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  1. I like that! Would be nice to have a more general version as well.
  2. People outside the club are trying to make out that the league is a done deal, but we're two bad results away from falling back into the pack. It might be a crazy thing to say after this amazing run we've been on, but I feel like I need to see a convincing performance as well as a win from us today - Hazard running the show and a double for Costa will do nicely.
  3. Good. Needed that.
  4. Shite.
  5. What sort of cheese was that?
  6. I'd love to hear what the grand plan is for us as a football club, because I genuinely don't understand what we're about or what we're trying to achieve.
  7. Words fail me, but we'll see I suppose...
  8. Make it stop.
  9. We're going to struggle to make the Top 6 this season. Sixth is probably as good as it can get.
  10. If I never saw these three in a Chelsea shirt again, I wouldn't be disappointed.
  11. I see Mark Halsey's going to be in the news over the next few days. Remember these classic decisions from him: Unbelievable.
  12. Disagree. I think he's a coaster. He's got to 28 and he's not won a single thing in his career. Yet rather than challenge himself at this stage of his life, he's happy to stick it out at Roma, who are at best a Tottenham or a Valencia - a half arsed title challenge and a cup every ten years. There's being motivated by money, but there's also being ambitious and being motivated by success and trophies. We need players who fall into the latter category. He doesn't.
  13. I was also at the game last night (I was on the edge of the MHL - atmosphere wasn't great - we have the songs, but I just wish Carefree wasn't the 'go to' one because it just loses people). Thoughts on the game - in Batshuayi, we've got the best of the Belgian strikers. Lots of effort and twists and turns from Moses - it didn't always pay off but he kept at it and it's just nice to see a wide player that isn't Hazard prepared to take people on. I wasn't hugely impressed with RLC, I'm probably in a minority here but given the relative freedom he is given, he just doesn't impose himself on games. Ivanovic and Cahill don't inspire much confidence, and with Ivanovic in the middle, it meant we had our three fullbacks on the pitch at the same time, so when Aina went down, it exposed our lack of depth - another LB is a must. Matic shouldn't be anywhere near the first team, poor yet again. Pedro can finish but he can't create and the fact we had to bring on Hazard rings a massive warning bell. In my opinion, signing a creative AM who knows where the goal is, is every bit as important as getting a new CB, because we're sleepwalking into another 'Hazard or Bust' situation. I wouldn't stick James Rodriguez on the right of a midfield 4, but Hazard, Rodriguez and Costa or Batshuayi as a slightly off-kilter attacking three really appeals to me.
  14. That pass from Fabregas! Hopefully Conte can pick up one or two things from that performance. Some of the answers were on the bench today, the others are in the transfer market and we've got ten or so days to act.