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  1. Newcastle in 96 were top and cruising but got overtaken by United. Not sure if it was as many as 10 clear though
  2. It would indeed take some screwing up now, given that 6 of the games are at home we should be ok. After last years collapse you just have that tiny element of doubt though. Once I see the C being chipped onto the trophy I will be fine :-)
  3. Always potentially tricky are London derbies especially against teams scrapping to stay up. Palace games are historically tight affairs so hopefully with Hazard fit again and a full squad to pick from we can take another step closer. Wont be a stroll as they are on a decent run but teams wanting to win titles have to find a way to win this sort of game.
  4. Not when you have a clever player like Pedro waiting in the wings, He did well yesterday especially second half
  5. Big Big my friends we start counting down the games...
  6. I think this is a tricky away game coming off the back of a win in a big game really need a focused team for this one. Perhaps time for Costa to refind his best form.
  7. Yes Cahill does look a bit Bambi on Ice at times in possesion most English centre halves are though he does have other qualities that over a premier league season are very useful. Actually I think it was him one on one with Rashford and he got turned luckily Courtois made a great save. You feel we would have scored again if necessary though. I thought that too with Moses and in fact he got injured because he kept at it and was starting to get the upper hand and he got whacked running into the box. One thing that interested me was Costa hanging out by the edge of the box after hed not got yet another decision from Oliver I wasnt sure if hed had enough of Roja or was calming himself down or just trying another tactic.
  8. I agree, at the start of the game they asked us some questions it took us quite a while to get going as a result. Clearly they were instructed to get in Hazard and Costas faces. That was working reasonably well until the spin on the halfway line by Hazard and shot that was well saved. we then upped the tempo which drew the fouls and led to the sending off. I actually thought they had the better of us in midfield for the first part of the game which meant we couldnt settle. They still posed a threat though all the time it was 1-0 such a shame we couldnt get that second goal. Still one was enough and thankfully no injuries before the Stoke game which will also be a test. our solidity and good attitude to every gae is the key to winning the league and perhaps the cup.
  9. Damian Duff at Barcelona in 2005 for instance. I'm expecting at least one of them to be suddenly available and even if they are not they showed enough of an improvement since the 4-0 (in which they had 3 or 4 good chances) to know we have to play at a decent level to win.
  10. Totally agree and despite what happened last season Mourinho is still a top coach who will want to get one over on Conte. Even in the four nil they had several good chances and looked dangerous throughout. We won that game through being clinical and they made a few mistakes as well. We are winning the league through treating every game as equally as the next. If we make too many changes we stand a good chance of going out.
  11. I agree strong side for this one or risk getting stung. I actually thing them having Ibrahimovic out is an advantage for them makes them less predictable. They will be quicker and more mobile without him, we need our canny experienced players out there.
  12. Yep still work to be done. Excellent result last night in what I thought might have been a tricky game, had we conceded where Moses blocked near the line it may well have been trickier. We did well scoring when we did because prior to that it felt like West Ham were building up a head of steam. The only dissapointment for me was us losing a little focus after the great save from Costas shot, we seemed to get sloppy then and it let them into the game. Not Fabregases best match imo he may well find himself on the bench again for the Stoke game.
  13. I think the ref giving the softest penalty in history to spite Mourinho helped. No corruption in English football??
  14. Funny game that saturday. I missed the first ten minutes (left the pub too late) but when I got in we were well on top and in control withput really stretching them. Once we got the goal we stayed in control but didn't look we wanted to put ourselves out to getthe second killer goal. Their goal was well taken but felt avoidable defensively and keeper wise. Couldnt really see their penalty shout from the MHL but having seen the replay could well have been given and there was still a long way to go, After that I felt we had a penalty shout on Costa before Pedros goal from nothing. I like that about him that he can sometimes magic up something from nothing. He feels like an important player for us this season. Hazard was largely quiet but created the third with some great footwork and excellent cutback. Great finsih from Costa who hadn't played that well, he was just a little off colour, slow to the ball lazy layoffs. But still he is worth having up there as he occupies two players most of the time. Kante was again very impressive and I liked the option to play him with Fabregas which was probably not what Swansea expected. It feels like Conte has a plan for each game and doing this will keep everyone on their toes which I think is necessary with this squad. That was an important win two more games and we start counting down the games.
  15. Anyway I hope Mr Hazard one day gets the chance to do the same for Chelsea. First things first he has a league to win.