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  1. Media / Press

    And low and behold...just clicked on the Guardian website and Barney Ronay has written about it...I'll get my coat
  2. Media / Press

    Fair play, I guess I based it on the Guardian and BBC who were less vocal
  3. Chelsea vs Lille

    Not at all we may well need that experience, I think Lille have some good players who are very capable of running at us from deep so we need cool heads
  4. Media / Press

    What you dont get is lots of articles and TV comment regarding the incident like the Sterling incident. Has the guys name and address been published like with the incident at Stamford Bridge? We do get treated differently we know that as with the Eva Carneiro thing where suddenly everyone was an expert on the role of a physio and cared deeply about womens rights in the workplace...I don't see many lady physios working in football at the moment by the way...
  5. VAR and Chelsea

    That second Everton goal on Saturday had what looked suspisciously like a foul on Christienssen in the build up. For a moment I thought we might get a VAR decision...but no another one goes against us...couldnt really make too much of it after the third went in but it was important. The ref let a lot of over physical stuff go from Everton which assisted their win but we didn't really stand up for ourselves enough
  6. VAR and Chelsea

    So in the space of a few days we had two VAR decisions go our way, In my opinion Sterling looked onside and it felt a bit against the spirit of football to dissallow it a little like Azpis against Liverpool. Re last night, on the stream I was watching a qualified ref (missed the name)called it offside before it was correctly given as a goal...just shows what you are up against.. the same ref didn't think their pen was a pen as the Valencia playerran across Jorginio on's a mess Also I dont doubt that in the premier league Napolis goal would have been disallowed for a foul on Van Dijk
  7. Media / Press

    Yes there is often more to it than meets the eye. But they also play for the fans or should do
  8. Media / Press

    I think there were certain squad members who could have done more for Conte, I dont buy into the downing of tools but there were a few who didn't knock themselves out that second season
  9. Media / Press

    I get all the points that people are making here and that Mourinho was and is divisive opinion wise. But am I alone here in being not that phased that he has gone there? I think perhaps because we have such an exciting thing going on at the Bridge I am not thinking about the neighbours comings and goings. He didn't do badly at United in my opinion and was eventually let down by players who will let everyone down, we had the same here with the same players who let him down letting Conte down. He will probably do quite well at Tottenham at least initially but much as I despise that lot I am far more interested in what Chelsea are doing. What we are doing will take time and we may have to endure some clubs (and fanbases) we dont like winning things before we do...but we have a squad and a manager who have our clubs best interests at heart...let the neighbours ponce about with their new sportcars...we are saving up for a ferrari
  10. Manchester City 2 Chelsea 1

    It was on the days where he wasnt really up for it (often against the better teams about 50/50 re him turning up) he would go missing completely or release the ball as soon as he got it from the left wing position
  11. Manchester City 2 Chelsea 1

    I remember exactly when he got sacked just before the Sunderland home game on 19th December and we had not had a penalty all season with several possibilities being ignored. We finally got one against sunderland and it was the softest you've ever seen...It actually was the incident that convinced me that refereeing in England is not whiter than white (had long suspected it). Was like they wanted to rub Mourinhos nose in it...
  12. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Phew what a relief, I was dreading my future existance at 1-4. Ajax supporters are as bad as the most irritating that England has to offer with a nice line in smug self entitlement. We did get lucky last night with an offside 2nd goal and the sendings offs/ 2nd penalty all given at once. But will happily listen to them saying how lucky we are rather than how they mullered us at home. I said when the group was drawn that we could finish in any one of the four positions. I will almost rule out 4th now with last nights results but we can certainly finish in any one ofthe first 3 positions. We badly need to beat Lille at home to give us a chance of progressing, though Europa League is no disaster either.
  13. VAR and Chelsea

    It's funny the Ajax lot are saying the same after last night...I have to say they were a touch hard done by
  14. VAR and Chelsea

