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  1. Thats about right I think. To be fair we rallied and made a game of it second half but they were worthy winners on the day for the first half hour when they could have been 3 up and ran the legs out of us. On the positive side we did step up a little and got an equaliser from nothing (credit to Costa) and almost got another at 1-2 (Costa again). But generally we huffed and puffed not quite at full speed or sharpness, we looked worn out and in some cases (hazard) a bit apathetic or perhaps unfit.
  2. Yep agree with that
  3. I think Kante has been more consistent than Hazard who has had some great games but also been invisible when we have needed him like last saturday (kante was also poor btw)
  4. I know someone who works at Nike and he told me they were looking at doing something with the original Chelsea colour which was a lighter blue
  5. Well people, we certainly exceeded my expectations already and it can still get even better. Cheers
  6. Would be nice to put it to bed friday if we can, Pullis wont need to motivate his team much though, nobody wants to be the team that gave us the league. If we have the same focus as the Boro game we will do it.
  7. My thoughts entirely. One game at a time, there's a lot of people talking about West Brom where tonight needs serious attention first. I watched Feyenoord fall flat yesterday (they need 3 points to win the title) and make life difficult for themselves by not doing the work that they had all season. Boro scored twice V City and dont concede many. I think tonight is a dangerous game, if we dont focus (us and the players) it can happen. Of course 2 wins from 4 with this squad is very doable but its not a gimme. Does anyone know if Luiz and kante are fit?
  8. The Marshmen from the Olympic Stadium for me, was surrounded by kids supporting them at school and they always had this bully boy attitude at matches. Am not fond of Spurs either and then there's the old enemy from Yorkshire...plenty of rivals without Sky manufacturing ones like Liverpool or United
  9. Great result today and another moment of magic from Pedro who goes a bit under the radar with the media who think its all about Hazard and Costa. Three wins to win the title, wont be the stroll the fixtures may suggest and Spurs are it seems determined not to fade away though they still have some awkward games to come. We will be tested to the limit however with three games in a week to keep the product interesting (never mind the fans eh) and the same character as today will be required.
  10. Phew, great win and just as tough as I expected. decent side Southampton worked us all the way but the team managed the game well. I think we will need to be stronger defensively against everton mind you. Would be nice if Palace can take a point off spurs.
  11. That indicates the decision to bench Hazard and Costa was indeed with Tuesday in mind, a gamble but calculated one at that. I do think Spurs will drop points just not yet so its important that we keep up the pressure by winning.
  12. Important game tomorrow , whilst we were all overjoyed at beating the Scruffy Gobby ones from North London they showed enough to suggest they aren't going away in the league. If anything it will serve to make them more determined to capitalise if we take our eye off the ball. Southampton have often been a tricky prospect for us, decent footballing side very capable of taking advantage of a sloppy or unfocused Chelsea performance. I think we will need to work for it and with 90 minutes on the big pitch at wembley on saturday it could be one to grind out. Luckily Hazard should be relatively fresh and Pedro plus Cahill if he comes back in. Either way we just have to find a way to win here as I think asking Palace to get yet another result against the big boys is unrealistic and a 1 or 2 point lead going into Everton away is very fragile. That said I think we will find a way just like we did on Saturday, sign of a top team that kind of character.
  13. If you watch Erikssen then Alli doesnt get the ball to score. Clever little player nippy and can pick a defence splitting pass needs watching.
  14. Judging from both games against them this season it will be very tight, they will be physical in midfield and at the back and we need to watch Erikssen. We need to get Hazard into the game as he was quiet in both games against them perhaps third time lucky?? I doubt there will be much in it may well go to extra time and I doubt if a negative result will affect either teams league form much. it looks very much like we will have our first choice team available and I think the wide spaces of Wembley may favour us. I'm going for a morale boosting win perhaps after extra time...there I said it
  15. Yes pretty much what I thought, a perfect storm of events added to what is always a tough away game whatever the circumstances. Also I agree that the opposing coaches will be gradually working us out to varying success, none of our or tottenhams games are a gimme.but this is where the experience of having been involved in a title race comes in and youre big players stand up. Unfortunately our friends from North London now also have that experience from last season but luckily the points gap rules out City and I dont think the scousers would have it in them. I think the reason people are flapping a bit is that it comes soon after the palace game and the performance was strangely flat for a big game. At least at Tottenham we had several chances that we spurned. I'm sure Conte will sort them out, I'm actually wondering if Costa has been carrying a knock or just having one of those periods strikers have, I'm expecting him to bounce back at any moment. He doesnt seem the sort to freeze in a run in and he's not been so bad that you suspect he wants out either. Bring it on, weve been here before...counting down the games