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  1. Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4

    One point not mentioned here is the reaction of RA. Not known for his patients, and he going to be fuming at the moment. Reckon Jose needs to sort this mess out straight away or there could well be another 'falling out'. Anyone got any views on this?
  2. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    Must say I completely agree with Hams take on this topic.I find it difficult to believe FL was unaware that he could end up playing for man c . He's agent certainly should have. When Drogba left he stated he could never play for another premier league club and he hasn't. Thats respect..Lampard has shown none.I wonder what his reception on the 31st of this month from the Chelsea fans will be like?
  3. Tottenham 5 Chelsea 3

    highlights how foolish it was to sell Mata,would much prefer to have him in the team than Oscar
  4. Its unlikely that they will manage top four.The two manchester clubs plus gooners and ourselves should have that wrapped up.Then there is Liverpool under Rodgers I believe will do better.Thats not to mention Newcastle.Mid table for spuds