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  1. Thought Alonso was absolutely solid today, obviously attacking wise but also defensively. Made countless blocks and interceptions. Strange comments about the back 3 though...Rudiger looked very shaky. I agree with you in that Cahill shouldn't be our no. 1 CB but on the evidence of today's performance he still is, and will be straight back into the team once back from suspension.
  2. Oh the foresight...
  3. Martin Tyler was infuriating during the match. Persistent talk of how we "got away" with the "foul" before Costa's goal and then no penalty given on Hernandez. Granted, it was a penalty - but I didn't hear him doing the same for Pedro's penalty claim, nor Costa's disallowed goal, nor the blatant yellow card Davies got away with.
  4. I would've thought Lewandowski would be the obvious target in an ideal world. Unfortunately an ideal world isn't one where he signed a 5 year contract last month.
  5. The ultimate humiliation for Batshuayi - came on after the 3rd goal, possibly less than 10 seconds on the field before the final whistle.
  6. It's the new thing to try and pack 3 TV matches in on a Sunday. So us at 12, then Utd vs Spurs at 2:15 then Scousers vs Hammers at half 4. It is very early though, not that the half 12 did us much harm vs City!
  7. Moses MOTM! Can't believe I'm saying this, but he seems to work so well with this new system Conte's using. Excellent game.
  8. I said it after Swansea and I'll say it again. Gary Cahill is no longer, and in my opinion has never been of the required quality to be a centre back at the top level. Him and Ivanovic at the back is like watching a comedy duo, just pass after pass wasted and unrelenting mistakes. Come January we need to dispose of these weak links and pay whatever it takes to get some top class defensive players in. We've started with Luiz now we need to build on that.
  9. Says in there he once scored a goal from 40m out. Didn't know you were allowed to shoot from the stands in the Ligue 2.
  10. Yes....with first team playing time. Which we are clearly not willing to provide. Hence why we'll probably always have to pay the larger fees. Matic being a prime example.
  11. OK, I admit he played well today. Maybe he can only get himself up for big games ie. his goals vs Spurs too. I concede my error though, he had an excellent game today (by current standards, not recent).
  12. Drogba is pure garbage. Absolutely no pace and gives the ball away 90% of the time he gets it. Completely unsuited to the team we have now, not sure I've even seem him take a shot this year, let alone look like scoring.
  13. Cahill is absolute garbage. Get him off and drop him for the rest of the season. What a pea brain, yellow card within 20 minutes every game.
  14. If only it were that simple...
  15. I noticed that too, he didn't crack a smile once. Not a great attitude.