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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    And Willian’s tracking is poor, especially when he is not in the mood. Also strugless against weaker opposition when there is no space. Pedro on the other hand worked so hard in the last few games!
  2. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1

    Since he joined Chelsea in 2016, Marcos Alonso has more goals (17) and goal involvements (28 - 17 goals, 11 assists) than any other defender in the Premier League, with three of these goals coming against Spurs.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Abramovich’s Israeli passport does entitle him to come to Britain and, although not to work directly for money, he can go to Chelsea and have meetings and watch matches if he wants to. Asked whether he put the stadium on hold in indignation at his treatment by the government, Buck says: “He put it on hold a few months after the incident in Salisbury; we can all draw our own conclusions as to whether that’s related.” He declined to say how Abramovich feels about being made unwelcome, after the UK accepted him and his money for so long. But the impression of Abramovich feeling unjustly targeted and rarely visiting, and the stadium project postponed, creates a perception that Chelsea is on hold and the young players are being given opportunities in that stasis. Buck says no and is emphatic that Abramovich is still committed to Chelsea: “I understand what you’re saying and it is hard to disprove it, except to say: let’s see what happens in the next transfer window. The point I am making – it’s a glib one – if we go out in the next window and spend a zillion, it’s pretty hard to argue that things are on hold.” didn't spend anything in Jan! Lets see what happens in the summer
  4. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    Id take Chillwell over Azpi all day long
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    This works when u have unlimited budget. But we dont anymore.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm not sold on Jody yet too. That remark/tweet to Jose was weird. Id rather have Joey Cole or JT assisting.
  7. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2
  8. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    :DDD Tomori 10/10 so far, strong, good on the ball, scores the goal
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Joey being a pundit is a breath of fresh air. If not Lamps, one day it would be nice to see JT as manager and Joey advising him.
  10. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Tbf any gk can't be blamed for their 2 goals
  11. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Never been that mad after a game. Fuming! can't believe our tacticts
  12. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

  13. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    They are pressing high - just play long balls on Tammy
  14. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Mustafi clear handball to stop Kante’s shot. where is VAR!?