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  1. Chelsea 1 Atletico Madrid 3

    Two decesions have ultimately done for us and Jose's othewise great season. we have improved from last season and done the business with tactical swagger in the big matches but our glaring inadequancies up front have done for us in the first leg and in the League. Letting Romelu go saw us say goodbye to the League - his goals against the raft of 'weaker' teams would have seen us win the League. Our record here is underwhelming to say the least. Then replacing him with Eto was the nail in our coffin. The penalty did for us last night. His lunge was typical of his style. Challenge on Suarez? Stupid challenges on goalies, pure gamesmenship of someone with a swaggering ego who has been a let down for me most of the season. Harsh maybe but I personally cannot wait to not see him play in blue.
  2. Manchester City 2 - 0 Chelsea

    spot on. their second goal summed up Mikel. lazy sod. If only we had one of the four forwards they have, or anyone of the multiple forward options our rivals have. Will be the difference between a title winning season and gifting it to Citeh. I count 9 points lost this season to not having a forward worthy of the rest of the squad. Baffling.
  3. Samuel Eto'o

    Cheers for the response, in the cold light of day I think we are all just desperate for something approaching a resolution to our forward issues. Second match and he was not where we need him to be. Our whole forward line issues cannot and should not be rested at his door but to me he is just another issue hindering the team at the moment. Who says Jose's teams were always fast out of the block! I differed from you on the Rafa front last season but as each match passes you are being proved correct in your support of him. A few months in I am in no doubt he will as you say get us 15 goals but we need 20 goalers, Citeh and ManU both have two 20 goals a season strikers. Liverpool arguably do as well. I loathe the passion throughout football for one up front and to play it correctly you have to have a Droggers up there, not an Eto who is 2 years past his best. We had an embryonic Drogba. He has gone for this season and instead Jose has lumped for the shot termist option. Much in contradictory to his youth/eggs bravado. To me that says you have to perform - the patience option was sold out. Even MVG young as he is - Josh or Chalobah could do better. So in this mindset of short termism I and I think we should all expect better from the man represented by Jose and the club as being our leading man. The knee is a jerking but for how mch longer? I await and look forward to this being proved correct. As you correctly point out it is all about performances. His performances so far - no different from our other incumbered 'goal getters'.
  4. Samuel Eto'o

    Quite funny given the majority spent most of the last season being governed by our reaction to 'off the cuff comments' made by the Rafa - I find it funny that we are now in one case here making out they were 'fake' and in your case don't mean anything. Humility kind of helps when it is lubed up with nice wads of cash and a ticket out of the arse end of Russia. Well done on the charity front but what is important in a Chelsea context is what he does on the pitch and I dearly hope to be proved wrong - will save the misery of yet another badly thought out forward transfer imposing on the team's performance. The player he is today, my opinion, is someone who will be a devisive figure passing through on the CFC payroll. I suggest you take a look at Roberto Carlos's opinion of his impact in Russia. Seeing him pitchside it was pathetic to see him posturing at better performing players on what they should be doing - when he was lack in many departments of his game. Would rather of seen Victor up there, would have done a better job. And to those that saw a promising performance on Saturday - one run and pass and a neat little one two (We are not exactly wanting in that facet of our team are we?) both in the first half does do not make up for his lack of physical presence and application, his inabilty to look anywhere near poised in front of goal close in, from distance and that header. Or were my eye's deceiving me during the game, in the highlights and against what several pundits and hacks saw? To those excusing it by saying he ain't match fit - either Jose made foolish error in placing his trust in him for a full 90, which utterly contradicts his policy with Mata, or as I feel he ain't up to it and given his comments in the past (pardon me for my tribal pride) and the short term nature blocking off youth, his transfer will be extremely costly for us. I do hope I can just file this under knee jerk, time will tell and like Torres will score goals but not at the rate and at the higher level that we need them to perform constantly. It would save us as what I see as an inevitable replication of our side under Robbie early season. Fantastic in midfield but suffocated under the inability to convert, a pressure that starts to way on the rest of the team. as for the charity work, don't use that as some sort of moral shield - any type of person can dedicate their money and time to good causes (what were we singing about Leeds folk and one of their own?), in the context of Chelsea and football and this website away from his charitable endeavours I believe he will prove a negative influence. * * this post was made with no preconceived perceptions or insinuated judgements about anyone's level of passion for the club.
  5. Samuel Eto'o

