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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    do you think Frank's out the door if we don't make fourth?
  2. Media / Press

    Like Denzel said "if you read the news you're misinformed if you ignore the news you're uninformed.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    never liked that aspect about lukaku. looks a big whinger to me
  4. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

    Bold very bold Mark, I think that some players in the team rely on his duracell bunny like energy a bit too much. Maybe he feels its time to move on anyway but you wouldnt know cause he's so damn polite (remember the world cup final?) to mention any frustrations he might have.
  5. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2

    Spot on.some people seem to have forgotten this, psychologically playing on his mind when the time comes to go full sprint,I would have thought.
  6. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 2

    Haven’t seen the game yet but we won and Lampard beat fan boys gonna be saying I told you so tonight.
  7. Media / Press

    Absolutely spot on. There are comments he’s made over the years that even droy couldn’t mitigate,so stay tuned for more.
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    do you think his style would be better suited to arsenal rather than spurs?
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I dont care where he ends up as long as its not at Stamford bridge. Droy if the press print negative stories about him its fake news if they're positive its real news?
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    So much for the he may be speaking German soon idea then.
  11. 5 Chelsea Questions

    I see no one's got Mikel in their starting eleven so far. just saying
  12. 5 Chelsea Questions

    5. Cech petrescu Carvalho Terry le saux Makelele Lampard gudjonsen zola Drogba Robben
  13. some people just can't help themselves can they?
  14. 5 Chelsea Questions

    1. Kerry Dixon 2. Chris Sutton believe it or not! 3. Dennis Bergkamp 4. Peter Osgood FA Cup vs Burnley 1970 ( for the genius of Hudson) 5. undecided as yet
  15. Tammy Abraham

    now he was the real deal imo. love watching this team and very happy for Tammy. he's exceeded the expectations of some already as he was seen as another bamford after his stint at swansea.