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  1. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Kepa, Emerson, Luiz, Rudiger, Azpilicueta, Kante, RLC (if possible), Kovacic, Hazard, Higuain, Willian.
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Why does anyone think it will be an interesting lineup? It will be exactly the same lineup as he puts out in every PL game - Jorgy in the middle, Barkley or Kovacic, Kante, the usual defence with Alonso back and Higuain back up front. And then the usual substitutions at the usual times. Surely everyone has realised by now how predictable he is?
  3. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Jorginho is dump even against this kind of opposition. Seriously at this point it's like choosing to eat a Farmfoods horsemeat frozen burger over a gourmet Wagyu every game.
  4. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Odds on the next sub being Kovacic for Barkley in the 72nd minute?
  5. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Heck I'd take Curbishly or Fat Sam in an instant over this ugly fraud.
  6. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Just look at him. You don't need him to do anything to realise that.
  7. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    This is the most abysmal away performance I've seen for many, many years.
  8. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    At what point he will bring the rigid Scouse bonehead on for Kovacic is the only thing left to guess.
  9. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    Crap, predictable, choking, boring, pathetic football. Just get out Sarri.
  10. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    Well this became a more important game given United's result tonight. Hope we don't stuff it up as would be classic for us.
  11. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Barkley is dump. Looks off the pace even versus Championship quality.
  12. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (4-2 penalties)

    Higuain must be pissing himself at this. How on earth we've gone so long without a striker who can physically hit the back of the net is beyond me.
  13. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (4-2 penalties)

    Even the stats are biased. Just shown 2 shots on target for us - we've scored two and Barkley at least had a decent shot on target at the start of the half.
  14. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (4-2 penalties)

    What a joke Dier on 5 fouls or whatever and first foul for us and it's a booking.
  15. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Spurs up next then. Same lineup, no doubt. Same subs. Same tactics. Jorginho stealing a living again. Utterly infuriating. Club should get shot now before he starts to get any more of his "own players" in.