    But that is like saying he is more of a goal threat than my 19 month old. He is an egotistical tw^t. His posturing during the match at other players was laughable and his performance cost us. And set against the context of his comments on Chelsea in the past (would "rather sell groundnuts" in his village than play for a "pathetic team like Chelsea"), the guy is a mercenary sham. Would rather see a youngster in the side than Samuel Ego'.....oh wait we sacked him off for a season to Everton. Joke.
  6. Samuel Eto'o

    First game and all that but on the initial showing it is going to be a long hard season up front. The club will pay a big price this season for the 3 'forwards' we have.
  7. Josh Mc Eachran

    Stayed up at a lovely hotel near Darlington this week and it is owned by Steve Gibson the Boro Chairman - apparently Josh lives in one of the adjoining houses. Got talking to some of the staff their and they all said what a nice young man he is. Always very talkative and very down to earth.
  8. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Err, actually we do everytime we by an overpriced ticket or St at the Bridge. We have had a dearly held CFC man sacrificed on the alter of that salky faced so and so. Or the way the club and its fane have pandered to him at every turn. We watch on from the stands with our job and money worries and his sulking, 160k a week arse of a face looms back. Whilst his own generation back in Spain suffers 50% unemployment. People are rightly angered by him and I am glad the mods allow this type of post - what is this Stazi thought police FFS? Oh and Retrofooze, top post.
  9. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Mmm but at what cost? Just think of Robbie when everyone else was getting all weak kneed for our £160K a week flip flop scoring at Sunderland and chanting his name. The cost of getting him to smile is too much for me and always will be given the time he has been at the club for the paltry return of goals and sullen effort at times. Get him scoring, flog him and rip chord that poor excuse for a CFC manager. This get Torres scoring with fat rafa at the helm is only a footballing cul de sac for this club.
  10. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Was there yesterday and good all round 50 mins but went off the boil, lets have some 160k a week performances against some decent opposition over the course of a few months before jumping on the Torres bandwagon. One swallow an all that - still just think poor Robbie after seeing Torres suddenly regain his form yesterday. The damage done by his attitude over the months and years at Chels for me took the joy out of seeing him score.
  11. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    If we were in a job that depressed us we would either get a new one, or as with most of in the current economic climate suck it up and get on with it. Yes we are not subjected to the same level of intense scrutiny at all but then none of us are on £160k a week and could retire into a very, very comfortnable life in your late 20's. I might feel some sympathy for him if he were to do the right thing and say 'it ain't working pay me less and/or let me go'. We all know how modern football works and that ain't going to happen. Yes there is a certain person who expects his toy to work but hell is there to be no accountability for peformance for these chintzy demi gods we all follow. If I had performed so badly I would be out on my ear at work and losing my wage. Depression is no excuse for the frankly stupid comments so soon after the CL final, the unquestionable support and lack of pressure we as fans had given him for so long and his god given expectation to be first choice and only choice up front. Get some humility, get some reality - if he hadn't noticed he could quite easily of been one of the 53% of undemployed young back in his homeland. At least Sheva showed some pride and at time better quality than we can but hope from this fragile little pettle as he picks up in a day what some of our fans would feel happy earning in a year.
  12. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    The two Americans who 'run' the club backed up by a questionable appointmet whose football CV is written on a fag packet.
  13. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    Says it all really. Had thought the silence from senior pros said it all, they don't want him anymore than us. Good on JT. Yanks and Notts Co. w^nkers OUT!
  14. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    Thank you for posting exactly how I feel. So, so upset for Robbie. Feel sad and empty, a bit like an ever growing proportion of Chels.
  15. Are people really still fighting his corner? I am making a 'spot on' withdrawl from this thread on behalf of myself and the club (much criticised by the media for this) in making a brilliant call in a bad situation over Boas. Boas has shown himself to be an utter joke when it comes to man management - a fairly basic facet of any job. His 'impact' at Chels is being eerily repeated. Even the most stubborn must see the similarity at Spuds - the goalkeeper situation, Dawson transfer, Gallas as Captain and now Huddlestone. How long has he been there? Almost brings flash backs of Naples. To me his background has had a great deal with this but then that is my own outlook on it.