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  1. Media / Press

    Absolutely, I don't think anybody is trying to say Liverpool fans were totally responsible. It is the statement that they have been absolved of any blame that grates as you know it isn't totally true. It was 1989 and a football crowd, in fact the year doesnt matter, people still go to the pub drink beer an push and shove when trying to get into events. To say the whole thing happened because one man opened a gate is simply not true. Had people slowly moved in or stopped when they realised they wernt moving forward into the ground it would not have happened probably. But people dont do that, no set of fans would do that they want to see the match of course. Some are more aggressive than others by nature but all want to view the match, its why they are there. The problem comes from a set of peoples aim to pin the blame on the police and them alone, the motive seems to absolve the fans from any kind of responsibility however small. Of course it's not a nice thought that they may be somehow responsible for the deaths of their own, so I understand their touchiness but if you are going to dish out blame to all parties any ticketless fans whatever the figure are partially responsible. To pin the whole thing on one police chief does not bring the dead back for the families but it will be a convenient scapegoat and assist those that wish not to consider that any fans were perhaps partially culpable.
  2. Media / Press

    In answer to your question, I like to think that I would be able to admit that some of our fans were culpable by climbing walls/forcing or trying to gates to get in. If just one extra (ticketless )fan gets in it is a factor however minor. In the case of 100 or 200 that's less minor and may well have saved a life or lives had they not been there. I can admit we do have an element of right wing support who are very capable of being racist that said I am not convinced either the paris tube thing or the recent Sterling thing were examples of that. We are being singled out by those with a grudge. I know a neutral (York) fan who was there that day and walked round the back of that end to get to his seat in the main stand and there were not several thousand sober choirboys waiting patiently to get in whatever the media want us to believe. Don't get me wrong it was terrible and however many extra bods there were in there no one deserves to die at a match and the police screwed up massively and then tried to cover it up. categorically state no supporters were responsible (even partly) is obviously not technically correct. But it keeps the more militant elements quiet.
  3. Media / Press

    I have always thought that the whole ''justice'' thing was used as a smokescreen for some to be honest. Of course now they have their scapegoat and the published line that no Liverpool fan contributed to the deaths of the others. However in my view if there were any ticketless fans in there at all (there were a couple of hundred or so) then they partially responsible. If you took 200 people out that mass of fans are you telling me it would have absolutely no effect? and even if it saved just one life?? And putting that to one side was Duckenfield's judgement perhaps affected by those that did climb the gates etc? Not one fan had been drinking in the queue etc...hopefully once they get their way the whole thing goes away, no more enforced minutes silence etc..can't help the families involved imo either
  4. Media / Press

    Recently they do seem to have been. When the last Europa game was played they opened a comments section for the match but then replaced the headline and content with more anti semetic chants heard and closed the comments section immediately. They also went to town with the sterling abuse thing though quickly using the word alleged racism and then inckuding it with other incidents where racism was clearly proven or more obvious. That of course makes people associate the sterling incident with racism whether it was or wasnt. That story itself faded out once the supporters version of events was backed up by lip readers.
  5. Media / Press

    that is the purpose of what they do. Smear Chelsea irrespective of factual content and leave it in the public conciousness. Made a comment on the Chelsea match thread in the guardian the other day calling them out for it and guess what mysteriously deleted
  6. Media / Press

    Time to put your hands over your mouth player style when singing chaps...
  7. Media / Press

    The same lIverpool fans who are happy to sing Rent Boys at us. But we take homophobic abuse seriously of course
  8. Media / Press

    Can't our fans just use the I've got lots of jewish mates excuse like the Tottenham banana thrower?? You know the one who wasnt of any media interest after two days unlike our unproven racist abuser. Lots of use of the word allegedly in the media at the moment... Oh and the Rainbow initiative hows that going?? Every week we have rent boys sung at us...taking that initiative seriously aren't they...
  9. Alvaro Morata.

    Their movement is superior to his that's true but we are not playing to hsi strengths at times either. When he came on in the Europa game Hudson Odoi picked him out within minutes. Against wolves Giroud was no better than him with our slow cautious build up. He isn't the whole problem here.
  10. Alvaro Morata.

    In not going to totally defend him as he clearly has faults but to imply he is the main reason for us dropping points this or last season is frankly untrue. He was poor at Wolves but he wasn't alone. Where has Hazard been since early october for instance? I still dont think anyone playing up top for us at the moment is getting the service at the moment, not seeing too many early crosses or throughballs for anyone to run onto. We are trying to thread through the eye of the needle Arsenal stylee
  11. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Totally agree re Luiz, the problem lie further up the field with a lack of creativity for two strikers who rely on it and a star player who is hiding yet again...
  12. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Yes, we were even gifted a lucky lead, if they had upped it at that point and grabbed a second the game was won. Instead they padded about with aimless non dangerous possession until wolves scored two.
  13. Alvaro Morata.

    How many chances did he get/miss last night? Not many strikers in the world would do much better relying on the service he is getting or not at the moment.
  14. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Poor performance last night, I think Sarri took a bit of a gamble with that starting line up to be honest. Pedro was our best creative player V Fulham but his creativity is much needed V city so he gave Willian a go which sadly backfired. People have been yelling for Luis to take a break and give Christienssen a go but last night hardly made a case for that. Fabregas is a good player but can't control the midfield when the opposition breaks we are introuble down the flanks as neither full back is jet quick (both contracts extended recently by the way) and Hazard is still in one of his dips. Morata/ Giroud no great difference really our danger players sit just behind them and don't create enough chances for either to be the sole cause of our issues. I expected some blips this season for Sarri and his preferred way of playing with this personnel. He is now the third manager to encounter the lack of intensity at the heart of last nights defeat. Hopefully he finds a solution fairly quickly.
  15. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Difficult to know what to expect from Chelsea tonight, we barely got out of first gear against Fulham and yet were better than the Tottenham game. Do we get another step up this time? Or did the Fulham win paper over some cracks? Will the midfield get on top in this game and which Hazard do we get? I'm guessing he wasnt fully fit on Sunday so hopefully we get a bit more from himtonight. Pedro was our best player on siunday offensively by quite a bit, I think we need a bit more from the other guys up there tonight.