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  1. ^ Do we have a green room at Stamford Bridge?
  2. Oblique shot at Kante if you ask me. The Sly One
  3. "... auctioned the training jacket he wore that night and made £28,600 for charity. Now at university, Morgan has never been a ball boy again." - Telegraph, 16/1/2015. Hope he fails to graduate.
  4. Those in bold are home, italics neutral. So the total since 2000 is 15 home to 9 away. Not sure how that compares with other teams (and not going to analyse them either), but some poor buggers are obviously rather unlucky. What innovation will we see next year, Arse only playing teams with all players under 18? (Grumpy would love that)
  5. 2015 Hull, Brighton, Boro, Man U, Reading 2014 Spuds, Coventry, Liverpool, Everton, Wigan 2005 Stoke, Wolves, Sheffield U, Bolton, Blackburn 2003 Oxford, Farnboro, Man U, Chelsea, Sheffield U 2002 Watford, Liverpool, Gillingham, Newcastle, Boro 2001 Carlisle, QPR, Chelsea, Blackburn, Spuds So surprisingly few dead cert easy fixtures.
  6. For once, FA Cup Catch-up makes me smile .....
  7. Frankly couldn't care what he does on the touchline provided the results keep coming. He might be a touch juvenile, but that's his boyish charm I guess. And Droy, I don't often take issue with you, but style is subjective. When it is objective, it is called either fashion or imitation. On another, but associated topic, the BBC reports: "Manchester United "will be in trouble" in April and May if they continue to progress in the Europa League and the FA Cup, says manager Jose Mourinho.". Here's hoping we help get them out of at least some of their troubles. Up the Blues.
  8. Occasionally watch on streams and visits to US. What I object to is some US commentator, flushed with joy in the wake of the Superbowl, telling me why "are teams got are tactics all wrang". He may be right, but it still grates. Wish they'd stick to Rounders and Netball.
  9. Badum, tsschhh
  10. Getting worried about you two. Get a room ...
  11. Obviously he had a night to forget. Thanks Michael.
  12. A propos nothing at all, whatever happened to Bluereed? Heard "Gonna make it a night to remember", and his name came to mind - he always posted that before matches as some form of superstitious ritual
  13. I was in Prague when he loused up a penalty in the shoot-out vs Bayern for the Super Cup. That, coupled with him swanning around the pitch like a lost soul (even worse than early days RLC), probably swayed the Special One in his opinion to loan him out while he had the opportunity. Disappointing: I've always liked Lukaku, but there was something missing at the outset. Not convinced he's improved sufficiently even yet, although his scoring record is certainly impressive. Maybe I'm just allergic to the thought of another expensive but misfiring acquisition ... but he's certainly a fan of the club - I remember him saying a few years ago: “What a stadium. If one day in my life I will cry, it will be the day I play here. I love Chelsea.”
  14. ^ Agreed. Still got the smile on my face. Met a Hull mate this morning and he seemed quite chipper, too.