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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Depends if the person speeding at 50mph was driving down a road where said speed limit wasn't signposted. It would be reasonable to treat it differently to a situation where someone was driving at 80 in a 35. Also, it's a pretty rubbish analogy when you consider punishments are different for speeding depending on the severity of the breach. You'd probably get a driving ban for doing 80 in a 35 and would probably get away with a fine and some points on the license if you did 50 in a 35, but I digress!
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thing is Man City signed two players before guidance was issued and held their hands up. We signed 29 players after guidance was issues and tried to deny it. We deserve our ban. If heads should roll it should be our own employees. FIFA would have zero reason to target us unfairly.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is FFP still recorded over a two year period? If so it might be possible we're going to make a big profit this season and a big loss next season after going on a massive splurge on transfers?
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    A Steve Holland/Frank Lampard combo might not be so bad. I'm very concerned about Frank doing it on his own, though. He has to build up some experience as a coach.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    So Hazard offski. Do we now try and nab a marquee signing for when the ban ends or do we trust in the youth?
  6. Media / Press

    That argument doesn't stand up. Dr Dre calls himself and his mates the N word in his music. If I were to call him that, it wouldn't change the fact it is a racial slur rooted in total hatred and would be a totally inappropriate term to use. Baddiel is spot on, Spurs using the Y word as an identity opens up the door to tribal hatred blurring across into race/ethnicity. We need to continue getting our house in order and Spurs need to start. Their statement is unacceptable.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    For me, Sarri needs another season to see if he can really get his footballing ideology working. These things don't change overnight. What I really don't want is Lampard in - he is nowhere near ready, and having watched his Derby side at Brighton in the Cup, tactically he has a lot to learn - very good first season all told, but that doesn't make him ready to take on a CL side in just his second season. The guy is a total hero to me and I don't want that status tarnished by a failed managerial stint.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm not convinced on Maguire. I wonder if De Ligt would making an approach for? Otherwise Umtiti or Varane?
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    We might end up with a one window ban timed for January which would be pretty sweet.
  10. Media / Press

    Chelsea wouldn't have a good libel case. They've made multiple statements acknowledging our problem with racism and antisemitism. Colin Wing might, though, depending on the wording - I.e. is the word accused used or is the implication that he is guilty. Loads of folk accused of crimes, black or white, have their identities revealed when they are accused or charged and many that are subsequently found not guilty find their names dragged through the mud. Though this is a problem in the so-called 'MSM', it's not at all limited to the mainstream - alternative media has its own agenda and in many cases demonstrates it is lacking in journalistic integrity every bit as much as the more established media companies. Reality is we all need to get our information from somewhere and there are flaws in every corner of the media. Best bet is to stay pragmatic, keep an open mind and pay more attention to well resourced sources.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Likely not for sale and the transfer ban will be an issue, but for me a logical successor to Hazard could be Jadon Sancho. Him and Hudson-Odoi on the wing would represent a very bright future.
  12. Media / Press

    I don't see the issue with Levene and actually he should be lauded for bringing attention to the issue. We've had racist chants for years and years - until relatively recently 'bring on Tottenham or the Arsenal' was a mainstay of our core chants every week (phased out due to our fanbase being educated on the offense it causes), the one about a poor little y**** only buying a lager for himself could be heard every now and then, the one about running around North London could be heard every now and then, ocassionally slurs will be chanted at ex-spurs players in addition to all this there's a lot of other nasty stuff that isn't overtly racial (Hillsborough songs, Heysel chants, the song about Jermain Defoe's brother). In the old so-bar I heard a lot, lot worse - I felt like I was at a National Front rally at times in there. I think Levene will be at pains to say it is a small minority - and it is. I think our fanbase deserves huge credit for the progress its made in rooting it out, we're better than the image projected by the minority of knuckle draggers in our ranks. I'm hoping to see a more positive atmosphere develop that is more focused on getting behind our team rather than singing about other teams all the time.
  13. Media / Press

    I can only see a Daily Mail article where lip readers quote what they find the other three said, not the accused. Do you have a link? Charges not being brought really just means 'insufficient evidence', that isn't irrefutable proof that he didn't racially abuse Sterling.
  14. Media / Press

    Has it really been proven that Sterling wasn't racially abused at Stamford Bridge? Things have improved lately, but its not like we don't have form for it. Sterling does have a point about racism in the media too. Whether it's conscious or unconscious, there is a bias there where black players are often characterised in ways white players wouldn't. Les Ferdinand is chatting absolute guff with the whole 'throw them out the league' thing, though - just pure tabloid hysteria and fickleness.
  15. Talk of Steve Holland in as caretaker. I'd be fully supportive of this, would hopefully mean we see more of RLC and Hudson-Odoi. Biggest thing to fix is the structure, though. Its broken.