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  1. Spot on. Kinda explains why England never do well in international championships too. Boll*cks and pressure from the media is insane.
  2. haha, still positive! Travelling all the way to Middlesbrough from Vilnius, Lithuania to see the game! Last one I saw was a few years ago! Miss the blues! Appreciated if anyone could give me a pub name where everyone will be having pre-match drinks!
  3. Right. From what I gather from various sources that's right, Azpi and Hazard should be fine and it will be a last minute decision on Costa.
  4. any new info on that or just random guesses?
  5. Any updates for the Boro game? Hazard, Costa, Azpi?
  6. any news on the Hazard and Costa injuries?
  7. I'd have Isco over Rodriguez all day long! Also the Spaniard would probably come cheaper.
  8. Conte quoted: "If you look now at our squad, we have only five defenders - four that started today and an academy player Ola Aina. If one defender is injured or banned, then we are in trouble, but the club and me know this and we are talking every day to improve the squad. They're not stupid, they know we need more defenders. I guess it just depends on the market more if someone is actually willing to sell to us. "We know that this market is very difficult. It's crazy. I don't want to buy only to buy. I want to buy the right profile for Chelsea, the right investment for the solution and for the future." Rodriguez LB and Koulibaly CB would be perfect.
  9. Great support yesterday!!! Proud of everyone who made their voice clear!!!
  10. I'd like to make a compilation of not given legit penalties of the whole season ...
  11. Can somehow explain us please, how the hell this violent two-footed lunge gets away unpunished and Diego gets a 3 match ban for a game play accident?
  12. This makes sense ^ Although I agree with NoblyBobly, about exceptional saves. Would like to see a few more from Thibaut.
  13. Totally agreed on his ability to collect crosses, etc. Also agreed that Cech has become a bit indecisive. Although the thing that worries me is the actual shot stopping. Where I thought Thibaut could have done better and Spurs away was the best example.
  14. Completely agreed too. Also, I was watching the Tottenham game and thought Courtois could have done a bit better and kept out at least one or two goals. Thoughts?
  15. haha, Dave is def reading this forum!