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  1. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Coronavirus: Champions League and Europa League suspended by Uefa. All Champions League and Europa League matches have been suspended "until further notice" by Uefa because of the global coronavirus pandemic. All national team games scheduled for June have also been postponed, including play-off matches for Euro 2020, which has been moved to 2021, and qualifying matches for the Women's Euro 2021. The decision follows Wednesday's meeting of Uefa's 55 member associations.
  2. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Reporting from just outside of Beaconsfield ... Back from click'n'collect at Sainsburys Taplow, where the lad in charge had his mask on right up to when he needed a ciggy. Nobody else wearing mask or gloves, so presumably they're all immune round there, or just plain 'ard. Wouldn't fancy being a virus infecting that lot. I've been working from home two thirds of my time and flying round Europe the rest for the last 20 years, and have I missed Heathrow T5? Now I come to think of it, I haven't - and the travelling time each month translates into an extra day a week, so no complaints here: in fact, last week I had enough spare time to mow the lawn for the first time since Moses parted the Red Sea and then pressure wash the patio (funny, I actually thought it really was green). Instead, we're using videoconferencing for everything, and it's working well. Contrary to Ham's experience, my lot know I have no time for formal dress so they excuse the odd t-shirts advertising beer and the untidiest office since Quentin Crisp shuffled off this mortal coil. Our HQ staff have been working remotely in a virtual office since the outset, hence it's business as usual for most of them. Indeed, why go to work at all, when you can enjoy the comforts of home - provided She Who Must Be Obeyed is in a good mood, which is most of the time - although I do confess her end of the office is a site for sore eyes and I hanker after a visit to the local pub, which tried doing takeaways and then had to shut completely. I hope they stay afloat until the inevitable relaxation comes in a year's time and we can all celebrate our freedom. My daughter and partner are stuck here for the duration, having chosen the wrong time to move flat, so we're remembering the joys of having kids at home - no more morning trips to the airing cupboard in the buff looking for a pair of kecks for a few weeks yet (sorry for the distasteful image). Haven't been out much, despite living next to a recreation ground and farmland with footpaths all over the place - did take the new drone (from China - yes, it got seriously disinfected) to the rec last week for a bit of practice, but it was full of people exercising their right to ... exercise ... so didn't feel welcome. Dogs round here love this change of habit - they're looking healthier by the day as - are their owners. Only downside of all this - apart from for the poor devils who are suffering and those caring for them, to whom I extend my heartfelt thanks - is the absence of anything worth watching on the box. Particularly if it is blue and involves a ball. Roll on the end of glorious isolation and the return of trips to the Bridge via the Finborough.
  3. New Stadium Plans

    Having worked from a home base for 30 years, it's rather amusing to see the office addicts figuring out how to self-discipline, keep the kids out of the office (locked door), avoid domestic duties encroaching (locked door again) and so on. It's the future - get used to it. Why travel in rush-hour and waste an hour or three travelling every day when you can wander down the stairs and do a day's work in the comfort of home?
  4. Media / Press

    ^ No. It is because they have absolutely no class. At all. Horrible, horrible club.
  5. New Stadium Plans

    G0? The G0 phase or resting phase is a period in the cell cycle in which cells exist in a quiescent state. G0 phase is viewed as either an extended G1 phase, where the cell is neither dividing nor preparing to divide, or a distinct quiescent stage that occurs outside of the cell cycle. Or did you mean something else? Like a smaller version of the gate (UK as Johnny no-mates?). Not getting political, just curious.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    And the argument for HS2 disappears in a puff of it own poor logic. Well, every cloud .... etc.
  7. New Stadium Plans

    Were we to rebuild, then it would take 3-4 years, during which time we could groundshare with a smaller club. Suppose it’s a bit of a gamble on when a vaccine is produced - assuming it is. Maybe there’s an extension deal behind the scenes?
  8. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    ... and hopefully a panel of Mancunians making the decision?
  9. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    James Milner obviously is
  10. Media / Press

    Yup. It's the start of the rot. Next: League 2, League 1, Championship, and then .......
  11. Media / Press

    I'm hoping likewise, but the old cynic in me says I'll be lucky.
  12. Media / Press

    Also, renewals for STs normally go out in May with a deadline shortly after. I for one am not comfortable forking out for what may be a short / constrained season, so expect to see either a delay in requesting renewals, or a drastic drop in number of ST holders.
  13. Media / Press

    I’ve just seen Messrs Wright, Shearer and Lineker vote JT best captain ever. Gerrard fourth, Kompany 3rd and Vieira second. About what I’d have said, but still speechless. Fully expecting Gerrard and Henderson to be up there as no 1 and 2..
  14. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Might be worth reading the rest of that article: Thats not how I read it.
  15. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Fascinating read - thanks Ghost