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  1. Wenger seems to have opened up the possibility of Oxlade Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez leaving. Should be going all in for both IMO whilst targeting Sanches from Bayern on loan.
  2. Both Van Dijk and Barkley are Chelsea players IMO. Keen on both. Need to get moving, though.
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again- Matuidi is going to Juve for £18 Million. He is precisely the sort of player we need. What the hell are we playing out looking to pay £40 Million for Drinkwater?
  4. Personally don't see the problem- if indeed we are looking at players like Oxlade-Chamberlain, Van Dijk, Roberto, Drinkwater and so on (obviously we won't sign all of these), these are all players with decent amount of experience but also have resale value. I reckon this whole Conte vs. Club thing is a storm in a teacup.
  5. Good shout, and I think we will go for one. Alex Sandro being obvious top choice, but probably not realistic. Otherwise Rose, Telles or Bertrand would be ace. We just desperately need movement.
  6. Sergi Roberto and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would be stunning signings IMO.
  7. Ox would be a superb and versatile player for us. An absolute standout at Arsenal. Very keen we get him signed up and keen that we do it quickly.
  8. With that attitude... I think he'll make a mighty fine substitute forward in the U-21 Premier League.
  9. Agree Michy looked awful. Half of squad didn't look remotely match fit in first half. Need 3-5 signings, anything else will result in a 6th place finish.
  10. Well that's it, isn't it? I reckon coming into this window, there would be a strong argument that Ake, Musonda, Baker, Solanke, Christensen, Loftua-Cheek and Chaobah could all do a job for us. We've taken the gamble that we can do better than half of those, and I fear it's going to explode in our faces. Just did a prediction for the season, as things stand, I couldn't put us higher than 6th.
  11. Maybe not the Conte walking part, but the rest of that seems to be a leak from the club to try and stop sellers bleeding us dry. Trouble is, from a negotiating perspective, clubs know we're desperate and our season is riding upon making three or four decent signings or not, therefore they're going to rinse us. (That's the trouble with selling 15 players before replacing them!)
  12. Exactly this. If he was warned over his behaviour/he asked to leave, that won't be constructive dismissal, if he was told relatively out of the blue it would be.
  13. Ex-Arsenal player in attempt to destabilise London rivals via the media shocker. I strongly suspect there's some Chinese whispers going on, and Groves has chose to sensationalise what he's heard. Don't believe a word he or anyone at TalkSport says, unless a reputable source- Guardian, Telegraph, BBC, Sky Sports reports it first.
  14. Absolutely perfect. Cheers!
  15. Perfect, mate, thanks for the tip. Do people tend to sing up in there?