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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I get your point but given our track record with players under the age of 21, at the age of 18 what would you have done? He'd be a useful addition to the squad if nothing else...
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Genuinely believe this has worked out just how Conte wanted...if we get Morata for the suggested sub £60m I think it's a great bit of business in comparison to United's Lukaku deal and the current market prices...
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ake and now Chalobah makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever...none, it's madness... Both capable of filling out the squad depth, both capable and able at first team level to "fill-in" when needed, I just don't get the strategy.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Personally, I don't think Conte is fuming in fact I think he has got his way - based on nothing but I don't think Conte fancied Lukaku, I think Emenalo did/does and that this is the first sign of the manager's judgement being backed...maybe I'm just being hopeful...
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just a thought, but the transfer window opens 1st July and doesn't close until 31st August...Chelsea historically don't discuss transfers until they're done so I think it's a bit premature to think we will only make 3 signings.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Forget Llorente, cheeky bid for Defoe...then do our big business in the summer...
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    But, but, but..."we aren't in the market for a CB" "why would we be after a CB after giving Ivanovic, Terry and Cahill new contracts..." Pure prophecy Droy...not trolling simply highlighting why your insistence that your opinion is forever right is indeed quite often foolhardy...
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    A few weeks ago you were perfectly happy with our defensive options indeed your stance was that we definitely don't need any defenders..."I'd be surprised if we bought a defender"... Now it's "seriously short term urgent" and "we seem to be getting one or two"? Good to see it's only taken you two weeks to come around this time, I'd argue that we do need a CB now though if we really want to compete for the title...
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we harbour any desire in finishing top 4 this season, I'm sticking with my view that we need a top drawer CB and a viable LB miles before we panic over another striker...we will not improve on last seasons goals conceded with our current defence. Ivanovic at RB or CB has the heart fluttering and it's not down to a love affair...
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fair point...I'm done...
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm assuming you're obtuse by nature...why do you keep dragging the debate back to centre around Swift? Swift is an example, it may as well be "Player A"... The fact that you consider Essien, Romeu or Ferreira are "not really" safer options than giving Bertrand his CL debut in a final on the back of 7 PL appearances shuts this down...I'm struggling to process your lack of logic but I've learned the sarcasm is obvious...
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep they're strikers pointed out by Paul, although cunningly you ignore my point about Essien, Romeu and Ferreira who were safer options. Swift got 4 mins, a pointless 4 mins which could have been 30 mins, 20 mins....dead rubber, last match of the season and bench full of main squad players plus Ake and Swift...Ake gets 14 mins, Swift gets 4 mins...the clubs youth team approach is bolaxe...digest...
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well pointed out Paul, the spectrum on here for seems to take the view that the youth aren't good enough becasue if they were they would get a chance,Cam and Droy fit that perfectly. Abraham is a great objective point, which will no doubt be countered by the sages that those games didn't matter so it was easy for Abraham to shine... The Baba/Ake point is exactly what I was attempting to say, very little between the two in apparent ability but we'll happily spew the money and give Baba game time...
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    And if you are balanced you'll admit he could have started the safer options of Ferreira, Essien or Romeu or taken a gamble on was brave... You answered this with this!?! And you want me to take you seriously? So I state Zouma and Azpi didn't win their position on the back of "10 mins at the end of a game and then not seen for 15 games did they?", you say "yes" and then proceed to validate exactly the point I am making! Yes Zouma is a good example; example of what I am saying: he started a LC game v Bolton and then a few weeks later a CL v Maribor, which led to his introduction to PL appearances...Azpi on the other hand started a LC game v Wolves... sound familiar? Does that represent a "10 mins cameo and then nothing for 15 games" to you? By the way, it's worth pointing out both were established 1st teamers at their previous clubs, indeed Azpi was a Spanish full international - hardly a comparison to blooding some youth when the opportunity arises. In summary, no, it's not where they "started out" (10 min cameo) and their opportunities in LC and CL are great examples of where we could give valuable game time to selected youth players with little impact on the season, which I think I've already stated - I'm simply saying there are many times in the last 12 yrs where we could have done this and have chosen to miss the opportunity. Where we differ is that I think it's poor management and a mistake, whereas you have made every effort to justify the approach because you believe it's perfectly acceptable, if not the right approach to take...