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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Atlético won't negotiate for any of their most important players, not when the ban is over and certainly not now that they have to serve it. They'll only leave if someone decides to pay their clauses (which means 60% of the payment upfront..) and the players themselves want to leave. That scenario is very remote because Simeone asked the board to make an effort in order to strengthen the team after they were eliminated bv Madrid in the semifinals so they can take the next step which means winning the Champions League. The majority share holder (Miguel Ángel Gil Marín) agreed to this and told Simeone and the players he would do everything necessary when he went down to the locker room that night. It's about time because the owners haven't invested any of their own money (every single transfer has been financed by sales) yet the clubs have made over €250 million in the Champions League in the last four seasons. Atlético are working towards improving the squad rather than selling off players. Simeone has been asking the board to bring back Diego Costa so he can partner Griezmann upfront since Chelsea ended up as champions in 2014-2015 but it hasn't been possible. Atleti couldn't force Chelsea into selling them anyone. The main reason why Griezmann went public about his future like he did was to put pressure on Atlético's board in order for them to step up, strengthen the team and keep their word, ban or no ban. Mainly because the strikers that the board have signed haven't improved the team (it's the most important piece that is missing at this point). He also used the CAS-ban to his advantage by negotiating a new deal where he'll be the best paid player in the team. Olhats (his advisor) and Griezmann used the same tactic six years ago against Real Sociedad which eventually ended in them playing the Champions League and him growing as a player. Griezmann will leave Atlético eventually and the likely destination is Manchester United rather than Chelsea, PSG or any other team. As for Diego Costa: Conte really messed up with those text messages to Costa but Marina Granovskaia is a brilliant negotiator so she'll probably solve this in the best possible way. However, when even Chelsea are prepared to admit that it'll be tough to get what they first wanted..well, it sounds like it'll be considerably cheaper than expected..
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Atlético had €65 million prepared for Diego Costa and the deal would've most likely have happened if it wasn't for Real Madrid blocking Chelseas approach for Álvaro Morata. Same goes for Everton and Romelu Lukaku. Atlético would've been prepared to wait for a longer period of time before signing Kévin Gameiro if it wasn't for FIFA imposing their ban on registering new players. The board and coaching staff didn't know when it would hit the club and couldn't afford to gamble so they signed Gameiro on Simeones insistance. Simeone called Costa and explained the reasoning behind the decision while Costa was still trying to force a move to Atlético (he refused to play that friendly against Real Madrid in the US) and even the cameras of Cuatro picked up some of the conversation that Costa had with Ramos after that very same friendly. A journalist who works for Onda Cero (he's very close to Costa and I know that for a fact since I've seen it with my own eyes) said afterwards that Costa had a really bad relationship with Conte from the start and I doubt it's improved just to get back to what it first was. The guy simply doesn't want to be at Chelsea and it's been like that more or less during his time at the club but it doesn't really mean he can't do well on the pitch because he can. It's a well known thing in Atleti surroundings that Costa wanted to rescind his pre-agreement with Chelsea shortly after signing it and even asked the club to make an attempt to do so but it wasn't possible because of the penalties they'd be forced to pay. I hope he continues to do well for you guys but keeping a player against his will (his own fault obviously, you don't sign a pre-agreement before deciding what you want) is never good.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Javier Amaro del Arc (works for Radio MARCA) is one of the co-authors of the article published today. He's got very good sources when it comes to Diego Costa among many other players who've either been at Atlético or still are at the club. He spoke about Diego Costa being homesick on May 22 but it wasn't published by the paper back then (most likely because he wanted to investigate the whole thing closer as it's a pretty big story) so nobody made a big fuss about it until today. Amaro also spoke about how both him and Filipe Luís haven't settled at all in England and one of the big reasons is that Tiago didn't join Chelsea last summer. Anyone who follows Atlético knows Tiago is the figure head in the group of close friends that Diego Costa, Filipe Luís and Miranda all are and were while at Atleti. The talk in Spain is that that's the main reason why Mourinho wanted Tiago to join Chelsea and then dumped him when he got the players he really wanted. Diego Costa got a worse treatment by the papers in Spain to be honest so I wouldn't say he'd care too much. He's a player who switches off when he leaves the football pitch and that's well known in Spain. Atlético can't afford him by any means though so the risk of him leaving Chelsea is very, very small, almost non-existant, unless there's a major surprise. Besides, Abramovich won't sell him when he's in his best years, so I don't think you guys have a lot to worry about.
