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  1. Phew, great win and just as tough as I expected. decent side Southampton worked us all the way but the team managed the game well. I think we will need to be stronger defensively against everton mind you. Would be nice if Palace can take a point off spurs.
  2. That indicates the decision to bench Hazard and Costa was indeed with Tuesday in mind, a gamble but calculated one at that. I do think Spurs will drop points just not yet so its important that we keep up the pressure by winning.
  3. Important game tomorrow , whilst we were all overjoyed at beating the Scruffy Gobby ones from North London they showed enough to suggest they aren't going away in the league. If anything it will serve to make them more determined to capitalise if we take our eye off the ball. Southampton have often been a tricky prospect for us, decent footballing side very capable of taking advantage of a sloppy or unfocused Chelsea performance. I think we will need to work for it and with 90 minutes on the big pitch at wembley on saturday it could be one to grind out. Luckily Hazard should be relatively fresh and Pedro plus Cahill if he comes back in. Either way we just have to find a way to win here as I think asking Palace to get yet another result against the big boys is unrealistic and a 1 or 2 point lead going into Everton away is very fragile. That said I think we will find a way just like we did on Saturday, sign of a top team that kind of character.
  4. If you watch Erikssen then Alli doesnt get the ball to score. Clever little player nippy and can pick a defence splitting pass needs watching.
  5. Judging from both games against them this season it will be very tight, they will be physical in midfield and at the back and we need to watch Erikssen. We need to get Hazard into the game as he was quiet in both games against them perhaps third time lucky?? I doubt there will be much in it may well go to extra time and I doubt if a negative result will affect either teams league form much. it looks very much like we will have our first choice team available and I think the wide spaces of Wembley may favour us. I'm going for a morale boosting win perhaps after extra time...there I said it
  6. Yes pretty much what I thought, a perfect storm of events added to what is always a tough away game whatever the circumstances. Also I agree that the opposing coaches will be gradually working us out to varying success, none of our or tottenhams games are a gimme.but this is where the experience of having been involved in a title race comes in and youre big players stand up. Unfortunately our friends from North London now also have that experience from last season but luckily the points gap rules out City and I dont think the scousers would have it in them. I think the reason people are flapping a bit is that it comes soon after the palace game and the performance was strangely flat for a big game. At least at Tottenham we had several chances that we spurned. I'm sure Conte will sort them out, I'm actually wondering if Costa has been carrying a knock or just having one of those periods strikers have, I'm expecting him to bounce back at any moment. He doesnt seem the sort to freeze in a run in and he's not been so bad that you suspect he wants out either. Bring it on, weve been here before...counting down the games
  7. You could of course twist that as him hiding the United badge as it isn't as important to him..... All the Mourinho nonsense aside, it was one of those days wasnt it, Keeper injured then Alonso drops out last minute. They start well and get a goal with a little bit of luck (the handball) but we generally dont get going mostly due to astute tactics by the oppo but also a bit of a collective mare by our team. after I had cooled down on Sunday (didn't take long to be honest) I thought that I had only expected a draw anyway so we were one point worse off. 4 points ahead or 5, neither is two wins worth though of course if we fall short by a point I may feel otherwise. Either way its probably our last warning isn't it, we can get away with one more defeat and winning all the others of course but the feeling that the team may be running out of steam at just the wrong time needs addressing for me. That said I thnk we will be ok they will never win all their games no chance.
  8. Expecting a hard game with this one. The 4-0 hid the fact that they had 2 or 3 chances that may well have gone in on another day and they gave us a game even with 10 men in the cup. I wouldnt be surprised if this one ends up with a draw, not a disaster by any means. Spurs will also drop points at some point, might not be all nice and symetrical with our dropped points but they will.
  9. I think Costa is simply being well marked and at the same time hasnt quite reached the form from earlier this season. Personally I dont care if he doesnt score again providing he occupies 2 players and we win.
  10. Tactically, Conte got it spot on last night. Let City do their pretty stuff get the goal then repeat. Peps principles really are a handicap for them at the moment, That could change over the summer if he finds a defensive midfielder and an alternative to Kompany who can stay fit. Great 3 points, back to counting down the games one by one...
  11. No need to panic as we saw that we just had one of those games on Saturday. Another day that was a fairly comfortable win. But it should serve a purpose and remind us that virtually no premier league game is a stroll. Can only think of two or three this season and I dont include Utd at home despite the result as they had several chances to reduce the deficit/equalise throughout that match. City should be just the match we need to bounce back, tough nervy against a dangerous opponent. These games are always tight and not always the better team wins as we proved at their place. We need our big players to stand up and be counted on Wednesday. We may play well and still drop points, its never the stroll the media like to describe winning the title, you have to earn it and that includes holding your nerve at times. Now chaps weve been here before bit of ectra noise from us Wednesday too, need to do our bit.
  12. Yep tend to agree with that. City at home could be tricky but you would fancy us to be able to get maximum points in the others. The key for us this season has also been good recoveries from dissapointing results since the Arsenal and Liverpool games back at the start of the season. Still one game at a time...
  13. Newcastle in 96 were top and cruising but got overtaken by United. Not sure if it was as many as 10 clear though
  14. It would indeed take some screwing up now, given that 6 of the games are at home we should be ok. After last years collapse you just have that tiny element of doubt though. Once I see the C being chipped onto the trophy I will be fine :-)
  15. Always potentially tricky are London derbies especially against teams scrapping to stay up. Palace games are historically tight affairs so hopefully with Hazard fit again and a full squad to pick from we can take another step closer. Wont be a stroll as they are on a decent run but teams wanting to win titles have to find a way to win this sort of game.