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  1. Club announce new stadium plans

    Yes. Most of the time. Good brand, Chelsea. But not all of the time. A wet Wednesday against Crawley in the Mickey Mouse cup? Nope
  2. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Having been - among of things - called a cockney bastard when I am from west London, pelted with breeze blocks by a couple of dozen people with whiney accounts for daring to exist, and threatened with a ‘good smack’ on the ChilternRail line for nothing more reprehensible than reading cfcuk (I guess they were from the Mersey area, or just good mimics), I’m less than convinced by their general approach to life. My granny lived in Birkenhead at one time and she was great, but in my experience it is the exception that proves the rule. The only good thing about a scouser lies in his or her ability to provide a good dose of schadenfreude - vis St Stephen of Istanbul and his fall from grace - or rather Demba Ba.
  3. Official: Michael Emenalo leaves Chelsea

    Or turned into wine bars, and (Fox n pheasant) ‘closed for redecoration’
  4. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Saw him in Wycombe last month. Did he get you unknowingly singing Hitler youth songs?