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  1. ^ Could be he'll try for the record points in a season? 99 is still possible, and the record is 95 (Chelsea 2004-5). The temptation to out-Jose Jose must be very strong.
  2. First LP I ever bought, and still can't play Johnny B Goode anywhere near up to his standards. A real loss.
  3. Few players seem to be sufficiently badly injured by a stamp that they miss future games, but it is hard to establish the effect of a stamp - the press rarely if ever report: "xyz didn't play in today's match due to being stamped on by abc", and not surprisingly. Decisions whether to play a player are taken for many reasons, none of which tend to be published. Take for instance a nasty stamp by Bowyer on Geraldo back in 2003 - Bowyer got a 6 match ban, but what happened to Gerardo? We'll never know. On the other hand, there is Willie Johnston's stamp on John McMaster's hear in 2008 - McMasters needed the kiss of life. They may be tough in Scotland, but I doubt McMasters was too anxious to play the next match.
  4. Oddly, I can, Droy, I can think of two without much difficulty. Take a look at this (13th January, so quite recent): And it's not just in the professional game - see this, a little longer ago: Stamping isn't something to be taken lightly. It needs, well, stamping out.
  5. Nice to see some optimism on this forum!
  6. Quite. I seem to remember that when JM was our manager,v some of our players made miraculous recoveries quite unexpectedly. Should this continue, then perhaps we should refer to him as St. Jose the Erstwhile Special?
  7. No, but I can see a change coinciding with the new stadium. Fresh image, that sort of thing. But by then we'll have had 5 years of Conte, so plenty time for him to prove himself.
  8. Definite improvement over the Biscuit Tins
  9. So do I, Martin, but I'm naturally cautious about saying this sort of thing out loud. Kev Keegan did, and look what happened ...
  10. Doubt they'd run to a cardboard box - bin liner, perhaps
  11. Dare I say ... specialists in failure?
  12. What with Arsenal's 2:10 and Ibrahimovic's 3 match ban, what next this week? Can't wait for Spuds : Millwall on Sunday - my ribs are killing me!
  13. My son was working away from home during the two seasons 2014-2016,so I used the exchange fairly frequently to unload his. in 2014-2015 it was a doddle - record 5 seconds from post to sale. In 2015-2016 I couldn't sell at all for quite a few matches, so reluctantly I didn't renew last summer. I regret it now, but I simply can't afford to fund an empty seat. Agreed, last year members/STs were not hungry.
  14. Where would you propose, Twickenham?
  15. That's good news - provided we have booked Wembley for three years after that. Loathe Wembley as a ground, but it's only just round the corner, so every cloud etc. Let's hope the Green Man is willing to be Chelsea only - the other pubs round there are less than ideal.