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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    That's why we are all looking at it. PC is good in its place, but if we can't have a laugh at those lovely lads of Liverpool then the world would be a darker place.
  2. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    If that was at the Shed end, then I was not far out of camera shot and heard nothing racist at all. Unless you count the usual stuff about T*tt*nh*m - and if the media had complained about that then they may have been justified. However, the only time I have heard anything negative against Afro-Caribbeans in the Shed lower, I politely but firmly asked the gentleman concerned to stow it, and stow it he did. The reptiles - particularly the Daily Fail - really are reprehensible.
  3. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Think I might have missed something here, but who complained about the idiot who abused Sterling? If it wasn't Sterling, and it wasn't the people around him, then who was it? He says he was abusive but not racist, and it'll be interesting to see what transpires - was he or wasn't he? However, this continued trial by social media is getting beyond a joke - it quite puts me off going to matches, in case I get caught on camera saying something that is misconstrued and get vilified as a result. (I was caught on MOTD a few years ago looking puzzled: "That fan isn't happy at Chelsea's performance" said the host. No. I was puzzled by the half-time entertainment, which was some form of massive skittles game, and wondering what this had to do with football). And after a fantastic match like that - I'm still on cloud nine days later.
  4. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Reminds me of Everton a few years ago, where the end near us chanted ”Chelsea Rent Boys” and the girl next to me gave them the finger. Guess what? She’s pulled by the stewards. “What am I going to do?” the maiden cried. “Tell ‘em you were incensed by homophobic chanting and lost your normal self control”, I replied “and when you get home you’re going to write a strong letter to the FA”. She’s gets a pat on the head and an apology; and I get a kiss. Result.
  5. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    Felt seriously sorry for Everton and Pickford. A first for me. But I agree, Klopp is irrepressible. I’d hoped he’d come here, but there we are. We got conte and Sarri. Still not convinced.
  6. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    Catenaccio is a tactical system in footballwith a strong emphasis on defence. In Italian, catenaccio means "door-bolt", which implies a highly organised and effective backline defence focused on nullifying opponents' attacks and preventing goal-scoring opportunities." Yup.
  7. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    Too much passing across the goal for me
  8. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    Hazard seems to have this defence tied in knots, they remind me of a cobra in front of a snake charmer. Toothless, too
  9. Gianluca Vialli ‘fine now’ after cancer reveal

    Thanks. Never thought of that. Shane she is!
  10. Gianluca Vialli ‘fine now’ after cancer reveal

    He was one of the reasons I switched primary allegiance from my beloved Cambridge United (along with their dropping out of the league seemingly with no way back). Watching him play along with Zola and Gullit was a heady blend (I have two sons called Nicholas and Mark - nothing to do with supporting Hampshire cricket since the 80s - my wife should be grateful that our third was a girl - either Gordon or Marshal was planned for the next).
  11. Alvaro Morata.

    I’ll give him that. He’s consistent
  12. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    ... but not at the same time?
  13. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    But alas it fills much of this forum; how many posts would there be without it? Still, let him who is without sin cast the first stone, eh?
  14. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    They'll move the Cottage Canteen to Pappa Ciccia, presumably. Can't abide Fulham, but quite fond of old Claudio. Mixed emotions when we play them.