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    Good to hear you’re back Michael - sounds like trying circumstances.
  2. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    And will be remaindered. Or pulped.
  3. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    My cat won’t forgive me the delay in his dinner either. Expecting half a rabbit and an eviscerated mouse on my pillow later tonight.
  4. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    I can live with that result. But lessons must be learned.
  5. Official: Chelsea Sign Edouard Mendy

    "Diving is an essential skill with these new mini-goals"
  6. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    Damn it, you're right. Except the bit about it not getting much better - which it hopefully will. The roses are smelling good (to me at least), and I do love difficult challenges. This year, top three would me - we're still building, and while cups are the icing on the cake, short term gain is not worth sacrificing good growth for. Of course, I'll not complain if we win the lot. That positive enough for you, Rob?
  7. Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea

    Let's hope they get what they deserve. Mashed spuds.
  8. Chelsea 6 Barnsley 0

    Agreed. And you can't go to the ground. Bleedin' wonderful. Why can't they sell the rights to .... well, anyone screening it in the UK?
  9. Chelsea 6 Barnsley 0

    Looks like this one isn't on Chelsea, BBC, Sky or BT. Anyone got any bright ideas, short of climbing onto the roof at SB?
  10. New Kits

    It was so you couldn't see whether they were coming or going. Apposite, I think.
  11. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Disagree. Looked a clear red to me. Well done christensen
  12. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Trouble is, I don’t think he has more than 2.5
  13. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Kepa really is squandering his nine lives