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  1. Totally agree Pedro is a top class player, the media in the Uk like to think his best days are behind him/ he was only top class in a special Barca team. More fool them.
  2. Much better second half and overall I think we are looking sharp for the start of the season. Thats not a bad result against one of Europes elite really either, we caused them a lot of problems second half.
  3. saw it in the flesh for the first time yesterday, must say it looks great. Its as close to the 1970 kit as you could see in the modern age..fantastic
  4. Watch Solanke be touted as next big thing now...
  5. No its a summary of the media coverage which of course strongly influences people hence the discussions on here. The media simply sows the seed
  6. Well last seasons relatively sympathetic press coverage seems to have been replaced by constant suggestion that we have issues with our squad and not signing a big name striker will be disasterous. Oh and criticism for selling players who we have mostly loaned out even though its not (with respect) top level clubs that have signed them. Knew it was too good to last, welcome back media tosspots
  7. He looked good in the Confed Cup, Strong good in the air and comfortable on the ball, Could be a shrewd aquisition
  8. 3pm Saturday always nicer in my opinion, let someone else take the pressure of first game back and playing after everyone else has played. Just do our thing under the radar on the saturday afternoon. Of course assuming we make some sexy signings, if not we are doomed or at least thats what the media want us to believe.
  9. Is that a first? I'm sure that all our previous first games as champions have been televised but can't remember if that was always the case with other clubs.
  10. Thats about right I think. To be fair we rallied and made a game of it second half but they were worthy winners on the day for the first half hour when they could have been 3 up and ran the legs out of us. On the positive side we did step up a little and got an equaliser from nothing (credit to Costa) and almost got another at 1-2 (Costa again). But generally we huffed and puffed not quite at full speed or sharpness, we looked worn out and in some cases (hazard) a bit apathetic or perhaps unfit.
  11. Yep agree with that
  12. I think Kante has been more consistent than Hazard who has had some great games but also been invisible when we have needed him like last saturday (kante was also poor btw)
  13. I know someone who works at Nike and he told me they were looking at doing something with the original Chelsea colour which was a lighter blue
  14. Well people, we certainly exceeded my expectations already and it can still get even better. Cheers
  15. Would be nice to put it to bed friday if we can, Pullis wont need to motivate his team much though, nobody wants to be the team that gave us the league. If we have the same focus as the Boro game we will do it.