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  1. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 3

    They have been really poor since their win at Bournemouth where they looked decent. Much like West Ham leading up to that match...I think we know they will suddenly up their efforts tonight. I'm not feeling too confident of a win
  2. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 3

    Same here, was my late fathers team and have lots of good friends who support them. We rarely play well at Selhurst or so it seems but actually we have a decent record there, but they have been awful recently after their good win at Bournemouth so you can predict they will turn up against us. Losing Kante is a blow, can only hope that Kovavic is fit because they have a hard working physical midfield if we can control the play there we have a chance.
  3. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Totally agree, those three decisions are great examples. All three came where a team was working hard to find an equaliser/ get a foot in the game and had deservedly grabbed a goal, as a player it must frustrate and set you back mentally. To be fair to west ham they carried on and scored again minutes later, with us Girouds was the second dissallowed goal v United and we kind of fizzled out after that and V Liverpool there was half time in between but they came out firing and got their 2nd and decider before we to our credit swarmed all over them and got a goal back. The fact that they went back 4 passes to find Mounts offside heel seemed pretty odd imo...oh and he was facing his own goal.
  4. Media / Press

    Funny isn't it, that's where the emphasis on Political correctness has got us, all jumping on a bandwagon scared that they will be vilified then jumping off it once they realise it wasnt quite as noble as they thought. Regarding it being hijacked it makes me think of Liverpools J96 thing which I'm sure originally was about the poor families of the deceased but ended up being a campaign to get the powers that be to absolve Liverpool supporters of any blame whatsoever.
  5. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Probably also pissed due to it being his first club whose fans slag him off at every opportunity as well
  6. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Exactly my worry tonight, a copycat of the Villa game but without us taking the two chances. Always been a tricky game for us West Ham, could also see a 1-1
  7. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Is VAR making refs into bigger cowards? Good question, I think it is and also exposing club bias at the same time
  8. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Yes that's true. I have noticed the same inability to accept defeat/ unrealistic expectations creeping into our fanbase
  9. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    And its us, a club that most of their non scouse support despise who have taken it out of their hands.
  10. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Yes the clear influence of them at Sky/BBC/The Guardian is very tiresome. I blame that generation of glory hunter liverpool fans from the home counties directly for the negative portrayal of Chelsea (and now CIty) in the media
  11. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Indeed I would never want to lose a game to stop someone else anyway. Even a point is enough to do it and still helps our cause
  12. Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 2

    Yes also an issue but the signing of Ziyech in combination with Werner will fix that one. But not signing a top defender with negate that a touch.
  13. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    What a delicious thought that is. As a fan of a certain vintage I see them far more as rivals than Man Utd or Liverpool to name but two.
  14. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Yes, much as it would have been nice to see the Scousers have to wait another year
  15. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Ha Ha indeed, where do I recognise him from.... It would be rather nice if that nice Mr Hodgson (who just wasnt good enough for a club like LIverpool in their eyes) was able to delay their coronation just a little longer
  16. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Actually I thought Palace looked good against an admittedly poor Bournemouth. They will certainly make Liverpool work for it. More importantly thats another tough game we have to negotiate this season.
  17. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Could it be that we will be king makers this season? Am I right in thinking a win by us and Liverpool beating palace hands the title to Liverpool?
  18. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Goodness, my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones especially in these circumstances. Puts all our petty moans and groans into perspective really
  19. Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 2

    I agree, I think we have an unfortunate habit of letting in unecessary goals at times when we are on top in a match. Yesterday was a game that we could have won at a canter and yet it was fairly tight in the end. Great that we have signed two top class forward players but we do have issues further back which will prevent us from a proper title challenge as it stands.
  20. Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 2

    Have to say I agree with that even making allowance for the injuries I feel that there is a fitness issue there that is holding him back.
  21. Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 2

    Yes both excellent servants for us, I for one will miss Pedro need to find a new favourite player now... By the way incredibly quiet on this thread so far, can it be that people are finding it hard to get interested in the circumstances?
  22. Media / Press

    LOL is that a long awaited follow up to the one where ex Liverpool players kept telling us how awful our signing Fernando Torres was?
  23. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Indeed and when you see that not only empty stadiums but neutral stadiums too..for instance had Liverpool played Everton at Goodison and with a full partisan home crowd I would say there's a huge chance of them not winning. Play the game at... say Villa Park and it will feel like a totally different match. So any sense of this being meaningful goes out the window it may as well be a training game means nothing.
  24. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Is that more to do with the risk of crowds gathering? that some stadiums take more police to block off than others? I do agree it's a farce though, the whole integrity of the competitions went as soon as the equivalent of a pre season was spent without playing. And so they force a finish to this season..How does next season work then? what if a second wave of Corona stops the season in say November? will they be so anxious to complete that season? if so when with a Euro to fit in? Makes you wonder if there is big money riding on Liverpool being champions, VAR certainly did its bit by nobbling City and giving Liverpool some favourable decisions...
  25. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    To be fair he wasnt alone with his wastefulness that day, and then we gave them a penalty. Not easy to win the double its a long old season, our defeat V arsenal in Contes first season showed that.