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  1. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Had to quote this just so the comment didn't get lost.
  2. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Christ. Kante on to tire out his legs even more while the likes of CHO sits on the bench watching Morata literally **** up every single touch he gets of the ball.
  3. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    This. And this again. He's gone as a player, completely gone. Nothing to offer even to mid-table or relegation fodder.
  4. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Jamie Carragher as the co-commentator? Seriously?
  5. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    How is it Kante is consistently ending up in the ST position? Reminds me of when Mikel used to take a crack at goal.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Who's seriously happy with us selling one of the top 5 keepers in the world for a pittance and spending nearly double on a kid, completely untested in both Europe and the PL who's barely even 3 years younger? Not to mention Liverpool's dealings on the far more experienced Alisson earlier in the window. We've been absolutely shafted here, and I guess we have to hope this guy will turn out to be half decent now otherwise Courtois and his agent will be laughing at us from afar come next season.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    £30m for supposedly one of the best keepers in the world? After what Liverpool just paid for Allison (who is untested in the PL)? And then who would you be able to reinvest that money in, price-wise, like for like, who's of a similar quality?
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    If he genuinely has gone AWOL why even bother selling him. Hold him to his contract and let him rot for a year. Don't even play him in the reserves, just on his own. It's not even worth the pittance RM are going to end up paying this year (can't even replace him to any kind of similar standard with the money) and the trade-off would be to set a precedent for the rest of the squad that we don't take kindly to players trying to take the piss.
  9. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Agreed. Why on earth he would want to remain here at a club devoid of investment or trust in the manager to play alongside the likes of Morata I couldn't imagine.
  10. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Agreed quite clearly City won't be our competitors this season, however pretty sure some of these shrugging this off as a non-result won't be so forthcoming when this performance is likely repeated next Saturday and we get turned over by relegation fodder. Morata is a shell of a player and unfortunately I think we're going to have to get shot of him ASAP. Looks like he has even less confidence than Torres when he arrived.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Freeing up the spot for Martial?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    It is fake, saw an A+B of the Pogba picture somewhere (can't be bothered to go back and find it). And not too much in the way of anything at all coming out about that supposed transfer in the last couple of days - feels like there was one source and everyone ran with it. Strange that the fee was being quoted as €75m when the transfer is between two English clubs?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    * Refreshes this thread after a couple of hours to see three new pages * * Presumes solid transfer rumours are on the grapevine * * Is eternally disappointed *
  14. Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0

    Going to predict the sub now. 86 minutes Alonso will come on for Emerson. Mark my words.
  15. Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0

    Jesus Christ. Conte has to go before the cup final surely?