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  1. It is just so ridiculously easy to say this in hindsight.

    Why didn't we take Ronaldo from Sporting when he was 18? Wtf was Roman thinking? Why didn't we take Fabregas from Barcelona ahead of Arsenal? Wtf was Roman thinking?

    Torres was a premiership player who hasn't shine since the World Cup in 2010, at Liverpool after the WC and now currently in Chelsea. My argument would be why the board or Roman decided to spent a big amount of money for a striker that has not been himself for two years?

    We have a choice right?

  2. I think we need to balance up players with the same speed. If we line up Ramires, make sure we must have the same midfielders that possessed similar speed to him. If we line up Lampard, make sure we line up the same midfielders with the same speed.

    Just like United both right and left wingers, Nani, Rooney and A.Young almost has the same speed when they move forward.

    My point is balance up players in the same line of duty with the same speed......


  3. The truth Is 50 million for 1 goal in 20 odd games is appalling, and equally shocking when as a Liverpool fan I know Torres as a player who didn't just 'finish off a move'

    The worst thing was when he's blaming his team mates rather than himself. I can hardly see Drogba would tell that in public....If Torres was feeling there's some bad politics in the club, he should tell that privately to AVB not the medias.

    It's amazing how some people think Torres is solely responsible for not scoring, as funny as that sounds. We all have eyes and surely we can all see how few chances we, as a team, create and by extension he actually gets?

    This is painly obvious, yet we are still talking about this. It baffles me.

    It baffles me as well when you said he's lacking of services! Did you see how Mata scored? Did you see how Ramires and David Luiz scored last season? Do you know why they can score? It's because they were willing to chase the ball and set their sights to score when opportunity arises! I can't see the same Torres as I did while he was playing for Liverpool. We are buying a marquee flop but this time it's worst than Shevchenko because of the absurd amount we paid for!

    Come on, we are 4 games into the season. He hasn't played a full 90 has he?

    Give him a break.

    We are meant to support him, not join in with the media and get on his back.

    He's got substituted for every 90 minutes he played except for the Sunderland game because AVB has seen it enough. Excuse me, are you suggesting we are joining the media to criticise him? I though he was with the media to criticise his older team mates?

  4. I think he's telling the truth about the condition of the team which I won't disagree with his opinion. Some of our players were slow but he shouldn't be telling to the medias when he himself is not in a good condition either. I think AVB felt Torres were too honest about expressing his opinion in public. I mean what would all your team mates think of Torres now? Try asking Kalou.....

  5. Torres has to be allowed to play with Mata, replacing him is not the answer. A Torres Sturridge front pairing is the way forward as both are young enough to be here for several years

    So Torres needs Mata all the time? No, a Torres/Sturridge front pairing is not the way forward. A Lukaku/Sturridge frontline is the way forward. That's what I see!

    Thank god for you guys!!! I really dont see anything with Torres anymore. I mean those 10 minutes Lukaku played against Norwich he looked more dangerous then Torres has looked during the 250 minutes he has played this season. It was wrong not having Lukaku on the bench the last game. He deserves it more than Torres and if we play Lukaku now we will in a few months have a top class player. If we play torres we will get nothing as I can't see him improving anything. He has been with us for 8 months and not improved anything!!! Just please let him go and end all this **** talk and discussions like this. Our club would feel better without him.

    More than agreed! I also would love to suggest this thread to be renamed 'Torres - Keep The Faith!'

    I still believe 100% percent that Fernando will rediscover his form and prove his worth.

    You certainly gave your opinion based on your imagination. In reality, he sucks!!!

    Hopefully a few games with Meireles, Mata and Sturridge starting with him will flick a switch in his brain or something and he hits a little bit of form (unfortunately I doubt it). After that, the sight of him on the bench may become far more regular. He's in a "bad moment"

    We're talking about bad moments since last January......

    How much could we expect to recover if he was put up for sale in jan?