  4. I think you've misunderstood my post. It doesn't have anything to do with the Chelsea-fans turning their back on him because that's wrong. I always found the majority of Chelsea-fans backing him despite him being under the ice for years and years. It has a lot more to do with him going back to Atlético and having the chance to do something he always wanted from the beginning: win titles with the club he grew up in. This is a motivational thing. Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm usually the last person to speak about "we'll win that and that and that" but the improvement of this team over the past 3 years is incredible. The reason why Torres left Atlético for Liverpool was because he knew he couldn't win anything with a club that had gone through a very tough period from the relegation in 2000 to the day he left in 2007. His ambitions didn't match Atlético's and the final straw was when some of his teammates, unambitious as they were at the time, laughed at losing 0-6 to Barcelona at Vicente Calderón. Torres also became too big for the team back then as everything had to go through him and it became one dimensional. The best solution was separation and from that moment on the club have climbed, step by step. Torres won't score 30 goals a season. Nobody believes that. The Atlético-fan isn't unrealistic and drowned in sentimentalism. The Atlético-fan would be happy with 8-10 goals and good contribution tactically. Torres has been brought for other reasons than scoring goals but he can get the important goals and he's showed that in the past, even in some of his worst moments. Some of the reasons that he's been brought back are purely because of his physical attributes (they're still very good and will improve because the club has a fantastic coaching staff), to some extent to compensate for the attributes Diego Costa brings to the table because the market didn't offer someone similar in the summer and the club couldn't sign Torres in the summer because of his wages. Simeone wouldn't have brought him back if he didn't offer something on the pitch, it's as simple as that.
  5. It's called love, confidence and a strong feeling of belonging. Fernando Torres haven't been happy for years. I've got a friend who's told me this first hand.
  6. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 0

    Sevilla, Real Betis and Sporting Gijón are other clubs with a massive support and people who really support their clubs in bad and good times. Even though there's been some issues between Sevilla's main group of supporters "Biris Norte" and the club, they usually turn up despite a half full stadium. Very loud. I also like Rayo's fans. If anyone ever goes to Madrid for some reason and Rayo is playing. Make sure you visit Camp de Fútbol in Vallecas because they're really old school and the team of the neighbourhood. It's most likely going to be a 4-4-2 or a 4-4-1-1. I think the latter because of the opponent, meaning: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Filipe Luís; Mario, Gabi, Koke, Raúl García; David Villa/Diego; Diego Costa The surprise for me about this one is Mario since Tiago's been better this season but Mario was incredible in the final against Chelsea in Monaco and he's been really good in big games in general. The doubt is basically whether Diego or David Villa will play because Arda have just come back from injury and lacks match fitness and rhythm after a 18 day lay-off. Atlético aren't interested in possession at all. It's all about efficiency, physical play, pressing and hard work defensively, plus fast breaks most of the time but the team is developing a stronger game with the ball when teams are trying to close them down. Both teams are strong on set-pieces. The teams are similar in some senses. I suppose it'll be tight.
  7. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 0

    That's because Atlético-fans in general aren't arrogant and remember the bad times the club has been through in the past. People also value everything that the team is doing. The only important thing for any Atlético-fan in general is to support their own side because I think every Atleti-fan out there respects Chelsea because of the economical power, the collective qualities, their individual players abilities etc. February 23. Away to Osasuna in Pamplona. A place where Madrid as well as Barcelona have both failed to pick up three points in the league this season. The whole team was in a dip physically during February because they had played so many games up until that point but also because the team picked up 7 injuries in the space of 7 games. Diego Simeone tried to rotate by leaving guys like Miranda, Koke, Arda and Raúl García out of the line-up while Filipe Luís had just returned from a month long injury, so he lacked match fitness and the correct rhythm. Atlético had played against Milan at San Siro four days earlier and really struggled to put in a shift properly but still managed to win. Luckily the coaching staff got some 3 weeks (one game every 7 days) where they could work with the players on their fitness levels in order for them to recuperate from the fatigue of the previous months properly. That being said, while the physical side of things are really good now, what you've actually done in the past doesn't really matter at this stage of the tournament. A team can only grow and achieve by confirming what they've done so far. It's a big shame that guys like Ivanović, Matić, Salah, Eto'o and possibly Hazard (most likely, I hope he does) can't play. Anyone would want to see the best players play in a semifinal of a tournament like this.
