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  1. CL semi final/ final

    Website says "supporters" on the away CL scheme, so I take that as both members and STs
  2. A Song For Azpiliceuta....

    "Sloop John B" remixes are mildly better than the monotonous "TORRES! TORRES! LUIZ! LUIZ! OSCAR! OSCAR! HAZARD! HAZARD! MATA! MATA!"
  3. Regarding the votes, the 'scandal' (if you can even call it that) is that this Brandon Buck (and other anonymous people) supposedly bought up lots of shares immediately after the club announced their plans. They should have immediately stopped selling shares before announcing their proposals. As it was, anyone is entitled to buy shares, and one of the leading Say No CPO people admitted he too bought up shares; it's not surprising, any logical person with enough money would do it to buy the vote. It may be corrupt but that's because they continued to sell them, not because of who bought them. The worrying part of the Sun's "exclusive" was not about them 'rigging' the vote. It's the question over these architects, Kohn Pederson Fox , who have worked for Chelsea before, whose employee (this mystery woman) allegedly bought up votes and registered them at Brandon Buck's address, and have that very same Brandon Buck as an employee. The fact that the club is/has been using Buck's son's architects (if it is his son) for business seems somewhat questionable. Moreso than the ridiculous 'investigation' into a friend of Buck's buying votes to vote 'Yes'. Of course, it is all the Sun so could all be nonsense.
  4. John Terry

    Only just realised, but seeing a picture on the Mail online, see below, JT and possibly many of the other players, I think, actually gave his shirt to a Tottenham fan. The wheelchair section in front of the Away fans is, at the very least, a mix of home fans and away fans; there are definitely home fans in front of away fans there. In any case, still a top notch thing to do, and I was pleased to see quite a few players coming over to the crowd after the match, not just the usual suspects. Indeed, Bosingwa was the first one over there throwing his shirt into the crowd before anyone else.
  5. Salomon Kalou

    This is Kalou's highest scoring season so far at Chelsea. He's equally third top scorer, having scored the same number as Lampard and Drogba this season. And that's making fewer appearances than Drogba.
  6. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    But it's not a crime to play defensively! Jose set out with a game plan; it was working. He wanted the 0-0, and was getting it, until the ref gave the red card. He was under immense pressure from so many Barcelona players surrounding him, and if that'd been us the press & UEFA would've been out calling us the "enemies of football" once again, but oh no, let's just gloss over that and focus on Messi managing to run around a few tired and fairly average defenders. Bravo!
  7. New Kits

    The players' kits are now to be fitted with all the skin-tight underlayer technologies of NikePro and whatever Adidas called their version. Previously, the players wore the under shirts with a standard shirt on top. Now, for them, it's woven in to make it more effective. For us commoners, it's just a standard shirt. Anyone who manages to get a player's shirt over the course of the next season will be able to testify this.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Big congrats to the lads, they did brilliant. Community Shield and Youth Cup out of the way now, just the big 2 to wrap up. Hopefully some of these lads will be able to make it big one day. And good one for Chelsea TV getting that backstage stuff, really good to see the unity in the club with JT, Carlo and the others all down there congratulating the guys.
  9. New Kits

    I believe we wore the new home kit in Moscow the other year so I would assume it's the same this year. Bad omen maybe. But as Giles Smith said on his blog, Wembley will make the full set of runners-up for Avram after his league, CL, and Carling Cup failures with us.
  10. Media / Press

    Paperview on at the moment. Gigi is getting absolutely destroyed by the hacks. She has some fair points like Abramovich's meeting at Cobham wasn't necessarily "Win the league or you're all out", but she just can't argue properly with the press who are trained to ask tricky questions constantly.
  11. John Terry

    Well done JT. About time someone says it how it is. However stupid Drogba was with his rant after the Barcelona game, it showed he does still care. Would be a typical UEFA thing to come out and ban JT now, maybe even throw us out of next year's competition, or at least be kind enough to let us choose which ref is gonna screw us over next time. At least last time we got knocked out in the Last 16 we went on to win the league...
  12. John Terry

    Yep this is the key point. Whereas Gerrard's assault, Rooney's general thuggery, Ferdinand's "forgetfulness" (among many things) etc make these people bad role models for the children and all that, they aren't likely to break dressing room harmony. If Terry's (alleged) affair affects the dressing room and causes rifts between players or groups of players, then Capello might feel he has to go. But that's a decision for him to take and he will definitely not take it lightly.
  13. Quick Jokes

    Mancini has promised one new face at Man City this transfer window. Apparently Lescott and Tevez are fighting over it.
  14. Musical Tastes

    Anyone else going to Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park this weekend? The Killers Friday, Neil Young Saturday, Bruce Springsteen Sunday. I'm going to see the Killers on Friday, should be a great event. Anyone been there before or know what Hyde Park is like as a music venue?
  15. New Kits

    From the stands, and the tv when they dont zoom in, it looks okay, nice simple kit, albeit the long-sleeved version does look like pyjamas. But up close it still looks stupid. At least it's only for one year. But the one thing I'll give Kenyon/Adidas etc credit for is it's something different. Lots of clubs bring out a very slightly new kit every 2 years, which obviously the kids will want just because it's new, even when it's to all intents and purposes the same thing. All our last few kits have been pretty different it must be said. Since the 03-05 one which was quite similar to the one(s) just before it.