    Ah Graham Poll, Spurs away where he dissallowed a perfectly good second goal for Chelsea and sent off JT for ?? Never did explain why but fuelled all kinds of racist conspiracy theories...and he said to Ashley Cole that he was going to teach Chelsea a lesson...ah the famed impartiality of the English refs...
  15. VAR and Chelsea

    Certainly as a live spectacle, how can you ever celebrate with abandon any more. There are several mistakes being made with it, the Ajax goal V us was not offside well not when the ball was actually played it wasnt but then they didn't judge it from that point. Mason Mount being offside was also ridiculous against Liverpool, had a flag been up at that that point that was ignored fair enough. But he was facing his own goal and there were three or four passes between that and Daves shot that went in. At present Liverpool do seem to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this mess which is irritating but you wait for their media cheerleaders when something does cost them points.
  16. Ajax 0 Chelsea 1

    Well that made my week...excellent away european performance and I can go to work with my head held high at least until the home leg..Thankyou Bats
  17. Official: Chelsea sign Gonzalo Higuain

    I guess Juve create more chances for him and he has more space and time. Yes and yes, our tactics last season revolved around getting Hazard on the ball so he could run through and shoot or play a one two with the striker then switch it to the other flank. didn't matter who our striker was they were fed on scraps.
  18. Tammy Abraham

    Watching that clip the defender clearly shoves Drogba in the back which is a foul however easily the forward goes down. I actually dont think he went down particularly theatrically there. Either way it was a foul and a penalty.
  19. Lille 1 Chelsea 2

    I saw quite a bit of Lilles game at Ajax last week and they were better than the score suggested, they could and should have scored at least two goals. They have some very skillful and strong runners it wont be easy but we will create chances ourselves but have to take them which has in some games been an issue this season. I think we could come in any one of the four places in this group as it is so evenly matched. Lille are perhaps by a small margin the weakest team in the group so avoiding defeat would be a minimum requirement here.
  20. Media / Press

    Yes, expect nothing to be changed unless something goes against the red teams that costs them points/a place in a final.
  21. Chelsea 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    I think we need the old heads back in for this one, Azpilequeta, Kante, Willan/Pedro. I'm assuming Rudiger isn't fit but if he is put him in, thoroughly enjoyed seeing the kids win big V Grimsby but kids are inconsistent and this game wont be easy.
  22. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Well that's two games against Liverpool where we have arguably been the better team but have somehow not got a result. What is encouraging is how much trouble we can cause them going forward, even Mr Perfect Van Dijk was caught out of position several times and looked like the capt of the titanic with a bucket at times. However we lack the overalll solidity to hold a top team for 90 minutes at the moment. But it is enjoyable watching our young lions having a go at it. One can only hope that result wise there is a massive upturn at some point particularly at home as otherwise you fear for frank with our hierachy at Chelsea. But with both home defeats this week there have been some positive signs but also some naievity. Hopefully the next few weeks will bring some good results as well
  23. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    I fear that this game has come a little too early for us with the injuries and new style bedding in. It was a massive surprise just how we outplayed them and even tore their defence a new one in the Super Cup. But can we do that a second time especially when they had their bump during the week? Perhaps I'm being a touch pessimistic and we will pull somethjing out of the hat. hope so. One thing to note, despite Tammys great form Giroud causes the too laid back Van Dijk issues when he plays against him, seen it for Chelsea and for France V Holland. Giroud is very good at pulling away from defendersand making little ruuns in behind/playing it to others that do. Van dijk never looks whats going on behind him, usually focusses on the man on the ball. Napoli almost scored 3 from that on wednesday.
  24. Media / Press

    Yes that's rare with a LIverpool match approaching, usually they find something to up the anti. They must be confident of winning...
  25. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Yes, same thing, at the time I thought the tactical reliance on Hazard in an attacking sense didn't help given his tendency to coast through some games. It meant we didn't hold the ball for any time further up the field putting more pressure on us defensively. Mind you shouldn't be forgotten we won the fa cup that season