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  1. Slavia Prague 0 Chelsea 1

    What the hell has happened to Alonso. He looks a shell of the player he was even last season, let alone the title winning year under Conte...
  2. Chelsea 3 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    No matter how much this is clearly obvious you know for a fact that come West Ham on Monday night we'll be back to Pedro on the right and the chimp in midfield in place of RLC...
  3. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    The irony in Sarri's job most likely being saved by the very player whose growth he is enormously stunting.
  4. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Never mind the fact we're still in the Europa. It's irrelevant. Even a chimp could've gotten us to the position we're in with the opposition we've faced. The fact is this moron has no clue how to manage a top team and we're now regularly being thrashed home and away by teams at the lower end of the table. It's not anymore tenable and you'd have to think he has to go after today.
  5. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    3-1 to Cardiff. We go 2-0 down then get a consolation by Hazard before they break from a corner to finish it with a third.
  6. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    This isn't about how awful Alonso is, it's about why Sarri continues to select him?
  7. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    What a surprise. Just get shot of Sarri right now. Absolutely no hint of defensive organisation under him and no one can put the ball in the net.
  8. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Settled into the usual stogid play after a good start in which we should've scored. Classic.
  9. Chelsea 3 Dynamo Kiev 0

    Alonso is utterly diabolical. Not even tried to make a tackle today, just crudely pushes people over.
  10. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    Fully expect and hope Kepa to be dropped for the rest of the season. What a joke.
  11. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    Why do all of Jorginho's shots just look like passes at the goal?
  12. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    Get shafted by the VAR rule in the semis against Spurs now the opposite when it's a chance of our own. How biased can it be?
  13. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    Red card being suggested there by Smith?
  14. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    Crazy how many fouls City have committed without a booking (Fernandinho aside).
  15. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    Barkley is so poor. Just doesn't look good at anything at all. At least with Jorginho he can pass, if only sideways and backwards.