    How much did we get back on Shevchenko? I heard that Torres has a release clause too. Damn it!!!

    Why is replacing him not the answer? We are 3-1-0 with him contributing nothing to the squad. IF Torres never returns to form, we'd be better off playing Anelka and Drogba until Lukaku's ready to step up. Torres just doesn't do enough for me when he's not scoring goals. At least Anelka and Drogba can pass.

    I agree with you!

    You are seriously deluded. Torres stopped being a quality striker over a year ago. Liverpool recognised it, now Spain have... time you did too!

    I think only he is still unable to accept the reality of Torres being a total flop!

    It's not a Chelsea problem it's a Fernando Torres problem. What's the excuse for him under performing in a Spanish shirt ?

    It will be our problem if we keep on playing him regularly and he still can't find the net. It will also be AVB's problem regarding his future in the club. Look at Ancelotti!


    This is what I think about the amount we spent on Torres! We could have had Aguero or probably we should get Aguero!!!

    Exactly. Like AVB, no selection should compromise the objectives of the team. If the player doesn't deserve to play, he shouldn't. End of story.

    That's why I'm frustrated that Lukaku was not on the bench against Sunderland!

    The excuses and straw-clutching regarding Torres' form are wearing thin now. 1 goal in 21 games is a pathetic return for any striker, let alone a £50m one. I've seen precious little evidence in those 21 games to convince me that he's about to morph back into the player he was 18 months ago. Not only does he not score, he doesn't even look like he's going to score. His first touch, his dribbling and his passing are about Championship standard right now. Even his fabled movement is overblown.

    Getting Zola out of retirement and have him replace Torres would do us good but of course I'm joking!

    And of course he's not received any decent service from Busquets, Alonso, Iniesta, Xavi etc when playing for Spain!!!

    Do you remember how Spain used to play with Villa and Torres? Then it became Villa and Silva, and now it's Villa on his own with Torres not even in the squad! I wonder why that is? Perhaps because the current World and European Champions long ago started to realise that he was no longer up to the job?

    Stop kidding yourself. Torres is a waste of space and money.

    Sums up the feelings I've had for a long time!

  6. how many of our other strikers scored during this time, our playing style is very slow it gives time to opposition to set up. look at Liverpool or City they move quickly no one is holding the ball and waiting for the full back to arrive every time and through a cross in.

    the system we play right now is more suited to Drogba.Torres will never thrive in this system.

    the general consensus here is why would the whole team change the system for 1 player. look at Messi he struggled in Copa America why because of the system. Torres thrived in Liverpool system and we need a similar system to make it work for him.

    I agree. The systems were not suited for Torres and why on earth the whole team need to change a system that would work only for one player like Torres? In my opinion, Torres just being plain lazy at times and waiting to be feed just like Berbatov in his early days at Manure. Just look at Mata when he scored against Norwich. This is the kind of player that we need. Visionary and willing to chase the ball. Torres or Shevchenko will never beat Drogba's scoring record in a blue shirt. NEVER!

  7. The system has been the same since JM days and is not sustainable - its relies on the goals from SFL and Drog and they are getting on whether you like it or not.

    Who knows if Torres is the answer, he was a quality at pool and I can't blame the board for splashing on him. For me we need to adjust our system anyway and if Torres is apart of that, then so be it.

    This season, he failed to score in 3 appearances. There's a reason why he kept being substituted in all 3 appearances, right?

  8. Liverpool supporter here.

    Well I posted about Torres several months ago. Seeing as you've signed another of our players and sold one of our former players, I felt like having a lurk on your forums and seeing the reaction, and what the current thoughts are on Torres.

    Well, I thought Torres looked electric in the first game of the season. But last season when wearing the red shirt, he also surprisingly had a few electric moments for us. The goals against Chelsea, etc.

    I think the problem is in the head with Torres - I just can't fathom how he's gone from the sheer brilliance of his first season with us to now. He looked so happy up front with Gerrard in the first two seasons. I think he was loved by our supporters and that also filled him with confidence.

