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  1. We'll roll out the big guns on July 1st. I'm confident of it. Complete with some flashy new kits and a Nike inspired trendy hashtag. In the meantime, we'll just have to put up with the press throwing a load of **** against a wall and hoping some of it sticks.
  2. Let's just hope Conte gets the striker he wants.
  3. Have to say, I do like the look of Bakayoko, he seems (in my opinion) to have most of the necessary attributes for that sort of position. He does have his detractors after a few shaky performances in the Champions League, but that shouldn't put us off (should it?) and I wouldn't be in any way upset if we signed him. Looking at our rivals though, I can't believe the rumours about Sanchez going to City are true. They'll have an incredible amount of options (but yet, I still don't fancy them to win anything). At the fag end of the season though, it looked to me that De Bruyne was getting pushed further and further back. It's either that Guardiola doesn't value him as a player/or (more likely) sees him as a project and is trying to mould him into something else. As he is, I think he's one of the top five players in the league and if there's a player we're buying back, I'd rather it be him instead of Lukaku. I'd honestly think about testing the waters there. Likewise, if United add Morata and Belotti, then I'd like us to put in an offer/career rescue package for Antony Martial. I don't think it would cost us an arm and a leg either - maybe even throw Matic in as a low calorie sweetener. Martial seems to be living out the career path of the player he's always compared to and I have a feeling that whichever club takes a chance on him and properly deploys him on the pitch will get massive rewards.
  4. With Costa, there were too many times in the second half of this season where I thought, "I don't want to go through another year of this." We need a striker who's with us, 100%. I can accept patchy form and dry spells - that happens to nearly every striker, but I can't accept some of what's happened over the last two seasons.
  5. Looks like Atletico Madrid's transfer ban being upheld has put a spanner in the works for the striker merry-go-round. If Costa still ends up going to China, then I seriously hope that Lukaku is someway down our list of alternatives. He's a very good finisher, I'll give him that - but I don't think the rest of his game is up to scratch. I just think there's better out there, and maybe for half the price (if those ridiculous figures being quoted are to be believed).
  6. Annoying - that's what it is. A sh*t way to end the season, but it's been a very, very good season and in a few days time, winning the title will be the overriding memory of it. We'll come back, do what's necessary in the summer and we'll go again. Turning up in the Community Shield and putting Arsenal in their place will be a good start.
  7. This game came at the perfect moment. Nothing quite like sticking a foot out and tripping up Spurs. And it's made even better by the salty tears of Danny Murphy and Jermaine Jenas.
  8. I wouldn't expect anything else - the man is a Grade 'A' D******d. But then, that's something I always liked about him - the point scoring. However, no petty badge pointing/thumping and vengeance missions will reduce the pain he'll feel if when we go and win the title in a few weeks time. That will eat him up inside and I'm not going to lie - part of me will really enjoy that.
  9. Despite doing my very best to cowardly avoid all football media for the last 36 hours, it doesn't feel anywhere near as "doomsday" as it felt on Sunday afternoon. Given the fixtures left for both teams, it's not unfeasible that we'll win our home games, although that Southampton fixture has a whiff of Shane Long turning up. As for them, Mourinho/United have it in them to deny Spurs two or all three points and that'll probably do it for us. And going through this wobble will mean more if/when we cross the line first. Also, this will act as a reminder to those in important positions that the maximum has been rung out of this squad and reinforcements are definitely required in the summer. I can't see a careless repeat of Summer 2007 or 2010 happening this time around.
  10. If we win our home games and get a point from either one of Goodison or the Hawthorns - then we're there with one just slip up from Spurs. That's the best I can do for optimism.
  11. League wise, we're home against Southampton next (25th), Spurs are then away against Palace on the following night. We just have to put the pressure back on them, and then hope they slip up. Once might be fatal.
  12. Conte needs to find a formula for the next six games. And we need someone up front who isn't a complete liability. If not, we're f**ked.
  13. Just need a goal for the momemtum to change.
  14. Liability.
  15. Not over by any stretch, but so much was wrong about that first half. Next 45 minutes can win or lose the title for us. It's really looking that way.