  8. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    vs Sevilla Courtois played well against Sevilla tonight and turned up when the team needed him. He didn't really have a lot to do during the first 70-75 minutes as Atlético managed to keep Sevilla at bay for the most part. However, in the last 15 minutes he recorded two tremendous saves to prevent them from scoring. The first one was a reflex save after Coke was left on a corner kick, straight at him but quick reaction. Second is a great save on Negredo's header while there was also two shots from distance by Kondogbia which wasn't too hard to be honest. Rakitic also had a freekick which hit the crossbar but again, Courtois somehow touched the ball before it went off the bar, didn't count as a save because the ref didn't see it. The only time where he didn't quite react well in the air was at Negredo's great chance at the very end, luckily the ball was headed wide of goal. Very safe in the aerial game as opposed to last time in Sevilla and generally very good. He's got 18 clean sheets this season and the last time he allowed a goal away from home in the league was 10th February against Rayo. That's 512 minutes without allowing a goal away from home now.. vs Granada Atlético won this game 5-0 but weren't really super great to be honest. The most important thing in football is to be effective and that's what Atleti were against Granada. Courtois had to turn up a few times but didn't really make any difficult saves. Brahimi had a shot from distance which he saved quite comfortably using his reach. Nolito also had a good chance but didn't put it away, both in the second half when Atleti stopped playing basically. Apart from that, three shots from distance which never bothered him. Generally good in the aerial game although Granada were barely a threat. vs Getafe They were barely a threat to Atleti in the first half as Getafe simply didn't create any good chances but Courtois had to make two great and very important saves in the second half. The tries came from Barrada both times, one was a shot from distance after Miranda lost the ball on his own half. The second was a great save from close distance after a cross. This game was anything but normal as Atlético got two red cards and ended the game with 9 men..yet still could've won it. Btw, did you guys hear about Courtois and De Bruyne's little "mishap"? Falcao didn't call him the biggest flirt for nothing..lol
  9. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    vs Valencia Another big game by Courtois yesterday night against Valencia at Calderón. He made three really important saves in the first half which could've gone the other way and went in. The first from a Dani Parejo freekick where he actually touches the ball and manages to get it over without the referee noticing that it should've been a corner kick. The best chance Valencia had was later on in the first half as Courtois was forced to make a monster save on Jonás shot where he used all of his reach and then a second one from Piatti on the rebound which was punched aside. Valencia should've been up 3-1 after the first half and Atleti played their worst half of the season at home. Second half was a calm one for Courtois as Atlético started doing what they were supposed to: press, rob the opponent of the ball and power their way to chances. He just had to come out for a few set-pieces and that was everything. His aerial game was quite good yesterday even though he punched a bit too much for my liking, taking the safe option before making mistakes. Valencia is very good at set-pieces though and just behind Atleti and Madrid in terms of goals scored on these this season. Two games in a row that he's been forced to turn up and he's done it. Big props to Courtois.
  10. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Yeah, I don't really believe Chelsea will sell Courtois at this stage. The price tag is definitely realistic and Atleti could afford to sign him if they would sell Falcao and possibly Adrián for a good chunk of money, plus they'd be able to build further. That being said, my friend who works at AS in Spain has daily contact with the club and everything indicates towards a third season on loan at Atlético where he'd also extend his contract with Chelsea. The only problem for now is that Chelsea want to include a clause where he'd be called back if Cech got badly injured, something Atlet aren't prepared to accept because of obvious reasons. That being said, nothing is impossible in the world of football. Harvz: It's a pleasure doing the updates.
