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  1. That's pretty much what I'd do if Bakayoko and Hazard aren't options today.
  2. It's not so much that we decided to sell Matic or thought about replacing/upgrading him, it's the fact that we willingly strengthened a title rival - in their problem position - and right in time for the new season too. At least string it out to deadline day or get a swap deal out of it (Martial/Shaw). Meanwhile, here were are, down to the barebones and playing musical chairs against Spurs next week.
  3. They are our biggest opposition.
  4. Would be nice if our board decided to strengthen our team and not a title rival's one.
  5. Thanks Mark, well that explains it - I saw Fenerbahce linked a couple of days ago so thought he he must be near full fitness.
  6. I would have tried to engineer a swap deal between him and Matic.
  7. What's the deal with Baba Rahman? I know he's coming off the back of an injury, but people did suggest he'd be more suited to a wing back role than being an LB in a flat back four.. If there's a finite amount of money, then I'd prefer it spent further up the pitch (or on a RWB).
  8. Conte has to start Morata, no more messing around.
  9. Come on!
  10. Kante and Luiz in midfield vs Spurs. Probably.
  11. Jesus.
  12. Yes!
  13. We don't really help ourselves, do we?
  14. Shower of s**t. Well done the board.
  15. NO CREATIVITY, WHATSOEVER. And people still think buying an AM is superfluous.