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  1. Media / Press

    This is so true...Everytime Terry is written about his past misdemeanours are mentioned as though he's the only player with any previous when in fact Rio Ferdinand famously missed a drugs test, has been done for drink driving, used an offensive homophobic word live on the radio, was involved in a sleazy video (along with our own Frank Lampard it must be said) and he also organised the notorious Man Utd Christmas party. The reason I cite Rio is because he is often spoken of as a replacement England Captain for Terry, there are plenty of other Premiership and lower league footballers with a rap sheet as long as your arm (Titus Bramble, Joey Barton, Andy Carroll etc) but as they are not England Captains past or, in all probability, future its more fitting to use the example of some of Rio's midemeanours.
  2. Media / Press

    "You're missing his favourite saying 'That night in Istanbul' I swear Tyldsley will mention that and Liverpool even during a Brighton v Northampton game. He's is a complete knob jockey." My God how could I forget that...Even if we're 3 nil up in the first leg, Tyldsley will mention the time Ancelotti was 3 nil up at half time in Istanbul..blah blah blah...
  3. Media / Press

    Hmm next weeks CL game is on ITV and we all know what that means don't we kiddies...Clive Tyldsley ! I've tried watching games he comments on with the sound turned down but it just doesn't work... So instead I might try playing Tyldsley bingo, if he mentions, plastic flags, THAT night in Barcelona when Man U did the treble, Drogba diving, Rooney being the greatest player in the world ever even if he kicks the ball into row z and hits a pigeon, and of course John Terry missing the penalty in Moscow, I'll get a full house...
  4. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Ha Ha Ha at Steve Bruce HA
  5. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Imagine if we'd signed him in the summer...where would we be now..! And he'd be eligible to play in the CL...
  6. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I feel it is our destiny to get Barca at Wembley...and win the cup, as Platini looks on... Please God make it happen...
  7. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Me too...I'll be as drunk as a sack before the Champions league theme tune has even finished..!
  8. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I actually think playing the second leg away is an advantage..if we stop them scoring at the Bridge (a tall order I know) a score draw in the second leg will see us though..unless of course we thrash them at home and its all academic
  9. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I reckon United v Schalke Sp*rs v Shaktar Barca v Inter Real v Chelsea Its a worst case scenario for me
  10. "I especially hate that mob at the mirror" Well the Mirror tends to support Liverpool, whether this is because they think they can mop up the readers who no longer buy the Sun I'm not sure...but slagging off Torres will do them no harm on Merseyside...
  11. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Ha Ha the commentators wouldn't know where to put themselves...
  12. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I don't care I would rather play foreign oppostion, its what the CL is all about for me...
  13. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Agreed he is always fouled when he does go down and always tries to stay on his feet in the penalty box...
  14. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Not forgetting how they kicked off when we beat them back at the Bridge in 2005 after Drogba had been wrongly second yellow carded at the Nou Camp...Eto and Robinho lost it at the end...Eto spitting (must of learnt it from their awful manager Rikjaard) And the away dressing room was damaged... I was at that game what a fantastic night it was...
  15. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I don't much like Wenger but I'm glad his response to being charged by Uefa is to call them "arrogant dictators" who should apologise to Arsenal, not the other way round...fighting talk indeed..!