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  1. Quick Jokes

    I remember when my mum used to tuck me in.... she always wanted a girl
  2. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    nice to see west ham turn up
  3. Quick Jokes

    BBC News Headline "Georgian Luger dies after crash" Well if he was wearing all that ridiculous 18th century clothing, I'm not surprised he crashed.
  4. Quick Jokes

    madonna was spotted at her kids' sports day.... didn't know she liked the African Cup of Nations
  5. Injury News

    it may be a sensible idea to bring back bertrand back from reading considering we dont have a naturally lefted footed player who is a defender
  6. Injury News

    he was suffering from a back injury before... had nothing to do with his ankle.... I remembe against sunderland after he scored he was limping after getting a knock on his ankle.... it happened v burnley too and it was the exact same challenge when it the player kicked the ball and collided with Cole's ankle
  7. Quick Jokes

    Just been on the go compare website for a few quotes. One question they asked me was " Where did you hear about us?" I thought, are these taking the piss?
  8. what was that stupid comment about? did I offend you somehow?

  9. Quick Jokes

    John Terry has finally broken his silence regarding the allegations he had an affair with Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend. He was quoted as saying, "I don't know what all the fuss is about. Everyone knows if a full-back leaves a hole, it's the job of a centre-back to fill it
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Tevez can only dream about shagging a sexy bird with his looks... he just wants in on the action with her
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    the ' I did not zeee it' hasn't made an appearance for a while
  12. Quick Jokes

    Apparently, Bridge sent a mould of his manhood made out of cadburys chocolate to his ex missus, she returned it saying she prefered Terrys
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Arsenal fans in cloud 9 at the moment.... remember what happened last time they were leading..... drew to brum away ....eduardo injury.... Gallas cry baby antics.....arsenal fans jumping for joy like in mid July when they see their name in 1st place when the tables are released every year.... sad but true
  14. Quick Jokes

    yea apparently its so cold in liverpool scousers have been seen with their hands in their own pockets
  15. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    they were fortunate too... all three goals OG