    He just simply looks unhappy now and I don't think Chelsea fans have the same confidence in him that we did. He looked unhappy before he left us, and he still looks unhappy now. I still think he's a class player, but I can foresee a situation where he leaves in the next transfer window and then mashes it up at his next club. That's my honest assessment, but who knows? I never thought Drogba was explode into the amazing player he did after his first season, but he did.

    The Torres conundrum continues (and you will never stop us Liverpool supporters watching his progress with interest ... call it mild obsession if you will! He was a great player for us after all).

    It's not about what Torres looked like. It's about fitting in a system. He failed with Ancelotti system and trying to force himself into AVB system. He's still struggling to score because he's best fit into a lone striker role just like when he's in Liverpool. He's more like Drogba, Adebayor or Anelka which means only one striker system. He needs some feeder to feed him the ball but often missed out some good opportunities.

    The club was so desperate to get him last season because we were winless and that's why he's worth £50m. We brought him to Chelsea and expect him to score for us almost immediately but it did't work out and there's no different with or without Torres the second half of last season. We wasted £50m on a single flop although there may be some denial among the Chelsea fans about this fact.

    Everybody tries to help Torres to score and top Drog gets little time to play because of Torres. Sorry but I'm pissed off.....

  9. I say judge him around January time, by then he should have alot of minutes under his belt playing with Mata and Meireles and if his goal scoring record still isn't good enough then, then I would agree with you, but I'm confident that Torres is now settled and happy and will now be playing with creative players, so I expect goals from him, if they dont come then he would most definitley be worse than Sheva, but right now its too early to say.

    Please remind me by January. Thank you!

  10. how can you say that? he hasnt even had a full season at the club yet! if he stays fit all season and doesnt manage to reach double figures then I would agree with that! but fortunatley I know that wont be the case, Torres will bang in the goals this season, he will have Mata and Meireles playing behind him, if he still can't score with the service they will provide him then there would be seriously something wrong! imo if he hasnt reached double figures by january we should put him as part of a deal to bring in someone like Modric or Sneijder! but luckly for us that wont be the case, I have faith in him and he will prove all his doubters wrong.

    You sounded like GURJSS! Failure to accept reality.

    Torres - Last season 14 appearances and 1 goal scored (striker).

    David Luiz - Last season 12 appearances and 2 goals scored (full back).

    Ramires - Last season 29 appearances and 2 goals scored (midfielder).

    Torres currently - 3 appearances and zero goals. We did everything to feed a World Class Player to score. A world class striker doesn't need constantly a pat in his back to score, they can handle the situation themselves well and hell even Malouda currently scored 1 goal in 2 appearances not to mentioned Sergio Aguero 3 goals in 3 appearances.

    Of course, we need to give Torres more time although we know deep in our heart, his time is definately running out.....

    Get me Sturridge for christ's sake!

  11. Imo, Torres works extremely hard during games. He makes clever runs in between defenders but because the pass is usually not made to him, the run goes unnoticed. He's also even played on the wings a few times during matches, trying to dribble past defenders and putting in crosses (which are usually to noone, unfortunately). Not sure what more you expect him to do besides score, but the chances for our centreforwards have been few and far between.

    We paid £50m not for him to do that. His actual role was scoring. Whatever he's doing now, it's a job of a play maker not striker. He's a striker and that's why we brought people like Mata to help him to score goals again. He's turning himself into Anelka. Squad player and not striker. For me, he's just like Shevchenko and probably worst than Shevchenko. Hopefully Mata can help him or other lads.

  12. Given Lulaku has already played for Anderlecht and for us, how can he be loaned to Stoke? That would be three teams in the same season.

    Also, could we give up with the Lulu bit. It gives me some very unsavoury mental images.

    I dound it quite an amusing report if it's true. We bought a striker for £17m and loaned to Stoke. Stupid planning but thankfully Premier League has a good rule to prevent it from happening at least until January.