  11. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Atlético didn't really bother about Europa League this season because of the long road to the trophy as well as it being a mediocre source of income. I'll just give you a good example: Chelsea earned €59,935 million by winning Champions League the past year, Atlético earned €10,54 million. You can't keep your best players if you don't qualify for Champions League-football frequently and nobody at the club wanted to risk anything, despite a significant advantage in terms of points. Doing well in Primera División and reaching the final of Copa del Rey was always the goal, everything else would've been a bonus. Europa League was Asenjo's tournament, unfortunately, he didn't respond against Rubin particularly well at home. I'm talking about the first goal, not the second. The decision was Simeone's, nobody takes decisions of that magnitude without his approval. Didn't work out well but then again, Juanfran should've just clipped his opponents legs and conceded a freekick when Rubin started the counter attack. The ref also played on for an extra minute but to be honest, it's not really a big deal. Never would've happened in the Champions League for an example. That being said, I think it's a shame because I really like Europa League but the situation is like it is.. To the rest of you: Thank you. It's a pleasure, hopefully you're enjoying it! vs Osasuna 0-2 Atlético beat Osasuna with 0-2 in Pamplona tonight after goals from Diego Costa, he usually always scores against them. Courtois was good, just like last year at Reyno de Navarra. He started out with making a reflex save from a header inside but a bit higher up the penalty area. Then came a very quick one-two save: a cross was put into the box, there was a bit of scramble infront of goal, one Osasuna-player shoots on target, Courtois makes a good save while the rebound goes out to the right and that's when another opponent heads the ball on goal from a bad angle, Courtois saves that one as well. The first save, very good, the second is something he'll always save. Before the end of the game, Marc Bertrán managed to get off a dangerous shot on target from distance, very powerful one, again saved by Courtois. Finally, Oier had an weak attempt on target from distance just before Bertrán which was easily saved. Courtois was also good in the aerial game and prevented Osasuna from putting Atleti under pressure by using his size and reach to get the balls on set-pieces. Overall, a really good game. One of the best players for Atlético tonight, just behind Diego Costa.
  12. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    What's up guys? I've been slacking a bit. Sorry, here's a full report on Thibaut Courtois games at Atlético since the Levante one. vs Real Betis 1-1 (Copa del Rey) Courtois didn't really have a lot to do against Betis in the return leg of Copa del Rey. They managed to get one shot on goal and it was from the penalty spot. That penalty never should've been given though. First goal he allowed in this tournament. Very stable game by Courtois and Atleti who were never in any problems and went through quite easily. vs Athletic Club 3-0 (Primera División) Incredible game by Courtois who made a total of seven saves, four of which were crazy. A very tight game but Athletic counter attacked Atleti at the end and put three past Courtois who just wasn't given any chance to save a single one of them. Aerially he could've perhaps have done a bit better on the first goal but Godín lost the marking on an opponent, so not his fault. Probably his best performance in January. vs Sevilla 2-1 (Copa del Rey) Didn't have anything to do for an hour or so before Sevilla scored on a penalty which was conceded by Godín. He didn't stand a chance in terms of saving it though, perfectly placed. Negredo had a shot in the first half which was basically a lob after he slipped but Courtois used his reach to save it comfortably. Courtois did have a problem to grip the ball when Navas tested him from distance once in the second half though and Sevilla had several shots outside the penalty area wide of goal which would've been hard to save. Atleti still won but lost their home record of not allowing a single goal at home since October and this game was played at January 31.. vs Real Betis 1-0 (Primera División) Apart from a bad header by Perquis from close range, which Courtois saved easily as it had no power and a poor shot from Nacho with his "wrong" foot, he didn't have anything to do for 90 minutes. Courtois was very good in the aerial game at Betis set-pieces. They're usually really good at those. vs Rayo Vallecano 2-1 (Primera División) Rayos start with two goals in the first 30 minutes helped them win this game. Courtois didn't really stand a chance on either of the goals, possibly Lass' shot from close range. He was ok in the aerial game but the CB-pairing just didn't work out with Cata Díaz in there. Atleti had plenty of chances to score on in the second half but didn't take them. Courtois had three shots on target, saved one from distance from Chori Domínguez. It was a good save where he was stretched. Apart from that, not much else. vs Real Valladolid 0-3 (Primera División) Valladolid had one shot on target all game long: Tiago shot at his own goalkeeper