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  1. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Oh b*********
  2. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Is this ref a Geordy by any chance?
  3. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Tammy for batman? Oh ...
  4. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    So Barclay. Fair choice.
  5. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Ampadu. Impressed me from the start. Looked like a little David Luis without the brainfarts.
  6. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Actually, I'd go further. VAR simply deflects the blame for poor decision-making from the ref, to poor judgement by our own players, which cannot be healthy. And it removes the immediacy and release of a goal - imagine if they had VAR when we played Bayern in the Champs League: we'd have been denied the Gary Neville orgasm.
  7. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Sorry Jane, but the answer is a resounding "Nope". I'd rather blame the ref than a box of electronics. It's more satisfying.
  8. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0 - works well for me
  9. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Ok you tease, I give up. Please pm the solution. Fed up with streams that are nobbut porn and ads.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I’m supporting MT’s proposal to punt. Sorry, normally I support free speech, but this takes the biscuit.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not the sort of squad reinforcement I had in mind
  13. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    According to the profile, it’s actually a 27 year old woman.
  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    DWMH - thanks re-blocking instructions. Finally found my way to a desktop, and it works.
  15. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Correctamundo, compadre (but blocking on an iPhone is not possible I think). And it’s apparently she .....