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  1. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    I've accepted that he's learning on the job but Lampard isn't doing himself any favours.
  2. Official: Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Generally speaking, we're underperforming. Lampard (obviously) is a factor, but there are one or two other things that are clouding the overall picture. IMO, Lampard's vision/plan only becomes reality when we have someone with a little bit of steel and character in midfield who can sit (Rice?) and someone who can properly create (Ziyech). Obviously you can't expect to have everyone fit all the time and you should have the ability to make do, but there are jigsaw pieces missing at the moment. We're in a weird, mishmash pre-seasonless state right now, so I've paused expectations for a couple of months, when I think things will be clearer.
  3. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    I really hope this wasn't the case. Especially at that price. The latter, hopefully.
  4. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    That kit will be in the clearance section of the club shop in three weeks time.
  5. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    Definitely a point gained. So much needs to be resolved regarding the midfield balance (amongst other things).
  6. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    May have been Wolves (A) last season, unless it's happened since.
  7. Official: Chelsea Sign Edouard Mendy

    Solid point. The "he doesn't make great saves" argument needs to be doused in petrol and set alight for several reasons, but that's the main one. You'd struggle to name a more acrobatic keeper than Fabien Barthez over the last 30 years, but there's a reason why his saves looked so spectacular - he wasn't even 6ft, so he had to put absolutely everything into it.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Kepa will probably play in the cups until he gets us knocked out of them.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not comparing the players in any way, but the move for Havertz reminds me a bit about the general feeling I had when we signed Oscar - I didn't know a great deal about the player, I was impressed enough (but not blown away) by what little I had seen, and I didn't have him down as an essential addition, but, the sheer volume of people saying that this was a next level signing was kind of reassuring. I'm looking forward to seeing how he gets on (and I hope he gets the right support to become a star player), but I probably would have given him a gentler introduction than what he has been given.
  10. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Kepa can't be allowed to play again.
  11. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Twelve hours too long.
  12. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Real Madrid had the opportunity to buy Kepa for £18m six months before we did, but chose not to.
  13. Kepa or Caballero - who is best

    Neither are good enough to be No.1, but one of them has the excuse of being 39 in three weeks.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    For all the stick Kepa gets, Butland achieved about the same save percentage in the Championship. Plenty of errors sprinkled in there too - we should stay well clear.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Chilwell at £45m (+ addons) is far more palatable than Chilwell at £80m. I read somewhere that we'd be keeping Alonso, so we just have to hope Conte sticks around long enough at Inter to take Emerson off our hands. I think the rewards outweigh the risks with him. Obviously you'd be mad to place him in every starting line up and expect a 50+ game season at 36, (so I'd still be looking to add another, more long-term CB), but I don't think Thiago Silva is done yet as a player.