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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Khobar’s Legacy sounds a bit like a sudden and traumatic gastric ailment, but then Liverpool always were a s*** team, so I guess it’s appropriate. That’s a 👍
  2. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    What, we're getting God as our next manager?
  3. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Ditto, although I'd replace "liked" with "respected". Keep it quiet though. Please. Still don't want him back. Quite. Accepted that with 44 victories from 84 matches, he has the worst win percentage (52.4 per cent) of any manager in the Abramovich era. But do we have to endure the interminable "I told you so"? Some of us would have liked the courtesy of him finishing the season. Some of us also disliked Sarri almost as much as the FSW, despite both proving capable, and nothing - not the heaps of statistics, arcane "proofs", trawled up posts from the jurassic age or unnecessary snarkiness - will alter that. It's one thing appointing a winning manager, it's quite another appointing a man who will be a favourite with the support and win matches in an interesting manner. Sarri and Benites both fail on at least one of those counts (although I can understand those who'd like TSO back - at least his pressers were amusing and he did tend to win, even if it did rely rather heavily on Routemasters). But a serious question. If SFL was so ****, why was he appointed in the first palace? Answer me that. And please, no sarcastic remarks, heaps of stats and newspaper archives.
  4. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Just discovered. Gutted. You'd have thought they'd have given him a run until the end of the year. Expectation now is that he goes elsewhere, learns his lessons, then comes back to haunt us. It's not as if we haven't done this before - thinking de Bruyne, Salah, arguably Lukaku ... looking forward to the FSW reappearing with immediate effect. Farewell Frank, and thanks for the memories.
  5. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    Jeez, Droy, you are a miserable b***er. Are you NeverHappy in disguise? Amazed you keep watching matches. Not getting to wind you up, but really ...
  6. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Well, there are loads of curves out there Droy. Might I add one of my favourites, often used in evaluating new tech? I guess we’re going up the slop of acceptance to the plateau of productivity. Hope we get there in time.
  7. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    A fair presentation Chara, and thanks for that. I guess that is true in many professions - but I can well imagine that interminable training sessions, physio, travel, not making the team etc can soon knock the edge off youthful aspirations. And money by itself really isn’t a motivator, that only comes with self realisation. But still doesn’t explain the current loss of form. If I might quote a minor football figure: “'Confidence is a small flower and someone has stamped on it'”. Blaming the management is the easy way out, but something has to change, and Management must take the lead. Whether that is coach, captain or corporate is another matter. To be honest, I don’t sense leadership in this team, not like there was in the days of JT, Chopper and Dennis Wise. Thoughts?
  8. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    Played at school until health issues knocked a dozen yards off my pace, then devoted myself to work and missed out on footie until I was in my 20s, so in no way as football educated as some on here, simply seeking some parallels with outside life to help understand what the **** SFL and the lads are doing that is so very very abundantly wrong. Come on, do tell: how do the players see life in a different way from us mere pawns? Interested ...
  9. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    Well that's true, Chara, but bear in mind that my second team - Cambridge United - dropped clean out of the league for a number of years, so I'm quite used to depressing afternoons miles from home and unexplained failures to achieve a damn thing year after year. I've also managed teams where for no reason at all, a bunch of superstars suddenly start to go home early, can't be arsed to do a quality job, turn up looking scruffy and unwashed, yadayada. The issue here is that there is nothing at all wrong with this side that can't be rectified by a bit of hard work, guts, slap on the belly with a wet fish and rational management ..... fill in the other platitudes. It's often the little things that make all the difference. Simply wondering what life is all about, a bunch of overpaid lads playing 11-a-side in a park with nobody looking on not being what they had always dreamed about. Might simply be something as trivial as that. These things can be catching. Anyhow, looking of the bright wide - my worst sin - old Lamps is (or should be) learning a lot. As my old mum used to say: "the man who never made a mistake never made anything". Given the last month or two, he'll be a ruddy genius by June. Just wish I believed that.
  10. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    Actually, I do care. Even about this. A win here might - possibly - and yes, I may be guilty of self-deceit - give someone a little confidence, and remind him of why it's nice to score. And if not, there is always ale and oblivion. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Oh, ye of little faith, have you forgotten the dark days of the eighties ... ?
  11. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Just hope matron doesn’t look it up ...
  12. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    So did I. But dreams are just that. Dreams ....
  13. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    It’s be an interim, EB: who do you propose? Eddie Howe? Sparky? Pulis? Pearson? Robbie DM?
  14. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Thank God I didn’t have to pay for a season ticket this year. All this and four hours travelling to and from the game would have been simply too much
  15. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    This team couldn’t score in a knocking shop