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  1. Didier Drogba

    Why are there still people saying he's playing with Malaria? He's recovering from it (not so much directed at people on here, just needed to say it)
  2. Injury News

    Drogba at CB? I'm not sure if you're being serious or not, that will never happen. I feel more than comfortable watching Bruma play and I think he can do the job for us over the coming weeks. Ramires has to hurry up and do something though, we may as well have him injured as he's done naff all for us SO FAR.
  3. Musical Tastes

    Nice one! :D are you going to Creamfields? he's gonna be there! :D:D
  4. New Kits

    Ah sorry mate, I completely misundestood! I thought you were saying that our away kits should also be blue, which of course makes no sense, but you weren't, so now I look silly ha.
  5. New Kits

    Since when did we ever have blue in an away kit though? we may of done on the odd kit, like a trim or something, but the whole idea of an away kit/3rd kit is so we don't clash when we playa way from home, hense why there's no blue. We've had red, white, black, yellow, orange, grey... some with the tiniest amount of blue in them. We're never going to have enough blue in an away kit to go with our nickname though are we, because as I say, it would defeat the point of having an away kit in the first place.
  6. Musical Tastes

    Yep, it's gone now anyway, good riddance! I've been listening to 'Enhanced Sessions, Vol.2' the last couple days, really good CD, I reccomend to anyone who likes dance/trance/progressive music.
  7. New Kits

    Nah, it looked a lot better grey!
  8. Musical Tastes

    Ha yeah I'm not taking it seriously, I just don't think some people understand it is all.
  9. New Kits

    Good find! not very nice though, the collar is the same as on a couple kits we've had with Adidas, the colour's aren't very nice, I'd of prefered a lot more orange... I doubt this one will sell very well.
  10. Musical Tastes

    Why would someone vote this down? surely the rep system is there to mark up or down intelligent or not so intelligent posts? not if you don't like the music I like... that's not fair.
  11. Musical Tastes

    I've pre-order Armin Van Buuren's new album 'Mirage' and coming any day now is 'Enhanced Sessions Vol. 2' I can't wait! :D
  12. New Kits

    After seeing the away kit, do you really want to know when it gets revealed? :P
  13. New Kits

    It doesn't matter how nice our away kit is, I won't be buying it! 2 or 3 new kits a year is too much for moi, I'll just watch and admire the kits from the stands. Though looking at the leaked images, there's nothing to admire.
  14. Musical Tastes

    My new favourite song!
  15. New Kits

    I've just seen this on there though, very very nice kit!