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  1. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    The article has gone now.
  2. and " the stadium proposed is rectangular in shape with four separate stands"
  3. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Any idea why Milan were playing in their away kit?
  4. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    On the march towards Munich.... ohh wait Seriously, the march to what exactly, a Europa League spot? :D
  5. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    Corrected :P
  6. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    I've always thought Bosingwa should be tried on the right of a front 3. He's fast, good at taking on players and has a decent shot. His crossing could do with some work though...
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    To be fair though, he is up against Us, Man U and Arsenal who are pretty much guaranteed top 4 finishes, and Man City that have spent hundreds of millions over the past 3? seasons.
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Could you imagine that.... and United end up winning nothing :D United to slip up against Us, Arsenal and Newcastle or Everton, and win our last 6 games..... In other news pigs can fly? :D
  9. Full story: the Sun I know its the Sun, but assuming its true, we could do with Torres spending the pre-season with us :\
  10. Want a laugh? Chelsea owner Abramovich may sell Torres the flop as £50m nightmare goes on
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Man Utd's Wayne Rooney accepts FA charge but not ban Whats the betting it gets overturned, one rule for Man U, another for every other team. What gets me, is on RedCafe they seem to think everybody is against them (the FA, the refs, the media etc).
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I agree Liverpool are bigger in the great scheme of things, due to being, up until recently, the most successful team in England and being the most successful English team in Europe (we did win a European trophy before you though ;)). But I don't think anybody can deny that at the moment, Us and Man U are currently the best two teams in the country. About the bit in bold, Since seating yes, but come on, by 3,000 seats.... I could be wrong, but wasn't Stamford Bridge the 2nd biggest in the country at one point, 2nd behind Crystal Palace? Also, record attendances; Stamford Bridge: 82,905 Chelsea v Arsenal 1935 (According to wiki, many events exceeded 100,000) Anfield: 61,905 Liverpool v Wolves 1952
  13. New Kits

  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Assuming we win our two games in hand on United we'll be 6 points off them, and Arsenal with their game in hand will only be 2 points off. Man U have still got to face us again and go to the Emirates. It ain't over yet :D Edit: Ohh and their defensive problems have just got worse with the Evans red card :D
  15. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Millwall in the Uefa Cup? They were the runners up in the FA Cup, and because United had already qualified for the Champions League, Millwall got into Europe. Millwall were in Division 1 now the Championship. If the 2 FA Cup finalists have qualified for Europe, I think 6th place becomes eligible for Europe.
  16. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    We win our game in hand, beat United at Old Trafford, United lose at Anfield and the Emirates. Arsenal throw away some more 4 goal leads and we win the title, easy!!!! :D :P
  17. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    umm ok.... this is the same team that threw away a 4 goal lead to newcastle, it looks like chelseas run of form has got to you slightly :P
  18. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    They had spotlights on the the crowd too... :D
  19. After he's got himself a hattrick in the Champions League Final ;) The league might have gone, but the Wembley double hasn't :D
  20. Inter 3 Barca 1 (The Mourinho Masterclass) :P
  21. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    We're back in this :D
  22. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Sturridge with a goal :D
  23. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Surely your not being serious? If you think my post was embarrassing, I suggest you re-read what you just posted, then go back and re-read my post and take notice of the big grin (:D) at the end of the sentence. Also, if your going to accuse a post of being embarrassing, at least make sure you've spelt embarrassing correctly first (to save yourself from embarrassment) ;)