when he tried to clear the ball from danger just outside the penalty area. That should tell you how bad Valladolid were. Courtois was probably freezing at José Zorilla as he barely had to come out for a single cross either..I think Ross Turnbull would've been able to play in this game. vs Espanyol 1-0 (Primera División) Again, a game where Atlético were far superior to their opponent, despite Espanyol having a player more on the pitch for 45 minutes! The crazy part was that their first and only shot came from distance and was saved by Courtois comfortably. They had a few corner kicks and set-pieces around the penalty area which Courtois just went out and took down. Espanyol were probably the most impotent side at Vicente Calderón this season alongside Athletic Club.. vs Sevilla 2-2 (Copa del Rey) The return leg of the semifinal was supposed to be a really tough one but Atleti held Sevilla quite comfortably resultwise after Falcao's and Diego Costa's goals. Courtois didn't stand a chance on Navas goal and even though he could've done a bit better on Rakitić's equalizer, it wasn't really a problem because Atlético had gone through a long time ago. Courtois was poor in the aerial game though, there were at least 3-4 times where he tried to get the ball in a tough situation and failed to either catch the ball or punch it. Could've easily conceded a goal like that but with a bit of help from his defenders, it was all sorted out. One of his weaker games to be honest. vs Málaga 0-0 (Primera División) Two shots on target is what Málaga managed against Atleti in a very tactical and tight game. He saved both, naturally. The one that stood out was clearly the header from Demichelis in the first half where Courtois saved a clear goal, they didn't get a corner kick because the ref thought it had gone wide without touching Courtois' fingertips. Apart from that, there was also a freekick which was headed wide by Weligton but both teams, especially Atlético kept shooting wide, wide, wide. He was much safer in the air in this game, didn't make a single error in that part of the game. vs Real Sociedad 0-1 (Primera División) This is the game when Courtois became historic, yes, historic. He beat the legendary Abel Resino's record in keeping a clean sheet at Vicente Calderón in the league with 19 minutes! The new record is now 819 minutes. Unfortunately, Real Sociedad won the game, Atlético's very first loss at home in the league this season, the other 13 have been wins. Courtois didn't really have too much to do though. They had three shots on target, barely any were particularly dangerous but that counter attack cost Atlético the points and guess what? Sociedad scored in a clear offside position. Even worse way of losing your record. He was good aerially though. All streaks have to come to an end, right? Hopefully a new one is started at the weekend. Future Courtois wants to stay at Atlético; he's confirmed it again this week. His father and agent were at Atlético's training ground on Monday in order to try closing a deal. Atlético will meet Chelsea in the coming days, if they've already not met them and discuss a third and final loan year. According to the rules, a player can't be loaned more than three years to a club. Simeone, who extended his contract until 2017 have told the board he wants Courtois to stay and it looks very likely that he'll be staying. AS reported that yesterday. The argument is: Champions League-football (which Atlético is close to achieve) is a lot better than being loaned out to a London-side (Fulham, QPR, West Ham) which was the original plan. Courtois wants a third year at Atlético because he's so comfortable in Madrid and it looks like he might get that. Chelsea will be offering him a new and improved contract though. I also think that contract will have a image rights clause because of the whole "Thibauting"-thing that was started by a friend of mine in Miami. Finally, cheers everyone. Hope everything's going well!
  13. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    vs Levante Atlético won their 17th straight home game in all competitions this season which is now 18 if we count the win against Málaga at the end of last season. Courtois didn't have to step up and make important saves like he had to against Betis but still made two on shots outside the penalty area which went straight at him. In general, all he had to do was to go out on set-pieces and he did that very well which is an important detail as that's one of Levante's strongest points.
  14. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    A new phenomenon is born: Thibauting. "The act of emaluating a classic Thibaut Courtois goalkeeping save in any random location." This is basically started by a friend of mine who lives in Miami and is a huge Atlético-fan. Just to show Courtois appreciation.
  15. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    They're aiming for other goalkeepers but are obviously keeping an eye open. A keeper over there has to be really good with his feet and have potential to develop that part of his game. Simeone doesn't like that his goalkeepers make easy mistakes so he's asking Courtois to play it safely, unlike Manzano. I do think Courtois has got a good potential with his feet as well, he's a former fullback before becoming a goalkeeper.