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  1. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Going on loan instead of one our worse strikers without any promise. Would have thought we'd learn after both him and Sturridge were better than our other strikers for the last two years. Hope it's not true.
  2. Samuel Eto'o

    Funnily enough the Eto'o comments don't exist on the internet anywhere before we signed him.
  3. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    Does that mean our squad is now smaller because Moses counted as a homegrown player? Also if it's a loan then it means none of our youth players are able to go on loan to another premier league team and develop.
  4. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Also said this: The manager spoke glowingly about David Luiz's abilities as a centre-half but added that, defensively, "he can be much more effective, much more solid, even if the potential is incredible".
  5. If we don't make the champion's league then I could see a few top managers being put off.
  6. Following Chelsea's Loans

    It just wouldn't fit the English Football League system tbh, it would never be allowed.
  7. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Got taken in hook, line and sinker by a 17 year old self proclaimed LAD, what an idiot. There's no doubt the kid was doing it deliberately, as per his tweet, but jeez, you expect more from Hazard. Only question is how long will his ban be?
  8. Lucas Piazon

    He looked delighted when he came on, was really happy for him. He is on FIFA for some reason,that always bugged me.
  9. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    The worst part about him losing the ball up the field is the defence seem to collapse without him. When he lost the ball there, a better team would have had someone dropping deeper to cover. (maybe a bit harsh as Mikel or Oriol or even Ramires if your lucky would do it normally) Also the remaining defenders should be able to deal with the attack and give the rest of the team time to get behind the ball, unfortunately in this case Ivanovic got nowhere near his marker and made it incredibly easy for them. Infact despite scoring, Ivanovic had a much worse game than Luiz. I agree he was slack getting back, he should be busting a gut to recover, but to lay all the blame on Luiz is unfair considering the ball was lost 30 yards from the opposition goal, not at the half way line.
  10. I agree, I've never thought it of a player before but while he's starting up front every match he's dragging the club down, it feels like the only way we'll get around that is if he can't play. I'm not talking about yesterday's game, I'm talking about 2 years of struggling to score because of Torres.
  11. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Yeah, it's a shame Luiz is foreign and Cahill is English, Luiz usually plays better than his partner but will still take all the criticism.
  12. Lucas Piazon

    I think he's spot on. It was clear some players didn't care enough so why were they starting? Oscar should have been the first player on the team-sheet in the match but instead was a badly thought-out substitution when it was too late.
  13. Don't think I've hated anyone in football as much as I hate Torres, I preferred him when he was scoring against us at will with Liverpool. I know it's not his fault he's dogshit but I can't help but hate him. Cost us huge money and wages we'll never see again, money that could have been spent on any number of players who would have actually improved our team. As a result of him coming we've moved on two superior strikers in Anelka and Kalou - yes, even Kalou is better! He's been such a hindrance to the club it's beyond belief, almost every game he plays in he makes the team worse. We've got no chance of getting anywhere while we rely on him, it's so frustrating. I've never wished injury on any player before, but I'm sorry to say I hope he gets crocked so he can't hold us back any more.
  14. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    How I wish he was here, starting...
  15. He'll never be "back to his old self", players don't play poorly for two years then suddenly go back to being good. ESPN FC Press Pass ‏@ESPNPressPass Fernando Torres is now scoreless in his last 559 minutes in the Premier League