. feeling better? :P cheers guys patience, it'll get sorted :)