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  1. Hell, no - agent Pete on the bench? They've rumbled him ...
  2. Never could abide that sanctimonious Twizzle, far preferred Supercar. Gerry Anderson also created the intriguing Dick Spanner - who was actually a private investigator rather than a tool for ... something or other.
  3. Double double is on the cards - well done guys
  4. The Jerusalem Artichokes, presumably. You could scarcely call them Global
  5. Stuck in Cordoba Spain tonight/Monday. Anyone know any sports bars there likely to show the match?
  6. That's the nature of the Press. Dog bites man gets two lines on the back of the local rag; but man bites dog gets the nationals. "Chelsea manager with class"? That makes the Sundays, colour supps, the lot. How long will it take Mourinho, Arsene, Klopp and Pep to emulate him? Have the days of the heartthrob manager arrived? See next week's thrilling instalment ...
  7. If they weren't proud of their husband/father and the adulation he received, I'd be amazed. Keep going, SB Faithful, you're doing a great job!
  8. Did you hear it before the match? Apparently, we have no creative players. Well, apart from Hazard that is. And Costa. Oh, OK, and Fabregas. And ... and then a Spurs fan phone in to say that they would win the League this year. And I had to turn the radio off as I was laughing too hard to drive. Best chant of the day? "It's happened again, Tottenham Hotspur, it's happened again". Great game, made even better by a ludicrous chat show, some great support in the ground, and a display of class by Signor Conte at the end. Roll on Friday.
  9. Many thanks to JB and PR for making me spill my tea (a good quality Oolong) more than once with their (dare I say it?) 'amuses bouches' - the sort of pun that kinda lingers (remembering Pam Stevenson on Not the Nine O'Clock News back in the eighties). A good way to start the day, and here's hoping that this evening's result means the League by the weekend.
  10. This must be the quote of the week for me: "Before Sunday's game against Southampton, current Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and ex-boss Brendan Rodgers had identical Premier League records after their first 65 games in charge of the Reds: W33 D18 L14 (117 points). We know Klopp drew his 66th game against Southampton. How did Brendan do? He won his." Jeez, I knew Herr Klopp was poor, but that poor? Apparently.
  11. ... There you go. Still feel nervous
  12. Good God, what has this forum become? We scorn Man Utd for their prawn sandwiches, but hold endless debates over the relative merits of Babycham and Prosecco (actually, I prefer a decent Cava if pushed). Whatever next, sour beer and empanadas?
  13. "Tottenham always chokin', Arsenal chokin' too ..."